A new study by the CATO Institute, a public policy think tank, found that some welfare recipients make more “income” than those in the private sector.

A mother with two children in New York, for instance, is able to collect $38,004 per year in welfare handouts. This is greater than the starting salary of a teacher in the state.

And the problem is not limited to New York. CATO found that many states give handouts with sums greater than what workers earn in the private sector. According to the study, Hawaii is generally the most generous with benefits — there, a mother of two is eligible to earn $60,590 per year.

The study also pointed out the least generous states. A mother of two in Idaho, the state that came in dead last, is only eligible for $11,150 per year.

Perhaps most unsettling is the fact that in 33 states, welfare recipients make more than they would at an $8 per hour job. In fact, in 12 of those states, welfare recipients make more than they would at a $12 per hour job.


Where is the incentive to work?

Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at CATO, said, “There is no evidence that people on welfare are lazy. But they’re also not stupid. If you pay them more not to work than they can earn by working, many will choose not to work.”

Welfare programs have ballooned since former president Lyndon B Johnson declared a “war on poverty.” Since then, a whopping $15 trillion has been spent on programs to help the needy.

Now, 83 federal welfare programs combined represent the largest federal expenditure. In 2011 alone, $1.028 trillion was spent on welfare payments.

Clearly, there needs to be a safety net in this country for those who need a hand up. But welfare has gotten completely out-of-control.

How can we reign in the spending, but still help those who truly need assistance? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and BenSwann.com.Dedicated to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at www.TheLibertarianChick.com.

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  • Clayton Broyles

    The incentive to work? How about jobs that pay a livable wage? For fuck’s sake, there are executives making over a thousand times that of a worker and they expect these people to “suck it up” and work for minimum wage? That is disgusting. Sorry if it is “class warfare” as some idiots like to call it, but if the wealthy are allowed to build themselves up that much on the backs of the poor then this system cannot sustain itself.

    • allenspidey

      What do you do for a living sir? Do you ever turn your pay raises down? I for one am really tired of putting in a 50 hour work week to see my money get flushed down the welfare toilet. Every person on benefits should put in the same amount of time the rest of us do at work.

      • CanadianMalcontent

        What about all the corporate welfare?

    • JasonPen

      The problem is that we print this money to hand out to the people that need it. That is an inflation tax. This hurts the same people we are trying to help, because prices go up, but their salaries do not. At the same time, the minimum wage hurts the poor and the unskilled. It creates higher unemployment. There is not one economist that would disagree.

      Government intrusion in the economy is the problem. Without government involvement, wages would set themselves. People would work at a market wage. And we would have the minimum unemployment possible.

      You are pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Its these welfare policies that are keeping the poor, poor.

    • Not Bob

      The outrageous incomes of executives are enabled by large government, the laws are written to make their theft possible and advocating for more laws to help the lower end of the spectrum will not change that, only liberty and a level playing field will change the status quo.

      • akatom3565

        Define Liberty and level playing field please

        • Not Bob

          When a person has to have a license to work that is an unfair playing field, do we really need food handler permits for fast food restaurants ? Liberty would be the freedom to pursue any method of economic opportunity without government interference. A level playing field means that regulations must apply to all companies and personas equally not based on the lobbying efforts of the more powerful. Try to start a business in America and you will learn all about this.

          • akatom3565

            So requiring someone to be trained to serve your food is a unfair playing field are you serious! Not Bob I run my own small business that was started with what little money I had. Don’t preach to me explain what you mean and quit speaking in platitudes. No rules for anything? The Government invades in every moment in our lives so deal with it, nothing will change that. So pissing and moaning about will do nothing, give me an actual answer! Does your definition of Liberty allow for the use of criminal activity to achieve economic opportunity. ANY METHOD possible is a strong statement don’t you think. Give me your personal experience not just conjecture, have you started your own business.

          • Not Bob

            Typical overreaction, the licensing isn’t about training its about the state demanding money and approval for people to earn a living. Kids were trained on how to prepare food by their employer long before the state got involved. If you cant see how licensing and regulation reduces economic opportunity and is a barrier to people starting businesses or careers then you are part of the problem.

            Criminal activity is defined by the state, making something illegal is not the same as something being bad. I guess the NSA surveillance doesn’t bother you because its legal ? How about if the government came in and claimed your businesses property and profits under eminent domain – that would be fine right ?

            I have started and sold multiple business in my life in two countries. Government regulation is almost exclusively used to prevent competition and provide protection for the larger company with deeper pockets It is never used to create opportunity for all.

            The very definition of Monopoly is based in the word Monarch – there is a lesson there if you can comprehend it.

            I wasn’t preaching and had no assumptions about your place in life just simply stated that government regulation in all its forms does not promote equal economic opportunity across society in a fair and honest way.

          • akatom3565

            How funny is it that you accuse me of typical over reaction when your whole response in nothing but a condescending over reaction. Obviously we were all blessed to be a part of your great thinking and foresight. Read your second to last sentence to get a better understanding of who you are.

        • Dan

          Adhering to the Constitution and thereby not allowing exemptions/special privileges to certain groups. Bailouts were example, are not expressly authorized by the Constitution. So this should not be allowed to happen, but because Congress wipes it’s ass on the Constitution, it happens.

          • akatom3565

            Where do we draw the line. I think the bailouts of big insurance companies and banks was stupid beyond belief. I ask you this what if the amount of money given to the banks and insurance companies and Wall Street was given out in equal amounts to every adult in this country. I think I could safely say that people would have payed their mortgage, car payments or bought new consumer goods. Bought clothes for their kids for school paid off debts? That money would have stimulated the base line of this country not ended up in banks, insurance companies and Wall Street bank accounts. How much revenue for local infrastructure and municipalities. They took the money and ran! Think about the simple twenty dollar bill. If you owe me twenty dollars for services rendered and pay me that twenty. I in turn pay a tax of 3 dollars for that twenty. If that one twenty dollar bill is taxed just 100 times, one twenty dollar bill raises 300 dollars of taxes or 15 times it’s face value. Take the exponential factor on the amount of tax revenue made and please explain to me how come this country is so damn far in debt and we can’t pay our bills.

          • Dan

            None of that money that was given to Wall street came through direct taxation – all of it came through inflation. If Congress could not print and sell t-bills to the Fed in endless amounts, Congress would have to live off of taxed dollars. If that happened, our government would need to shrink by more than 50% just to ‘not go broke’.

            None of that money that was given to Wall street came from production. Money taken through inflation is not productive money, no matter where it ends up going. Why? It had to be taken from productive sources. Google the broken window fallacy if you want to know what I mean because I don’t want to explain it.

    • akatom3565

      What is a livable wage? As the price of labor goes up so does the cost of the product of service provided, that in turn has to be absorbed by the consumer or customer. That takes away from their spendable income, but if we raise that then the cycle repeats itself does it not! I get what you are saying about the wages of executives that appear to be grossly out of proportion to the rest of the employees, but how do you limit that. When is the last time that a poor person owned a business that employed anyone, so if that is taken at face value anyone who owns a business will be rich. To just paint business owners with they are living of off others hard work is unfair, and lazy. Have you ever personally owned or ran a business? Have you ever seen the amount of money spent on insurance, work comp and the basic costs to have an employee? I run a small business, I pay employees but take no pay check of my own. For every employee I have, I have to bring in two to three times more business to pay for all the wages and expenses per each employee hired. Your employer gives you your pay whether the product or service being provided brings in money to offset the business costs. Your are provided with the security of knowing your pay check will be there on payday. There is no guarantees of that on the business owner end. I pay over minimum by a fair amount. This is a complex situation, but I don’t think someone should earn more than I or any other person actually working does sitting at home on their backside. No one should starve in this country but no one should be able to get a handout with doing something to help offset this gift. Make them work doing something to offset what they receive, that way the can develop a sense of pride and have a positive affect of their community. When there is more reward for not working than there is for working we have a problem. Where is the incentive to do better and strive to be better when all you have too do is what for someone to give you something that you have to do nothing for!

  • Buddha Rocket

    How about not stealing from others to “give” them $40,000?

  • Linda Hatt

    Disgusting that NY welfare recipients can make more than a teacher with a 4-year degree.
    With all due respect, Kristin, you need to proof your writing. Should there be a “trillion” after your $1.028 spent on welfare payments?

  • Jim Crispino

    I see the word “earn” used throughout this article. What did any of the recipients do to earn even one single penny of their handouts?

  • Serban

    Well , first of all , there should be an environment where people can thrive. That means lowering taxes . I believe what Rand Paul and Ted Cruz propose , abolishing the IRS and having a flat tax at about 15 % , would be a measure that along with abolishing different departments of the federal government and deregulating , would create a huge number of entrepreneurs and full time jobs.Second of all , I believe that the government should stop giving welfare as an incentive for giving birth to children. Once a child is born , if the mother needs help , the state government should give her what she needs instead of money. Having children should be a responsibility not a way of getting welfare

  • Jared

    Kristin, congraduations on posting an actual thought provoking article rather than your typical sensationalism and non-news BS. Thanks.

  • Eric

    I guess I’m just cold-hearted, but my take is that we shouldn’t have a welfare program at all. The constitution never said that people in this nation are guaranteed a living by our government. We are guaranteed the freedom to make a living for ourselves, which is being taken away by an ever growing government. Welfare is one major reason for this and I think it needs to be eliminated completely. The nation would be much better off without it.

    • Chris James

      Eric…I feel the same way. Seems to me that all welfare does, (the current system we have in place), is encourage irresponsible choices and behavior. Not a whole lot of incentive to work hard, be responsible, carry your own weight. People know that if they mess up financially, the nanny state will be their to cover them and so they don’t really bother to be responsible.
      I’m not saying that there are not some people in the U.S that truly are in need of long term welfare aid. I know that there are those out there like that and to me, those that truly cannot help themselves should get some help from the taxpayer. But not these punks coming up today, having a bunch of babies they can’t afford;going to college and getting foodstamps even when they truly are not NEEDED;getting college grants and blowing on goodies/toys et et.
      The idea of a safety net is nice. It could even be workable and decent. But as it stands, it is not efficient by any means and people take serious advantage of it.

    • William J Wilson

      It is our humanity that dictates that we strive to make life comfortable for everyone. But in that process, we must remember to keep a well established incentive to improve.

      The first thing we need to ask is, “If my employer requires a return on investment for me to receive a paycheck, then why doesn’t the [state] as well?” Is there some reason, that if someone is otherwise unable to find suitable employment, that when they ask the state for assistance, the state should not be allowed to require a suitable return on their investment? There are roadsides that need to be cleaned. There is an abundance of tasks that are otherwise looked down upon in our society, like simply sorting mail, cleaning up our environment or painting homes in lower income communities to keep the quality of life improved. With an active imagination there are an unlimited number of ways that people could not only contribute to their environment, but such contributions may also provide an incentive to become a part of an overall better community.

      The next step is to ask ourselves what constitutes “need” and how best to help those who are in a state of need. I have accounts of people going into the welfare offices seeking just a couple hundred dollars a month because they are able to pay MOST of their core bills, but coming up “just short”. they get denied because they make too much money, despite the fact that they are living in a home with only the basic essentials. Then I have accounts of other individuals going and collecting reduced rent, foodstamps and medical assistance, along with a full income. Driving around in new cars, with cable television, able to afford other luxuries the working individual could not afford. Perhaps, instead of cash handouts, welfare should provide assistance based on need, and focused on assisting with rent, food, medical and education, leaving cash allocations to be reserved for cases that are able to provide an established case of need. Low income individuals do not “need” cable television.

      Finally, we need to establish limits. When you are collecting welfare, if you are not in a labor program, then you should be expected to be in an education program so that you can lift yourself out of the poverty level. If you are not maintaining grades or an active “labor” account, your benefits are adjusted appropriately.

      Just my thoughts.

    • p carp

      That is a bit cold-hearted. I’m sorry but I’d rather not be responsible for the starvation of any children. The idea behind welfare is an extraordinary one yet the system is obviously abused. Corporations such as Walmart need to step up and actually begin providing a livable wage. As of right now, raising a family on a fast-food check is impossible. Big corporations such as these are fully capable of providing 15 an hour.

    • CanadianMalcontent

      Does that include corporate welfare and the many forms it comes in?

  • Corporate_Prophet

    Sounds like a good argument for a living wage instead of the joke that has become the minimum wage… amiright?

  • FriedmanFTW

    Have a guaranteed minimum income for all, no strings attached. Noble prize winner Milton Friedman advocated this, as it insures for catastrophe without hurting the incentive to work in order to gain more income.

    • Not Bob

      The theory of a minimum wage has been disproven many time, Friedman was wrong. Minmimum wages and guaranteed minimum incomes don’t encourage work, they encourage compliance. You can go to a job everyday but is the results of your efforts dont change your outcome the incentive to work as opposed to just holding a job is diminished. Remember that work is not the same thing as a job.

      • Planet Swish

        Friedman never supported minimum wage laws.

    • Chris Moschini

      This is essentially how Australia does it, and their 5.3% unemployment rate is making our stupid system held hostage by left and right extremists look even stupider.

      If you’re unemployed or unable to work you make the equivalent of $7.58/hr, no strings attached, no forms to fill out or things to prove.


      Their minimum wage ranges between $14.73 and $15.51/hr.

      And again – the jerks who claim a minimum wage is ruining the market or capitalism or whatever are trying to imply it will jack up unemployment, but Australia’s healthy economy keeps on proving it wrong with every passing day.

      The objection to a minimum wage just needs to be called what it is: A distaste for anything but pure market capitalism. Purity is fine for simple academic discussions, but implementing real public policy is always about balance.

      • akatom3565

        What about the number of people who have stopped looking for jobs in this country. Are you willing to absorb the cost of product and services that will rise 30 to 50 percent if you go to Australia minimum wage numbers? I run a service based business and
        I can tell you that there is no way my customers would go for a thirty to fifty percent increase in service prices. If you raise wages and then the cost of services and products rise accordingly then nothing have been gained other than in theory.

        • Chris Moschini

          You cited no sources.

          • akatom3565

            Way to avoid the questions I asked you by asking another question. What sources do you need from me to explain your reasoning?

          • Chris Moschini

            You are asserting and assuming several things.


            1. That I’m arguing for a 30-50% wage hike.

            2. That all businesses work like your business.

            3. You initially point to service businesses discussing cost increases, but then extend the cost increase to products in your conclusions.


            1. That an increase in the minimum wage by M% leads to an equal increase in prices in all service-based businesses.

            2. That nothing is gained in the economy when the lower class makes more money, other than higher prices.

            If you back up your assertions with facts and statistics from reasonable sources – and I hope you will – I will eagerly read.

          • akatom3565

            Show me a business that does not increase the cost of its service or product when there is an increase in expenses to produce or provide service, please! You cited Australia to further your argument for increased wages. I give you my example. I pay ten dollars and hour, and if I increase their pay based on your cited Australian model I have an increase of 40 to 50 percent. Simple numbers to figure, do you agree? So if I have an increase of labor costs that are equal to 50 %. I will have to increase my costs to equal or offset that increase to keep my business at status neutral. We vary on our percentage of profit to keep costs as stable as possible but to sit back and think that there will not have to increased costs on the other end is beyond me. If we do not make our small percentage we are not in business and people are unemployed. Reality is that labor cost is the greatest expenses I have, so please explain to me how that increase in labor will not have to be passed on. My opinion is based on our reality not some business school or economics class model. If there is a business that I am not thinking of that would be able to increase pay scale with out an increase of cost of service or products please show me.

          • Chris Moschini

            OK – so to be clear, you refuse to cite facts or figures, but are prepared to jump to conclusions. That’s fine – many do that. But then you ask me to answer to those conclusions. That’s where you fell off the trail – I don’t buy your assertions, because you didn’t back them up.

            I still encourage you to look those facts and figures up – they’ll lead you to realize some oversimplifications you’re using, and some of the real-world impacts on the overall balance of an economy with simple changes.

            For example, many service organizations do not pay minimum wage, so their cost hike so far as the cost of their employees under a minimum wage hike is 0%. Service organizations that do have minimum wage workers generally have a blend of low and high wage workers, so while the minimum wage worker cost increases, their overall costs increase less – because only some of their workers became more expensive, and because as a share of the pie, those workers take up less of the overall budget per worker (because they’re paid less).

            In addition, any company has many costs besides wages – even service organizations – and so again the overall cost increase required is less than the minimum wage increase.

            Finally, many companies pay what they have to, and make what they can – that’s a market economy. If I can pay you $8/hr and make $4000 on your labor, and all I care about is profits, I’ll do it. If that cost jumps up to $15/hr because of a minimum wage hike, I’ll begrudgingly take my reduced profits of $3985 and probably spend a portion of it lobbying against the minimum wage. But I’m not going to increase my prices – because if I could, I would have done it already.

            There are companies that operate in the opposite scenario – charging razor thin margins of 2 or 3% over their wages – and a lot of companies in the middle. The result is that some companies have prices with no relation to wage costs, and some have prices deeply associated with wage costs. The net result is again, prices going up less than wages rise.

            So, do look into those figures – you’ll find the actual numbers, and more importantly learn that the direct relationship you assume then assert, is incorrect.

          • akatom3565

            You can spin this anyway you want like you just have. You are going to all lengths to justify you theory. Once again cite me the companies that their labor costs increasing significantly will not increase product or services costs that in a market based economy, how about some names! If you take a loss of almost four thousand dollars because of a rise of costs you will be out of business. I have cited my examples while you keep spinning the story to suit your own opinion. All I hear is hot air show me the companies, show me the numbers you are pulling out of thin air. Show me reality not theory.

          • Amaphi

            If you don’t want it assumed that you advocate such a large hike, don’t base your suggestion on the Australian model.

      • Amaphi

        The reason for their pretty figures is that so many are working PART TIME jobs. A minimum wage ensures that employers are subsidizing to correct for government inefficiencies and price manipulations. I for once can’t stand corporatocracy, and I believe capitalism can be downright abusive. But the fact remains:

        Employer A is a Fortune 500 company. They employ a mailroom clerk @ minimum wage. When that wage is raised from $7 to $16, it is water off a duck’s back considering Employer A scammed a record $4B in pure profit last year despite the economic downturn. Sure they were fined $100k for illegal business practices, but that’s chump change. Since most within the company were employed at more than minimum wage to begin with, the hike has a minimal effect on the bottom line.

        Employer B is a small-town restaurant which employs the majority of its staff at minimum wage. The economy has slowed and people are eating out less, so last quarter, Mom and Pop barely broke even. To bring back business, Mom and Pop invested in improvements to the restaurant using a loan secured against their home. Business is now booming and things are looking up, until a wage hike comes along. Across the board, their 40 employees must now receive double the pay they have been. Staff are cut back to part time, as benefits are no longer affordable. Meanwhile, the cost of utilities continues to increase along with the cost of food until Mom and Pop are now faced with foreclosure.

        You may not like it, but this is the reality of a wage hike.

        • Chris Moschini

          You also cited no sources. Without evidence, there’s no reason to believe the case you make is reality.

          • Amaphi
          • Amaphi
          • Amaphi

            Source #3 is personal experience. I know how your type hate empirical evidence, but it is evidence nonetheless. My father, who paid above minimum wage, was impacted by a 2-dollar wage hike. It became a disincentive for employees who began to stretch out a given job as it became more comfortable for them. So my father switched to commission-based pay and sent out a 1099 instead of a W-2 and short-term contract employees became his bread and butter. It sure made my paperwork easier as his bookkeeper but in the long term even this did not save him from going under as less skilled laborers demanded more and more of his bottom line.

          • Amaphi
          • Tom223

            A business owner risks a lot go make a go of it. Some people have lived what Amaphi has described. It takes a lot of risk for a person to create a thriving business. There are lots of risks and ridiculous hours spent working as a business owner – a lot of the trouble and expense is brought on by the government. Besides, it’s a simple matter of profit and loss. Any business has its expenses in creating a good or service for sale. If the government artificially raises the cost of labor it can bankrupt a business.

          • Chris Moschini

            I own and run a business. The crap you have to do to set one up and maintain it is definitely ridiculous.

            But that doesn’t change the fact that a living wage, that is means-tested based on the cost of living in your geography, is more fair. There are businesses it would impact, but the reason I cited the Australian model is to make the point that it would not be dramatic enough to do significant economic harm; in fact today’s results in the Australian model are arguably better, and, setting economic arguments aside, more fair.

          • CanadianMalcontent

            Because there is not any, there has not been one study that proves raising min wage brings all the doom and gloom many claim.

  • tim

    Nice, but I’d like to have you address the “49%” and how they are made up of the elderly, veterans and disabled. Aren’t they worthy of this kind of assistance?

    • Bob

      they aren’t getting this help. If you have two dimes to rub together, you’re not elgible until they’re gone. Assistance is most generous to those that have no $$ at all. Retirees struggle with meager ss and retirement benefits to see those that never tried or know how to work the system
      get the entitlements.

  • moose

    First, the starting pay for teachers in New York is $45,000 a year plus benefits. Second, $25,000 of that $38,000 is Medicaid, leaving $13,000 a year in housing, SNAP, and cash assistance. If you’re going to include Medicaid in the amount the person on welfare gets, you have to include healthcare coverage and retirement benefits in the teacher’s salary.

    • steve

      Your taking new York city pay, try other places and you get different results. Take Ithica for example the starting salary is 38k

    • SomeGuy1984

      I know for a fact that teachers in Buffalo NY don’t start anywhere near 45k.

  • Trish94903

    Isn’t this limited to a 5-year stretch though? I thought one could no longer live a lifetime on welfare? Maybe we should raise minimum wage to family-sustainable levels? (Like Australia, where it’s $16/hour)

    • Amaphi

      Australia boasts impressive unemployment figures and a $16 minimum wage, but what isn’t commonly mentioned is that most people work part time, because a wage hike ensures that the cost of employing folks, hard working as they may be, does not outweigh their productivity. So, you see the FT jobs and FT benefits less and less. The problem is the economy. The problem is debasement of currency. It is not as much that the employers undervalue labor (though some do indeed) as the governments of this world undervalue humans. They trade us daily, piece by piece. EVERYONE willing to work a full time job should be able to make ends meet. Anyone who argues against this has bought the class division. But these (welfare, minimum wage hikes) are not the solutions.
      Fortune 500 companies and corrupt regimes set the cost of living. Address this, and you’ve fixed the welfare class. It should never make more fiscal sense to stay at home than to hold a job.

  • Chris Forbush

    “The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow-citizens in misfortune. […]Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct with strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood.” – Grover Cleveland, (Jerrald L. Newquist, Prophets, Principles and National Survival, p.345)

  • ideaguy42
  • Christopher Currie

    A negative income tax would be the best way to handle welfare, it would also require a major overhaul to the income tax; however, its cheaper, more efficient, and eliminates the “welfare trap”.

  • Tim Peplinski

    The facts in this article are.. either wrong or stated in a way to be misleading. First, teachers in NY start at 45k + benifits. This mother gets 13k + health insurance that the STATE VALUES at 25k. She doesn’t see enough of that money to do anything with but keep her children alive. I mean, I have loads of respect for you guys but this article is pretty bad, because most will take it as fact based on good faith.
    Maybe you should compare how much a single mothers gets in welfare compared to a billion dollar corporation. Why are you trying to divide Americans?

  • Tim Peplinski

    lets not forget how you incorrectly state we spend more on welfare than war in this country
    stop the lies
    I though Ben Swann was all about truth.

    • Ryan Hamilton

      You’re just plain wrong. The U.S. spends 11+ billion DAILY! The largest amount, 3.8 billion, goes to HHS. Mind you that’s per day to Health and Human Services. Check YOUR facts.

      • Michael Harris

        I think if you’re rebutting an argument that makes a comparison using specific figures, you should list both amounts – welfare AND war…

    • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

      War is the largest in the discretionary spending. Yes, she skipped it.

    • Davin Evans

      Constitutionally, “War” is the only one written in. Can you show me where it states we should provide “welfare” to individuals in it?

      I will help if you would like. Congress shall provide for a Navy (War Machine). If you use the section stating that “Shall provide for the general welfare” then you are not only uneducated on what it means but also part of the propaganda machine.

      As much as I don’t agree with a standing Army, the military is the ONLY working welfare program. Were else can an uneducated person escape from his/her circumstances, receive an education and become a productive member of society after 3 years?

      A safety net used to be the responsibility of the family unit and Social programs provided by religious organizations. Now that the government has destroyed both of those, we have to rely on them.

      • CanadianMalcontent

        Where does it state we should provide welfare to Wall Street and others?

        • Davin Evans

          Did you read that in my comment or are you just trying to redirect the facts?

  • aguilar social

    I’d love to hear Patrick Bet-Davids solution to this. A very well known entrepreneur that was a guest on Glennbecks show a few years back. His company is setting a great example. Great article!!!

  • mar

    The current trend in welfare is to become ‘disabled’. That gets you a lifetime of benefits and is a way around the 5 year max on welfare. We need to help people who feel disabled get work opportunities that get around their disability and keep them working. We just cannot support millions of people who are not producing.

    • BJ

      My husband went through the department of rehab and utilized disabled student services to get through school. On top of becoming permanently disabled, he has severe dyslexia. The only vocations rehab would support him to do were GOVERNMENT JOBS. I kid you not! So here he sits with a bachelor’s degree he can’t use because he’s not interested in working for the government and there is apparently no private sector use for it. His physical health improved and he went back to his old company (7 years later) while he continues to apply for better jobs. 1000+ apps and resumes, strong management experience, community experience, and a bachelor’s degree and we’d qualify for government healthcare (even though we struggle and pay for our own). What a step up! (Sarcasm!)

      • jacquiejf

        If you want anyone to understand or agree then we need more info…sorry if you don’t want to tell your husband’s personal details…but what was he rehabbed for? Why is he permanently disabled? What government jobs is he qualified for? And why doesn’t he want a job that he can make money instead of having it given to him?

    • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

      US birth rate: 1.89 births per woman in 2011 and 2012. 1.90 in 2013. You need 2.0 to sustain the population.

  • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

    “unsettling” “But welfare has gotten completely out-of-control”
    Are you seriously selling GOP’s manipulative agenda on Ben Swann’s website? Nobody needs 2nd Fox News.

    The decades of stagnant wage, increasing education and increasing healthcare expenditure (=Wall St.) are the real factors behind what you described superficially. Welfare covers childcare expenditure and not simply comparative to a teacher’s starting salary. We’re not merited at all by grabbing the neck of Welfare into the race to the bottom. Watch this presentation on 2007 on my point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akVL7QY0S8A

    Lastly Kristin, you are a woman. You will be a mother someday and you’ll need these benefits for you and your kids.

    • Daniel

      I doubt that someone like Kristin will ever be reduced to welfare, you dip-shit Liberal.

      • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

        Sure, good for Kristin. But how about millions of other low-income parents? Please also refer to other replies above. Journalist’s responsibility to inform or misinform the public is huge. It’s not a matter of ideology. I bet if you want to eliminate welfare, lobby to raise the minimum wage above the living wage and guarantee the benefit for all so nobody will ever be impoverished enough to qualify for the welfare.

        • Jared

          Right, because historically and economically setting a higher price floor (or creating one at all) fixes everything.

          • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

            Nope. What’s economically fair and just are different from blindly high.

        • Claudia R

          OMG… or better off, have the fed print more money,
          make a deposit in every ones bank accounts so we all would have savings and wouldn’t need welfare ether!!!! just brilliant…

          • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

            You and I both know that’s not a good idea. Simultaneously it’ll take to revise the out-dated tax code for corporations and the upper-bracket individuals who pays in smaller rate than you do. It’s time to stop participating the divide-and-conquer among the working class and bring back tax-dodged Cayman island balance extracted from your economy circulation so that we can redistribute over the society more fairly. The current crisis is far more on revenue than spending (war more than anything else). Reclaim your government and reclaim your fair share of tax that’s been allocated to the 1%ers

          • Amaphi

            Apparently Claudia R. likes to deal in snark without offering an actual solution. I think you were expecting entirely too high a level of conversation from that one.

          • Amaphi

            I don’t agree with you about minimum wage, but I see where you’re going. Government taxation and regulation is precisely what prevents minimum wage from being livable.

    • Claire Granger

      I am deeply offended that you assume since she is a woman, she will most certainly have children and that if she has children she most certainly will need a handout to raise them. That liberal socialist mindset is why families no longer live self sufficient lifestyles. Because liberal assholes like you convince the American family that they *need* services to raise their children when in fact they don’t.

      • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

        Sorry I don’t mean to offend you. Fair eough. I corrected “you will” to “you may.” IF she stay employed and paid well enough not to need any, I’ll congratulate her. I do like self-efficiency and hope every man and woman is paid well enough to afford a family by wage or salary alone. Yet, the reality doesn’t come close to that. In reality where the minimum wage is far below the living wage, parents both work many jobs just to put food on the table. It’s a matter of fact, not ideology.

    • delightfully_difficult

      Just because someone is a mother does not mean they will need welfare benefits. Mother of 3 here, no welfare, ever. Some people believe in earning a living and not having children you can’t afford.

      • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

        Great. I am not forcing people to take welfare. You’re employed and paid well enough without it, that’s good for you. But remember it’s not always the case.

        • jealoushe

          or people could make smart choices and not have children unless they can afford them…heaven forbid people actually NOT be selfish and have kids just for their own satisfaction…who cares if the kids grow up on welfare right?

          • Daniel Sarasin

            You people and your talk of “not having kids you can’t afford. Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye.. Economic uncertainty can bring you from affording children to needing help. I’ve been there. Get off your high horse. Having to accept a little help when in need DOES NOT MAKE YOU LAZY.

          • Amaphi

            What of those who have children when they “can afford them” and then due to divorce, death and dismemberment are left in situations where suddenly that is not the case?

            You assume that all who receive assistance are lazy and irresponsible – so I suppose, then that 40.5% of America’s children were conceived in that situation. Because that’s how many are insured by Medicaid, with an additional 2-3% enrolled in CHIP. The fact of the matter is that healthcare is unaffordable for MOST of us.

            So yeah, I’m a single mother of 2 with my kids on “welfare” because I cannot drop $17,000 for my daughter’s recent hospital stay.

            Sorry I’m not prepared to pony up $270 per month for an HMO policy. Not when I have $480 in daycare, $280 in gasoline, $90 in auto insurance, a $500 house payment, $100 light bill, $89 home insurance

            I suppose I could take it out of the household food and incidentals budget, but I think that’s where I draw the line. If that qualifies me as a POS welfare mom then sign me up for the dole.

          • Claudia R

            This programs are precisely to “aid” for things that happen “suddenly”. They are to help you get back on track and rebuild what changed or was lost. They are not to be permanent and become a way of life: so you see what needs to be cut down with the bills and make it work. It is your responsibility to control expenses just like the rest of us do -that BTW also go through the sudden events in life- and yet, are not a POS mom…

          • Amaphi

            And I never once advocated for those who choose welfare as a lifestyle. But yes, so long as the cost of healthcare is driven to extremes, I do not feel awful about myself for accepting help in getting my children the appropriate medical attention. As far as my bills are concerned – for those with advice to give – I have listed mine. So tell me, where would you start making cuts?

            Childcare? Housing? Fuel for work? Insurance? Food?

            If I were a frivolous spender I could understand the criticisms but you tell me how a person making $10 per hour is to budget for health insurance. This POS is going back to school so that she can actually hope to one day earn a living wage. I apologize that all of you who are in the position to be self righteous are kicking in for my kids’ health coverage, but I’m paying into the same system PLUS a Social Security fund I will never see a dime from. I do feel just a little justified.

          • Lindsey Gruen

            There are not always more things that can be cut. I took last year to selling off belongings in order to keep bills paid so we could keep things like electricity and water on. Not a “nice to have” expense, rather a necessary one.

          • Amanda

            If you had no kids every expense you mentioned (minus daycare) you would have to pay for yourself to live anyway. I am sorry you are not “prepared” to pay for your own expenses. I have over $100k in medical expenses per year pre-insurance. And I have a pre-existing so my out of pocket is huge. All the bills you listed are bills we all have!!!

          • Amaphi

            Wow, seriously? I’m not saying these are bills nobody has. And by not prepared I don’t mean not prepared to foot the bill for myself I mean not prepared as a single mom who was suddenly left with the tab by an asshole who does not support his children. I am so happy for you that you have never been caught unprepared but let me tell you all it takes is the blink of an eye.

          • Amaphi

            “Not prepared” literally means that if I were to give the insurance company $270 per month, it would leave about $200 for food, clothing and other necessities. Forget emergencies, car maintenance, school supplies, etc. I’m not talking about cutting into my movies and eating out budget here. I would love to see your creative solutions to a $2000/mo budget. Really.

          • Lindsey Gruen

            Even when I was married to an officer in the military, the father of my 5 children, we qualified for some assistance due to income (such as WIC, and for a while, medicaid before we began receiving Tricare even when he was working as an engineer). To assume that a family is lazy because they receive assistance is to be ignorant of the economy.

            Now as a divorced mother of 5 children, I work outside the home AND parent full time ON MY OWN because my exhusband, who is off living his own life ignoring the family he left and violating court orders I can’t afford to hire a lawyer to pursue and enforce, I qualify for assistance and have had to use it, not out of desire, but out of necessity to continue to keep a roof over my kids heads and food in their bellies simultaneously. I’m a college educated woman with responsibilities I take very seriously. To declare that I shouldn’t have my children is a blatant insult.

          • tom223

            Where I live a 14 year old girl went into the health department complaining that she couldn’t get pregnant. Her grandmother wanted her to make a baby so she could adopt and get the money from the state of California.

          • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

            Isn’t it pathetic that people work full-time yet cannot afford a family especially in the world’s mightiest economy you live in, don’t you think? My smart choice is never look like a synonym of telling the low-income people not to reproduce. That’s a disdain.

          • delightfully_difficult

            Economic justice for me is keeping what I worked for. Economic injustice is the exact opposite, taking what I worked for and giving it to people that did not work for it.
            I was not raised in the environment that my children are. I grew up with an addict mother in a murder capital that abused the welfare system in a multitude of ways as did the majority of people I lived around. That is a major reason that I have such disdain for people on welfare. I do not dispute that there are some people that use the system as intended however, the majority abuse the system.

          • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

            Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.

            “I want to keep what I earn” is a common misconception. You, people and corporations in the US already enjoy one of the lowest tax rate of all developed countries and people’s living standard is far worse off than other countries. Yes, because other countries know they get more than what they pay for the tax, which works for the working class. When ordinarily people don’t believe in that, they glorify tax dodging of themselves and overlook corporations doing the same. Besides, what you think you’re keeping systematically transferred to the 1%ers and never stay with or come back to you. We knew that’s how capitalism is destined to work from about 150 years ago.

            People woke up to this scheme once from late 19th to early 20th Century through labor movements and the Great Depression. Then, they forgot those lessons and went back to coma by Reaganomics hypnosis. It’s already about time to wake out of the myth again, which happened a bit in Tea Party Movement and much more in Occupy Wall Street.

            > the majority abuse the system.

            That’s a macro view beyond your local reality. I am yet to see such stats. Prevention of abuse doesn’t necessarily mean abolition of the service.

            Worst comes worst, welfare means money spent on living instead of killing. And when the poor people have money, the money is directly injected into your local economy and get it going instead of set aside in Cayman island or pumped into the stock market.

            It’s a pleasure to exchange views with you.

          • Ken D

            That would make sense, jealoushe, but the government actually pays you MORE money to have kids you can’t afford. Isn’t the government great???

      • Lindsey Gruen

        And sometimes life changes happen that are completely unexpected after becoming a parent…

        • delightfully_difficult

          I am well aware that life changes happen after becoming a parent. I did not state that it would always be possible to maintain the same standard of living. However, we will live within our means. If that means going from a 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apt or trailer that is affordable on 2 part time jobs then so be it. But make no mistake I will always EARN the income that supports my family. And my children will learn from watching me that it takes hard work to get the things you need and want.

          • Lindsey Gruen

            With 5 children, it would be not only unpractical, but illegal for someone to rent a 2 bedroom apartment to me because of housing ordinances. Not to mention, in the current market, my home value has dropped below the mortgage owed meaning I would take a substantial loss (that I don’t have money to cover) to sell my house only to turn around and pay the same amount for rent. As it is, I moved across the country back to this house with divorce to live somewhere less expensive in hopes of staying afloat. Sometimes a situation places a family where “living within the means” would mean homeless and hungry if help isn’t sought. I have a college education and work FULL TIME and still qualify for assistance because wages simply are not enough to support my family fully despite the fact that cuts were made in every single possible place. Let’s not even get into the fact it took over a year of applying to jobs daily to find the job I have, which has no benefits and pays commission ONLY, not hourly wages. I cannot even afford to work a minimum wage job because of childcare costs even AFTER state subsidy because it would cost me more than I would make at the job to pay for the childcare after taxes.

            Suggestions “helpful” people tell me:
            Cut cable bill (haven’t had one in years)
            Don’t eat out (we don’t. In fact, the food assistance I get is roughly $250 a month, which with shopping carefully with coupons with sales and generics, attempting to grow my own food, and food pantries, just keeps us from starving)
            Shop secondhand (I have ALWAYS done this, but clothing 5 growing kids still does have some expense)
            Just put the kids in public school (previously I homeschooled until my ex decided “homeschoolers are weird”… this actually costs me MORE than homeschooling did, by the way, and I hate some of the liberal nonsense they teach my children)

            I currently support a family of 6 and all of our bills, on about $2500 a month.

            Trust me, as a libertarian, I see how the system is broken. There are cycles in it that infuriate me because there are steps of assistance that make more logical sense that could help me get on my feet faster but they cut things in the wrong order causing more damage if I make more rather than helping (for example, increasing the childcare assistance copay while simultaneously decreasing the food assistance as I increase my pay a small amount in a month making it so then we have no money for food. I am a single parent household so a stay at home parent while working is not an option and I do not have family or friends who are able to watch my children for free for me.)

            And if anyone wants to say “well it was your choice to get divorced… you put yourself there…” Nope. It was the decision of my exhusband to run off with another woman while he had a wife and 5 children at home and quit his good paying job that would have continued supporting them voluntarily. It’s a nasty world we live in. :(

    • Benji

      Wages haven’t been stagnant. In the video you posted, they have kept pace with inflation. She points out that housing costs have skyrocketed. History tells us that the bubble burst. Healthcare is high, and going to go higher. What’s left to blame?

    • Jack R

      Something tells me Kristin Tate won’t be collecting welfare anytime soon. She is an amazing writer and HOT HOT HOT!!!

      • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

        Congratulation! Yes I also hope she stays employed and paid well enough although that aren’t the case for numerous parents qualified to welfare.
        No doubt she’s hot. And we’d need a hotter piece of writing that’d informs and educates us critically.

  • Anita Hug

    Kristin Tate your are insanely gorgeous!

  • Rob

    You forgot the unit “trillion” after the “$1.028” making it very vague

  • Timmy Tron

    Ms. Tate, I’d change this headline. Welfare is not earned.

  • Bill


    Mutual aid and fraternalism.

  • derekwardlies

    wrong!! welfare recipients in oregon recieve 385$ for herself and one child in cash.the rest of the money you are wrongly factoring in is the cost of medicaid which is useless for the recipient unless vaccinating your kids with poison,having useless “wellness” checkups(to be certain both mother and child are properly medicated with as many poisons as the insurance wilol pay for,all based on misdiagnosis of course because medicaid decides what diagnosis they willpay for,allow testing for,and treatment for based on that “approved” misdiagnosis.the food stamp program is beneficial,i recieved 254$ in foodstamps a month with my son,but with an income of less than 400$ a month goodluck paying rent somewhere much less utilities,school clothes,toilet paper and shampoo.all other “funds” you are accounting for are for useless mandatory programs that employ a bunch of condescending “workers” full benefits,a great wage ,a company car,an expensive cell phone plan ,and vacation time to “teach” you how to get a minimum wage job .sure ,they will/might pay for most of your babysitting as long as its some state certified daycare so your kids can be molested after being woken up at 4am to take several busses to go to these mandated “jobs” programs,but often they will deny the babysitters payments after the fact or make the payments way late so your sitter refuses you.the only function of the “jobs” programs are to waste money on “free ” bus tickets to get there and full living wage for the system workers.you arent even allowed time to breast feed or ever be with your child ..try talking to some people actually on welfare and stop promoting class war to blame on the poor.trust me,no one is “thriving” on welfare.

    • Amaphi

      Thank you! At the height of my lazy, entitled indolence, I was qualified to receive $500 in food stamps for myself and 2 children and a whopping $75 per month in cash assistance. And in exchange for that assistance, I would have had to participate in the State’s “employment program” for absolutely nothing more than that amount for 30 hours per week.

      120 hours per month for $575? Even if I factor in the Medicaid the kids qualified for, their coverage under a private plan would cost $270 per month (including myself, unlike Medicaid)… so okay, call it $845 per month. So I would have earned (and yes, EARNED – There is a work requirement in my state) between $4.79 and $7.05 per hour. And that’s before paying for gas to and from their work camp.

      And as far as section 8 is concerned, while I was working 30-35 hours per week, I was told that I made TOO LITTLE to qualify for an apartment, and that I would have to ask for a family contribution. So I took a second job at Walmart and was told I made too much. Guess I have a thing or two to learn about gaming the system… or maybe … just maybe:
      The welfare queen is a myth.

      • Jeffrey

        Where in the article did anyone call people on welfare lazy? In fact, it said the opposite. The article was about the economics of the welfare state and the market pressures it causes.

        • Amaphi

          Yes, but the comments took an entirely different tone.

      • Lindsey Gruen

        Those are some of the loops I find myself in as a single parent as well. I make too much if I take a job that betters my life but a small amount of assistance would help me to get to a financial place where I could go off of it completely, and too little get to that place. I could take a job making $10 an hour full time, but even with subsidized childcare before making that, I’d have to pay out over 80% of it just for childcare costs… and then they would look at the gross pay I received and cut the other benefits from my household (food, healthcare for my children)… and we’d be in a worse place than when I took that job. It’s an endless loop of shit! There’s no actual help in the system at all. I have received better help from individuals in trying to get out of this poverty hole post divorce than the state.

    • Tom223

      The government is the problem. The US government extracts wealth out of the economy and distributes it to non-productive uses. They print money and the people who are hurt the worst are the poor. If the Govt. weren’t destroying wealth or spending it on war or lining the pockets of banks, like the Federal Reserve (private bank that we pay interest to for every dollar ever printed). They steal the wealth and that stops the average person from spending that money on goods and services that the poor could have jobs doing. Voting for either a Democrat or Republican perpetuates this system. The poor have been largely supporting the Democrat party for decades and all they get is more poverty. The Democrats want as many poor people as possible because that’s how they get re-elected. They pass laws that will keep the poor dependent on government and poor for ever – unless the poor stop voting for them. that’s not likely to happen though. As being poor makes people desperate and they are forced to grab at any chance they have which too often is to go with the handout and be forever stuck in that situation. The welfare system should be designed to help poor people out of poverty – not burry them in it.

  • Justin Myrick

    The system needs drastic reforms. Also, Kristin Tate is super hot.

  • derekwardlies

    unsubscribing.this is hardly “ben swan” nor is it “reality”.all of Kristin Tates articles sound like some trust fund baby wanting to consistently blame the poor .why dont you report on the real welfare fraud is,politicians and bankers.not the poor on social services

    • amy

      seriously….get a clue

    • Tom223

      It is true that Politicians and bankers & some corporations get welfare. As do the poor. In both scenarios it is all about some politicians reelection. Both scenarios are destructive to the country. A physically / mentally capable “poor” person on welfare should never make more than a hard working school teacher. It is ridiculous and breeds criminality. A criminal wants something for nothing. A welfare recipient (individual or corporation) wants something for nothing. Either way it is the same level of exchange. Something for nothing. The people who are harmed are the workers like the teacher who pays taxes for the welfare to be paid. It is immoral.

      • Jeremiah Cress

        The sensational framing of the story is where I have an issue. It strikes me as chasing car crashes and looking for bodies. Where is the “news?” It’s all smoke and no fire, trying to incite reactions and get people frenzied over the “welfare state.”

        You want to write about welfare? How about you find out who in Hawaii was for welfare reform? Interview them. Find out who was in their way. Interview THEM. And that’s just ONE IDEA. Give me a damn STORY, not a link to a bias website and then talk about their news story as if it is fact.

        Journalism? Nope. I don’t see it. Not here, at least.

        • Jack R

          Turn off the MSNBC, Jeremiah… Does our wonderful welfare state give you a tingle up your leg?

        • Tom223

          The article is pretty simple. It states, some welfare recipients make more than minimum wage or more than a new school teacher. Then it asks what people think about it. If these are true statements I find it outrageous. It has nothing to do with who is for or against welfare reform. That is a different subject.
          I suspect if you wanted to do such research and are able to write a proper article you could get published. You seem to have the smarts for it so why not do it. I’d read it.

        • LeTronk

          I’ll agree that Kristin Tate does way too much editorializing in her articles. She’s actually getting much better, though. In the past week, her articles have had a much more neutral tone. She’s not quite to Ben Swann neutral, but she’ seems to be working on it.

          To the point of the article, she’s trying to raise the moral dilemma of those on government assistance making more than those earning an income. Should someone receiving welfare make more than someone who earns a wage? If so, at what point should the cutoff be? Should they be given more than a fast food employee makes? What about a Janitor, or an office worker? Should the cutoff be a nurse, what about an engineer? And who makes that call?

          I have personally worked with many welfare recipients. I volunteer for a non-profit organization that helps community youth and we have had several “volunteers” (i.e. required to receive benefits) sent over by a program here whose goal is to train welfare recipients to get into the workforce. I’ve been given supervisory duty for many of these individuals, and have mainly seen two types of these “volunteers”: those that actually want to get into the work force, and those that just want to get a free check. Those that want to work will work hard for us, and we usually give them glowing recommendations to any jobs they apply for. Those that want the free check will barely do any task that we give them, usually poorly and complaining the whole time. From them, I often hear statements such as, “I’m just here to get my check.”, or, “I ain’t gonna get a job no way. Not when I can get free money.” When they realize that we actually expect them to work for us to sign off on their forms, they tend not to come back after day 2 or 3.

    • Adam A

      derek, Ms Tate is NOT blaming the poor, she is blaming bad government policy. Did you even read this well-written article?

  • Jeffrey

    Private Charity and free markets.

    • Brian Holbrook

      Private charity? By which you mean someone other than you, correct? Free markets? By which you mean the rampant market manipulation of the biggest banks on the globe that consistently run us up to the brink of financial disaster in order to line their own pockets at the expense of the world economy? Yeah. Let’s do it your way.

  • Jeremiah Cress

    Another insane, sensational, garbage Kristin Tate post. Someone needs to start a petition to get her off this site.

    • marshwill

      Why don’t you just put your head a little deeper in the sand and pretend that she doesn’t exist and that her research is not valid??? It’s quicker than a petition.

      • Jeremiah Cress

        Which one should I do? Pretend she doesn’t exist or pretend her research isn’t valid? I can’t really do both can I? And if I have my head in the sand, I wouldn’t need to do either one.

        You haven’t really thought this through, have you?

        • marshwill

          No, actually, you can do both. They are not mutually exclusive. But, you are correct that the easiest thing to do is stick your head deeper into the sand…. then you can ignore most of the realities you find objectionable.

    • Bianca

      Another insane, garbage response to a well-written post from someone who clearly thinks our welfare state is running beautifully. Get a job, Jeremiah.

  • Laura

    ?? really? that has not been my experience. what are the sources for this?? I know in FL I recently had to apply for welfare and they give $300/mo – homeless with 2 kids – and i have to do 40hrs a week of job searches plus other hoops to jump through to get this. Since school started this week and I’m a full time student, my time investment is met but I still only get the 3600/yr – who the hell is making these stats up ?

    • Weston Moss

      You count free housing, food stamps, and medicaid….it adds up

    • Ashley

      You “ONLY” “GET” $3,600? Excuse me, the majority of Americans “get” nothing AND have to pay for food AFTER taxes! You should be thankful to “get” anything!

      • Brian Holbrook

        You silly little thing. Try living off of $3600 a year then get back to me. Also, most Americans ‘get’ they just don’t like to admit it. Ever had a tax refund greater than the amount of taxes you paid (if you paid any at all)? Ever had a Pell grant? Ever attended a public school?

    • Guest

      I am in completely agree. I am a full time student with two children and receive $478 a month and am also required to do 40 hours a week. I do believe that some changes need to be made because when I was working the welfare program made it impossible to make my family’s life better at one point they actually told me to quit my job or have another baby if I wanted their help.

      • jacquiejf

        Welfare is not supposed to make your family’s life better…welfare is to help you so that YOU can make your family’s life better…

        • Amaphi

          The point being made is that the state offices are encouraging people to quit jobs in order to receive assistance. They want to create a culture of dependence.

    • jacquiejf

      Who is paying for your school that started this week? When I was in school, a free $3600 /yr would have been awesome…So sorry that you are homeless…with 2 kids…while you are going to school…but please don’t complain about ‘hoops’ that you have to jump through to get free money…just saying…

      • Lindsey Gruen

        How is it free when she’s required to work (for no pay) for 40 hours per week for the state to receive the assistance?

        And keep in mind, the majority of the people that keep referencing “free money”- they are taxpayers, too. Sales tax, property taxes, income taxes on past and current jobs.

    • Jack R

      My sister collects every benefit under the sun, Section 8, welfare, EBT food stamps, subsidized heating oil, even a free car – yes, you heard that right, a free (donated used) car with free AAA service, from the state of NY. She lives with her BF who works, he’s in charge of buying their beer, wine and cigarettes, she buys the groceries. She tells me (with great pride) that she collects well over $40k in benefits every year. Oh, btw, did I mention she works under the table at a bar? If you’re not making that kind of money off the government yet, you haven’t learned how to play the system yet. But don’t worry, if you call your welfare office, they will guide you.

      • Brian Holbrook

        Then perhaps you should should have the courage of your fiscally-conservative convictions and turn your sister in for welfare fraud, waste, and abuse. The fact is that most welfare recipients are not gaming the system in any substantive way. And I suspect that your sister (if she exists) isn’t really either. I suspect that your sister probably has some assistance that you disagree with and that you inflated or invented the rest. If not, then she is the exception, not the rule.

    • LeTronk

      I’ll kindly recommend you read the report that she linked at the very beginning of the article. Florida is on the low end of the Welfare scale at #46, paying $18,121 annually. This explains why it seems like these numbers are made up to you, because you were in one of the bottom 5 Welfare states. Had you been in New Jersey (#5, $38,728), you may have had a very different experience with the system.

      • Brian Holbrook

        I’d kindly recommend that you read her post. Did you notice how a homeless mother of two in Florida actually only gets $3600 a year, not the $18,121 cited by CATO? That’s because CATO’s numbers are skewed by lumping together all possible benefits, which, in actuality, no one qualifies for. Fiscal conservatives have been fighting this mythical boogie-man of rampant welfare fraud for decades, but it doesn’t exist in the real world. Just like their numbers. Which is what Laura was pointing out. #readingcomprehension

        • Ifreeman2u

          Of course so much is assumed. The so-called right to take from one and give to another is the legal assumption. I think someone called it legal plunder. The attempt of the so-called good hearted, but mostly those that believe in the mischief of the so-called good hearted is to balance fairness by putting the burden of helping on the filthy rich. But that doesn’t happen does it? Outside of armed robbery you really can’t get the 1% to foot that tax bill can you?

          In reality the argument and the response both assume the right to legally plunder and not whether that fact it is wrong or right. Anything can be made legal by despots and/or a compliant society having no respect for self-evident individual rights of people.

          Actual welfare fraud does exist. “Rampant” in a system of legal fraud is kind of funny. Now let’s assume that the intentions of welfare are all good (excuse me while I gag hard on that one) for the sake of the argument. The dependency created is twofold well actually 4 fold at the root. 1) It creates inflation. 2) The obvious dependency 3) Waste. Have you ever seen how a school breakfast and lunch program works? Or how those same children getting free lunch have $100 player named brand tennis shoes? 4) The profits made by the Corporations that continue to supply the food regardless of the waste or abuse.

          Of course food supply corporations have no interest in stopping the waste anymore then paid government employees administering the programs will quit their job for the waste and abuse of welfare or welfare type programs.

          Oh and I guess there’s # 5. Welfare creates legalized voter fraud, to which the big corporations and owners of the world buy legal tax breaks and votes to avoid the mischief of good intentions. So who’s left in the middle? Or better yet what’s left in the middle of middle class? Mostly your BS certainly not any real money.

        • LeTronk

          I’d like to point out that you clearly didn’t understand my post. My post was not an attack, but an attempt to inform her that her view is that of one of the bottom 5 states, whereas the experience may be much different in one of the top 5 states.

          Yes, the CATO Institute combined all the programs that one may qualify for to get the numbers. There are, however, people taking advantage of all of these programs. From the report:

          Still, it is undeniable that for many recipients — especially long-term dependents — welfare pays more than the type of entry-level job that a typical welfare recipient can expect to find.

          She only gets $3600 a year because she is only taking advantage of one of the programs in place, though she implied that her schooling was also being paid for. Tuition at UF is $6270 annually for in-state. If she goes to UF (this has to be an assumption as she did not say where she goes to school, though that number is fairly typical for a state college), her actual annual income from the state would be $9870. She doesn’t “see” all of that, but being someone who paid for college tuition themselves delivering pizza, it takes a huge chunk of your income to go to school.

          • Brian Holbrook

            You paid for college delivering pizza with no grants? No help from family? No scholarships? Where did you go to college? Or, rather, when? Because it simply isn’t possible or believable that you did so any time in the last fifteen years.

          • LeTronk

            I started at the University of Louisville in 1998. My first semester’s tuition was about $1800, but it quickly increased. By 2002, it was about $2500 for tuition. For comparison, a semester at UofL this upcoming school year is $5520, so I had it much easier than students today.

            Even though I received no monetary support from my family, my parents made enough that I could not qualify for grants. I did accumulate about $10,000 in student loans from when I was running low on money during a few semesters. I lived in off-campus housing with 3 roommates to keep the living costs down, and gas was less than $2.00/gal. You’re right though, I don’t know if I would be able to do it with today’s prices.

  • Joseph

    Welfare, as well as any other positive right should only be done on a city level.

  • Bianca C

    Thank you CATO, and thank you Kristin Tate, for shining a light on how messed up our out-of-control spending has gotten. Ultimately we are breeding an entire generation of Americans who are encouraged not to work. It will take decades, maybe generations, to correct this awful disservice (encouraging dependency and victimhood) to our poorest citizens.

  • Ken D

    Excellent article. Thank you KT, for highlighting how our government subsides poor behaviors and bad decisions. Love your writing. And you are GORGEOUS!

  • JTG

    Bunch of freeloaders. You will be the first ones to go to the FEMA camps….enjoy.

    • tjr1824

      and by FEMA camp… we already have those… we call them public housing. aka ghetto.

      • TLB

        In my state you can live wherever you want and get housing assistance: I’m a healthcare professional and we have a family living on Medicaid, food stamps, and housing living across the street from us! Since they don’t have to pay for healthcare or insurance or taxes, they make approximately what a $60k a year family is living off of.

        • Brian Holbrook

          How do you know? In my experience, people aren’t eager to discuss such things with family, let alone across-the-street neighbors.

      • Kevin Merck

        That’s BS.
        Public housing looks just like high-end condos now. They have it much better than people who work for a living.
        There are now several generations living on welfare and it needs to stop.

  • H Moshier

    Tie welfare to a working paycheck similar to a 401k. In order to receive government benefits you will need to have a full time job, or maybe a minimum of 30 hours since it seems that Obamacare is forcing businesses to cut hours. Your benefits will be tied to your income. No more getting something for nothing…no work, no benefits…unless you are completely disabled.

    • Lindsey Gruen

      Cash assistance (TANF) already is tied to working hours for a family. A single parent household must work 20 hours per week, a 2 parent household must work 30 hours per week in order to receive the cash assistance for the family. It averages less than minimum wage pay for the family’s worked hours. So before you spout off next time declaring that people are getting something for nothing, take time to read the requirements to receive assistance. They already exist and have since the Clinton administration.

  • Kevin Merck

    Thanks Kristin, for covering this very important issue.
    The government has long used the excuse to allow illegal immigration because they’re doing jobs that Americans refuse to take. In other words, we’ve allowed upward of 30,000,000 illegal aliens into the country to do jobs that welfare scammers refuse to take.
    The primary focus should not be on the recipients of this welfare, it should be on the gargantuan bureaucracy that has evolved to administer the benefits. The focus should be on the legions of caseworkers, counselors, lawyers, CPS, family courts, child support collection agencies, the prison system, etc. etc. etc. all of whom make huge profits off of the *welfare state*.
    All of the above mentioned parasites that glean their living off the blood of the taxpayer – ALL – make more than a teacher also.
    Let’s get real folks, none of these criminals care about the children they pretend to care so much about.

    • Brian Holbrook

      Hey. Just in case no one has pointed it out to you: you, sir, are an incredibly racist piece of shit.

      • Kevin Merck

        Only a mentally ill Obama supporter would see anything racist in my comment.

        • Brian Holbrook

          Only a fanatic would consider “Obama supporter” an insult.

          • Kevin Merck

            “Mentally ill Obama supporter”
            That’s not an insult, that’s merely stating the facts.

          • Brian Holbrook

            If you can’t find the fanaticism in the assertion that one must be mentally ill to support Obama then I can’t help you. If you wish to have your world view confounded, though: I voted for Bush twice, spent nearly 8 years in the Army as a paratrooper, and identified as a staunch Christian Conservative Libertarian until –while waiting for the VA to process my disability claim– I myself became destitute and homeless and forced to attempt to live on the services I had once disparaged as you are doing today.

            Not only did I find they were severely inadequate, they were devilishly hard to qualify for. I also got to see all of the people who were now in my socio-economic class and how America treated them. The VA took two years to process my claim, during which time I was hospitalized half a dozen times, institutionalized twice, and arrested twice for being poor, and became an atheist liberal socialist.

            You believe in the system because it works for you, so you assume it must work for everyone equally. It doesn’t.

      • Amaphi

        Not only that but obviously sexist. I guess some big bad lady emasculated him at some point at he hasn’t recovered since. Try to be compassionate when dealing with the mentally ill, Brian Holbrook.

    • Oppelganger

      Really? Prison guards, social workers and family court judges are PARASITES??? The only true parasites are the Wal-Marts and McDonald’s of the world, earning billions upon billions while forcing us, the taxpayers, to subsidize their poverty wages, because otherwise the children of their workers would starve. But your answer is to take away even that meager benefit? I shudder to think of the crime that would result- I suppose your answer to that would be that we all should arm ourselves against the poor and desparate masses. Maybe you want to live in a Mad Max Thunderdome- I for one would prefer a Christian Civilization where the least among us are not the ones from whom we require the most sacrifice to repair a public treasury long sapped by cuts to capital gains taxes, estate taxes, and loopholes for the $23-32 trillion in off-shore wealth that the most privileged classes have been careful to hoard while we fight over table scraps. They have you very well-trained in their blame-game talking points.

      • Kevin Merck

        Just like the old bomber pilot said, “You know you’re over the target when you start catching all the flack”.
        You need a reading comprehension class. I said that the “primary focus” should be on all the parasites who profit from the welfare industry. You start your comment by defending those criminals, then you digress into a pathological rant about the exploited underclasses.
        Welfare keeps people down, it supports a multitude of parasites who profit from their impoverishment.
        I’m all for a living wage, cupcake, but we don’t achieve that by perpetuating the welfare state.

        • bdaniel230

          Correct. Without the welfare class how many of the criminal Child Welfare Officers do you think would be necessary? How many good parents would have their children taken by police then have to defend themselves for months and be found innocent? How many investigators would be on the take from ACORN and other agencies which will pay to keep people on welfare so their existence can be justified?
          No, it was better when the churches and local communities had the charity and the government was not involved.

      • bdaniel230

        Prison Guards may not be parasites, though I will keep my views open on them, but the rest of them are certainly. And without McDonalds and Wal-Mart you would be paying much higher prices. I am not a fan of either one but they have been able to make a profit in the most difficult markets of the society. Margins in fast food and consumer products are pretty low. But then since you bring it up, how about that great Bastian of modernity, Detroit? That is where the unions needed so much money that it was more profitable for the manufacturers to have the machines built in other countries at a lower scale of quality. Your socialist ideals may sound wonderful but they don’t work. Look at the standard of living in Europe as a whole. Much lower and products are much more expensive as well as taxes are much higher. Your socialist ideals fall quite short of keeping people out of poverty also because in most of Europe they push the poor out of the cities into the hinterlands.

        • Oppelganger

          I’m not making these points on the basis of any “socialist ideals”. A good deal of government expansion has been due to “tough on crime” laws and pro-deportation laws that lock up non-violent drug offenders for years as well as those drawn by an unmet demand for low-wage labor that picks the majority of the produce you and I eat every day. While the private prison industry is booming, and prison guards along with it, I don’t think you can consider that an expansion of liberty and freedom, or a reduction in government- the fact is, both are government attempts to control market forces (domestic demand for illegal drugs and cheap labor) that most economists will tell you are likely to be met regardless of what government tries to do. These along with terrorism also happen to be the biggest excuses for the elimination of our 4th Amendment rights and liberties- so opposing these is not a socialist response, it’s a pro-liberty one.

          I’m glad you brought up Detroit because that’s another more complex issue. The fact is any city that goes from a population of 1.9 million to one of 750,000, with 78,000 abandoned properties is destined for bankruptcy regardless of what public debts they have absent some kind of miracle turnaround. Only one of the “Big 3” automakers (GM) is even based in Detroit proper, and at GM’s headquarters, the Renaissance Center, they pay ZERO in property taxes even though the 73-story hotel/office complex is the largest and most valuable piece of real estate in Detroit. The 1996 renovations to it alone were $600 million – so that may have also had something to do with it. So too the fact that instead of a balanced regional transportation system, they built mile after mile of useless superfluous expressways and roadways in the 1950s and 60s, all of which are collapsing now without the money to fix them (a microcosm for our entire inter-state system here- part of the reason the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports the jobs bill to upgrade it). Ultimately the smart money blame-wise though is on a combination of white flight combined with an undiversified economy overly-dependent on a single industry, along with political corruption and dysfunction, and this was over a very long period of time. I haven’t followed Detroit politics closely from the 1970s to now (when most of the white flight happened under Coleman Young’s mayoral administration from 1974-1994) but I suspect public sector unions were at least partially to blame for the city’s refusal to get its finances under control. The decimation of its infrastructure and its property tax base however were far greater liabilities than the cost of its public sector pension obligations.

          Looking at Japan and Germany, the fact that health care obligations were borne by employers and not the state also forced the Big 3 to price them into their vehicles also didn’t help- of course, the union retiree health benefits didn’t help matters any either (ultimately why in the restructure these were displaced from the Big 3 to the UAW)- but given the two-tiered wage systems in place under the union contracts, the redirection of costs over time from wages to health benefits probably had the bigger impact on union workers’ spending power within the city, and the need to move production elsewhere.

          Consumer demand is what drives hiring- any industrialist flush with cash is not going to hire people and throw money into his business just because he has the money- there has to be some demand for growth and reasonable expectation of profit to be met. Imported consumer electronics may be more expensive in Europe, true, but there is also a much broader capacity to pay for them. Given only 12% of our economic production goes to exports in this country, the lack of a robust economic recovery is attributable to a lack of domestic demand due to the fact that Americans have neither the wages/income nor the credit to support a consumer-driven economic recovery. This remains a serious problem, one that is not solved by corporate or income tax cuts to the highest earners, which have mostly not been reinvested in the economy.

          As for Europe, Germany is proof that unions are not incompatible with a high-earning manufacturing sector- workers and employees just need to be recognized as legitimate stakeholders in economic decision-making, though that doesn’t necessarily have to be through
          unions. The isolation of the immigrant populations in France, Germany and elsewhere is a separate issue entirely, one that has more to do with social and cultural marginalization/ segregation and a lack of access to public infrastructure and educational and employment opportunities than anything else.

          • Oppelganger

            Detroit is another more complex issue. The fact is any city that goes from a population of 1.9 million to one of 750,000, with 78,000 abandoned properties, is destined for bankruptcy regardless of what public debts they have absent some kind of miracle turnaround. Only one of the “Big 3” automakers (GM) is even based in Detroit proper, and at GM’s headquarters, the Renaissance Center, they pay ZERO in property taxes even though the 73-story hotel/office complex is the largest and most valuable piece of real estate in Detroit. The 1996 renovations to it alone were $600 million – so that may have also had something to do with it. So too the fact that instead of a balanced regional transportation system, they built mile after mile of useless superfluous expressways and roadways in the 1950s and 60s, all of which are collapsing now without the money to fix them (a microcosm for our entire inter-state system here- part of the reason the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports the jobs bill to upgrade it).

            Ultimately the smart money blame-wise though is on a combination of white flight combined with an undiversified economy overly-dependent on a single industry, along with political corruption and dysfunction, and this was over a very long period of time. I haven’t followed Detroit politics closely from the 1970s to now (when most of the white flight happened under Coleman Young’s mayoral administration from 1974-1994) but I suspect public sector unions were at least partially to blame for the city’s refusal to get its finances under control. The decimation of its infrastructure and its property tax base however were far greater liabilities than the cost of its public sector pension obligations.

  • Kevin Merck

    One more thing.

    No intelligent conversation about welfare can take place if you don’t discuss who the recipients of this welfare are. They are almost all *mother only homes* where in most cases the fathers are either dead, in prison, or otherwise forced out of the lives of their children by the bureaucrats who make their living in this industry.

    The following are just a few of the statistics on what happens to the children raised in *mother only homes*.

    • 15.3 times more likely to have behavioral disorders
    • 4.6 times more likely to commit suicide
    • 6.6 times more likely to become teenaged mothers
    • 24.3 times more likely to run away
    • 15.3 times more likely to have behavioral disorders
    • 6.3 times more likely to be in a state-operated institutions
    • 10.8 times more likely to commit rape
    • 6.6 times more likely to drop out of school
    • 15.3 times more likely to end up in prison while a teenage
    • 73% of adolescent murderers come from mother only homes

    Welfare is about destroying the family and ultimately is about destroying society. This is no secret to people who understand how totalitarian regimes gain power over the people.

  • James Bunn

    It’s a mistake to use the word “earn” in the headline here. May I do an armchair edit?

    “Welfare recipients can now steal more than teachers can earn”.

    That sounds more like the reality of the situation to me.

  • gary


    From The Life of Colonel David Crockett, compiled by Edward S. Ellis

    (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1884)

    David Crockett

    Member of Congress 1827-31, 1832-35

    One day in the House of Representatives, a bill was taken up appropriatingmoney for the benefit of a widow of a distinguished naval officer. Several beautiful speeches had been made in it’s support. The Speaker was just about to put the question when Crockett arose:

    “Mr. Speaker– I have as much respect for the memory of the deceased, and as much sympathy for the suffering of the living, if suffering there be, as any man in this House, but we must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for a part of the living to lead us into an act of injustice to the balance of the living. I will not go into an argument to prove that Congress has no power to appropriate this money as an act of charity. Every member upon this floor knows it. We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of the public money. Some eloquent appeals have been made to us upon the ground that it is debt due the deceased. Mr. Speaker, the deceased lived long after the close of the war; he was in office to the day of his death, and I have never heard that the government was in arrears to him. Every man in this House knows it is not a debt. We cannot, without the grossest corruption, appropriate this money as the payment of a debt. We have not the semblence of authority to appropriate it as a charity. Mr. Speaker, I have said we have the right to give as much money of our own as we please. I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week’s pay to the object, and if every memeber of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks.”

    He took his seat. Nobody replied. The bill was put upon its passage, and, instead of passing unanimously, as was generally supposed, and as, no doubt it would, but for that speech, it received but few votes, and, of course, was lost.

    Later, when asked by a friend why he had opposed the appropriation, Crockett gave this explanation:

    “Several years ago I was one evening standing on the steps of the Capitol with some other members of Congress, when our attention was attracted by a great light over in Georgetown. It was evidently a large fire. We jumped into a hack and drove over as fast as we could. In spite of all that could be done, many houses were burned and many families made homeless, and besides, some of them had lost all but the clothes they had on. The weather was very cold, and when I saw so many women and children suffering, I felt that something ought to be done for them. The next morning a bill was introduced appropriating $20,000 for their relief. We put aside all other business and rushed it through as soon as it could be done.

    “The next summer, when it began to be time to think about the election, I concluded I would take a scout around among the boys of my district. I had no opposition there, but, as the election was some time off, I did not know what might turn up. When riding one day in a part of my district in which I was more of stranger than any other, I saw a man in a field plowing and coming toward the road. I gauged my gait so that we should meet as he came to the fence. As he came up, I spoke to the man. He replied politely, but, as I thought, rather coldly.

    “I began: “Well, friend, I am one of those unfortunate beings called candidates, and—-‘

    “Yes, I know you you are Colonel Crockett. I have seen you once before, and voted for you the last time you were elected. I suppose you are out electioneering now, but you had better not waste your time or mine. I shall not vote for you again.’

    “This was a sockdolager….I begged him to tell me what was the matter.

    “Well, Colonel, it is hardly worth-while to waste time or words upon it. I do not see how it can be mended, but you gave a vote last winter which shows that either you have not capacity to understand the Constitution, or that you are wanting in honesty and firmness to be guided by it. In either case you are not the man to represent me. But I beg your pardon for expressing it in that way. I did not intend to avail myself of the privilege of the constituent to speak plainly to a candidate for the purpose of insulting or wounding you. I intended by it only to say that your understanding of the Constitution is very different from mine; and I will say to you what, but for rudeness, I should not have said, that I believe you to be honest…. But an understanding of the Constitution different from mine I cannot overlook, because the Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred, and rigidly observed in all its provisions. The man who wields power and misinterprets it is the more dangerous the more honest he is.’

    “‘I admit the truth of all you say, but there must be some mistake about it, For I do not remember that I gave any vote last winter upon any constitutional question.’

    “‘No, Colonel, there’s no mistake. Though I live here in the back woods and seldom go from home, I take the papers from Washington and read very carefully all the proceedings in Congress. My papers say last winter you voted for a bill to appropriate $20,000 to some suffers by fire in Georgetown. Is that true?’

    “‘Well, my friend, I may as well own up. You have got me there. But certainly nobody will complain that a great and rich country like ours should give the insignificant sum of $20,000 to relieve it’s suffering women and children, particularly with a full and overflowing Treasury, and I am sure, if you had been there, you would have done just as I did.’

    “‘It is not the amount, Colonel, that I complain of; it is the principle. In the first place, the government ought to have in the Treasury no more than enough for its legitimate purposes. But that has nothing to do with the question. The power of collecting and disbursing money at pleasure is the most dangerous power that can be intrusted to man, particularly under our system of collecting revenue by tariff, which reaches every man in the country, no matter how poor he may be, and the poorer he is the more he pays in proportion to his means. What is worse, it presses upon him without his knowledge where the weight centers, for there is not a man in the United States who can ever guess how much he pays to the government. So you see, that while you are contributing to relieve one, you are drawing it from thousands who are even worse off than he. If you had the right to give anything, the amount was simply a matter of discretion with you, and you had as much right to give $20,000,000 as $20,000. If you have the right to give to one, you have the right to give to all; and, as the Constitution neither defines charity nor stipulates the amount, you are at liberty to give to anything and everything which you may believe, or profess to believe, is a charity, and to any amount you may think proper. You will very easily perceive what a wide door this would open for fraud and corruption and favortism, on the one hand, and for robbing the people on the other. No, Colonel, Congress has no right to give charity. Individual members may give as much of their own money as they please, but they have no right to touch a dollar of the public money for that purpose.If twice as many houses had been burned in this county as in Georgetown, neither you nor any other member of Congress would have thought of appropriating a dollar for our relief.

    There are about two hundred and forty members of Congress. If they had shown their sympathy for the suffers by contributing each one week’s pay, it would have made over $13,000. There are plenty of men in and around Washington who could have given $20,000 without depriving themselves of even a luxury of life.. The congressmen chose to keep their own money, which, if reports be true, some of them spend not very creditable; and the people about Washington, no doubt, applauded you for relieving them from the necessity of giving by giving what was not yours to give. The people have delegated to Congress, by the Constitution, the power to do certain things. To do these, it is authorized to collect and pay moneys, and for nothing else. Everything beyond this is usurpation, and a violation of the Constitution.

    “‘So you see, Colonel, you have violated the Constitution in what I consider a vital point. It is a precedent fraught with danger to the country, for when Congress once begins to stretch it’s power beyond the limits of the Constitution, there is no limit to it, and no security for the people. I have no doubt you acted honestly, but that does not make it any better, except as far as you are personally concerned, and you see that I cannot vote for you…’

    “I tell you I felt streaked. I saw if I should have oppostion, and this man should go talking, he would set others to talking, and in that district I was a gone fawn-skin. I could not answer him, for the fact is, I was so fully convinced that he was right, I did not want to. But I must satisfy him, and I said to him:

    “Well, my friend, you hit the nail upon the head, when you said I had not sense enough to understand the Constitution. I intended to be guided by it, and thought I had studied it fully, I have heard many speeches in congress about the powers of the Congress, but what you have said here at your plow has got more hard, sound sense in it than all the fine speeches I ever heard. If I had ever taken the view of it that you have, I would have put my head into the fire before I would have given that vote; and if you will forgive me and vote for me again, if I ever vote for another unconstitutional law I wish I may be shot.’

    “He laughingly replied: “Yes Colonel, you have sworn to that once before, but I will trust you again upon one condition. You say that you are convinced that your vote was wrong. Your acknowledgment of it will do more good than beating you for it. If, as you go around the distict, you will tell people about this vote, and that you are satisfied it was wrong, I will not only vote for you, but will do what I can to keep down opposition, and perhaps, I may exert some little influence in that way.’

    “‘If I don’t,’ said I. “I wish I may be shot; and to convince you that I am in earnest in what I say I will come back this way in a week or ten days, and if you will get up a gathering of the people, I will make a speech to them. Get up a barbeque, and I will pay for it.’

    “‘No Colonel, we are not rich people in this section, but we have plenty of provisions to contribute for a barbeque, and some to spare for those who have none.. The push of crops will be over in a few days, and we can then afford a day for a barbeque. This is Thursday; I will see to getting up on Saturday week. Come to my house on Friday, and we will go together, and I promise you a very respectable crowd to see and hear you.’

    “‘Well, I will be here. But one thing more before I say good-by. I must know your name.’

    “‘My name is Bunce.’

    “‘Not Horatio Bunce?’


    “‘Well, Mr. Bunce, I never saw you before though you say you have seen me, but I know you very well. I am glad I have met you, and very proud that I may hope to have you for my friend.’

    “It was one of the luckiest hits of my life that I met him. He mingled but little with the public, but was widely known for a heart brimful and running over with kindness and benevolence, which showed themselves not only in words but in acts. He was the oracle of the whole country around him, and his fame had extended far beyond the circle of his immediate acquaintance. Though I had never met him before, I had heard much of him, and but for this meeting it is very likely I should have had opposition, and had been beaten. One thing is very certain, no man could now stand up in that district under such a vote.

    “At the appointed time I was at his house, having told our conversation to every crowd I had met, and to every man I stayed all night with, and I found that it gave the people an interest and a confidence in me stronger than I had ever seen manifested before.

    “Though I was considerably fatigued when I reached his house, and, under ordinary circumstances, should have gone early to bed, I kept up until midnight, talking about the principles and affairs of government and got more real, true knowledge of them than I had got all my life before.

    “I have known and seen much of him since, for I respect him — no, that is not the word — I reverence and love him more than any living man, and I go to see him two or three times a year; and I will tell you sir, if everyone who professes to be a Christian, lived and acted and enjoyed it as he does, the religion of Christ would take the world by storm.

    “But to return to my story. The next morning we went to the barbecue, and, to my surprise, found about a thousand men there. I met a good many whom I had not known before, and they and my friend introduced me around until I had got pretty well acquainted—at least, they all knew me.

    “In due time notice was given that I would speak to them. They gathered up around a stand that had been erected. I opened my speech by saying: “Fellow-citizens — I present myself before you today feeling like a new man. My eyes have lately been opened to truths which ignorance or prejudice, or both, had heretofore hidden from my view. I feel that I can today offer you the ability to render you more valuable service than I have ever been able to render before. I am here today more for the purpose of acknowledging my error than to seek your votes. That I should make this acknowledgement is due to myself as well as to you. Whether you will vote for me is a matter for your consideration only.’

    “I went on to tell them about the fire and my vote for the appropriation and then told them why I was satisfied it was wrong. I closed by saying:

    “And now, fellow-citizens, it remains only for me to tell you that the most of the speech you have listened to with so much interest was simply a repetition of the arguments by which your neighbor, Mr. Bunce, convinced me of my error.

    “‘It is the best speech I ever made in my life, but he is entitled to the credit for it. And now I hope he is satisfied with his convert and that he will get up here and tell you so.’

    “He came upon the stand and said:

    “‘Fellow-citizens — It affords me great pleasure to comply with the request of Colonel Crockett. I have always considered him a thoroughly honest man, and I am satisfied that he will faithfully perform all that he has promised you today.’

    “He went down, and there went up from that crowd such a shout for Davy Crockett as his name never called forth before.

    “I am not much given to tears, but I was taken with a choking then and felt some big drops rolling down my cheeks. And I tell you now that the rememberance of those few words spoken by such a man, and the honest, hearty shout they produced, is worth more to me than all the reputation I have ever made, or shall ever make, as a member of Congress.

    “Now, sir,” conluded Crockett, “you know why I made that speech yesterday.

    “There is one thing now to which I will call your attention. You remember that I proposed to give a week’s pay. There are in that House many verywealthy men– men who think nothing of spending a week’s pay, or a dozen of them, for a dinner or a wine party when they have something to accomplish by it. Some of those same men made beautiful speeches upon the great debt of gratitude which the country owed the deceased — a debt which could not be paid by money — and the insignificant and worthlessness of money, particularly so insignificant a sum as $10,000, when weighed against the honor of the nation. Yet not one of them reponded to my proposition. Money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is the one great thing for which most of them are striving, and many of them sacrifice honor, intergrity, and justice to obtain it.”

    • LeTronk

      Thank you for posting that story. That was a really good read.

  • Joshua Davis

    Is research really that difficult? http://schools.nyc.gov/TeachNYC/salary/default.htm

  • gamathers

    When I was a boy I was paid to remove weeds from land owned by a wealthy man. He was paid not to grow certain crops in his field. Kind of the same thing. Both problems should be corrected.

  • Brian Holbrook

    The flaw in this is that CATO is only talking about the maximum possible
    payout of all state, local, and federal benefits. They are careful to
    state that it is ‘possible,’ however, anyone who has ever attempted to
    apply for public assistance knows that it would be a rare circumstance
    indeed to qualify for all possible programs. One should look at the
    actual payout records and see if, in fact, anyone is actually drawing
    that much in benefits in the state. I bet the number is infinitesimally
    small, if those people exist at all. Most welfare recipients are single
    mothers. Most welfare recipients still live well below the poverty line.
    Most welfare recipients are minorities (which, I suspect, is many
    people’s problem with the program) or live in economically depressed
    areas with a long history of generational poverty. These people aren’t lazy,
    they’re hopeless, and -in many cases- helpless. If people wish to spout
    off about how America is a Christian nation then perhaps they should
    start following the tenets of their faith and show a little charity by
    clothing and feeding the poor, as their purported savior instructed them
    to do.

    • Manuel Caballero

      I know people who have lievd off of welfare their entire lives and they always had more money than my parents and both my mom & dad worked full-time jobs…. So they do need to modify the welfare system, I see many girls getting welfare and all they got to do is spread their legs and have more kids…. half of them live with the father or boyfriend, but do not get married because then they would NOT be able to keep his work income off the welfare application where it asks for the W-2 and incomes…..

      • Brian Holbrook

        So, you’re for forced marriage then? And, also, you’re full of shit. The federal regulations regarding TANF (welfare) are as follows:

        Recipients (with few exceptions) must work as soon as they are job ready or no later than two years after coming on assistance. Single parents are required to participate in work activities for at least 30 hours per week. Two-parent families must participate in work activities 35 or 55 hours a week, depending upon circumstances. Failure to participate in work requirements can result in a reduction or termination of benefits to the family. States, in fiscal year 2004, have to ensure that 50 percent of all families and 90 percent of
        two-parent families are participating in work activities. If a state
        meets these goals without restricting eligibility, it can receive a
        caseload reduction credit. This credit reduces the minimum participation rates the state must achieve to continue receiving federal funding.

        • delightfully_difficult

          Do you have any statistics that show how many people have actually been removed for not meeting the work requirement?

          • Brian Holbrook

            Do you have any statistics that show any recipient in New York actually receiving $38k a year?

          • anonymou

            This is ridiculous. Obviously, to defend it, you must think it’s right. How about you pay for their assistance and the rest of us can keep our tax money that goes toward that. Since you think it’s so great and all…..

          • Kevin Merck

            Who ever that idiot is, he/she has never worked a day in his/her life.

          • Brian Holbrook

            I am who I say I am. I’m Brian Holbrook. And I’ve worked a bunch of ’em. More than a few of ’em were spent jumping out of airplanes and carrying rucksacks in the 82nd Airborne and 2nd Infantry Divisions. Got hurt doing it. So hurt, in fact, that I can no longer work. Am I entitled? Do I need to do some more to earn my monthly paycheck from Uncle Sam? Or is the nearly eight years I spent in uniform and the years I spent waiting for the VA bureaucracy enough for you? I know whereof I speak. You, on the other hand, are merely talking out of your ass.

          • Kevin Merck

            I doubt it.
            You sound like an addicted, female, welfare dependent, who likes to play mind games.
            Get some help.
            Anyone who thinks the welfare system is doing people any good is mentally ill and the fact that you voted for Obama supports that assertion.

          • Brian Holbrook

            I don’t give a good goddamn what you doubt. Just because your mind cant conceive of someone like me -former conservative, former christian, former paratrooper, former Bush voter- having been failed by the system I served to protect and then changing my mind about it, you decide I am delusional and a liar. That speaks volumes about how shaky your faith in your own views is.

          • Kevin Merck

            The system doesn’t fail people.
            People fail by putting faith in the system.
            I learned a long time ago that the more you plug into the system, the worse you’re going to get screwed.

          • Brian Holbrook

            Sure, I tell you what, you can pay for the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on immigration, and the war on the poor and black, and I’ll pay for welfare. Deal?

          • bdaniel230

            Nope but there are statistics being broadcast all over the country by the Associated Press breaking down that welfare is paying more than a minimum wage job. And that is one of the reasons that the Liberal policy of welfare and the Great Society has enslaved the poor and people of color in this country. Democrats are still the plantation owners, it is jut that instead of cotton they are picking it is votes for their elitists. The Democrats are not interested in helping the poor they are only interested in their government paycheck. Government employees are overpaid, underworked and a drag on the US taxpayer.

          • Brian Holbrook

            No. It doesn’t, you incredibly ill-informed simpleton. What is being broadcast is a report on the ASSERTION by the CATO Institute (a partisan, Libertarian think-tank that is allergic to government spending) that, if you add together all of the possible benefits from all possible programs, in many states you would wind up with a wage that is higher than the minimum wage (which is already criminally low, but I digress). The problem being, of course, that very few people, if anyone, qualifies for all of the programs, and those that do would have to be the most needy families with multiple children. Not to mention that, in order to qualify for the program at all, people must either be employed, verifiably and actively looking for work, or enrolled full time in school (at which point they loos Food Stamps eligibility). Institutional racism, generational poverty, income inequity, and lack of access are very, very real social problems and -like evolution and climate change- will continue to have an impact whether you believe in them or not.

          • bdaniel230

            My your handlers must really be pissed at you, not one convert to your idiotic statements. Fool.

          • Brian Holbrook

            Paranoid much? I don’t have handlers, just convictions and a sense of outrage over racial, social, and economic injustice. If I were looking for converts I would have went to a forum populated by those with enough logical and critical thinking skills to understand and weigh my arguments. You morons don’t want to know the truth because it threatens your death-grip on the status quo. No matter. The rest of the nation has moved past you. You and your ilk have become increasingly marginalized. Gay marriage is legal. Universal health care is the law. Illegal immigrants now have a path to citizenship. Atheism is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. We are every day becoming a more diverse, inclusive, tolerant society and in twenty years radicals like you will be as reviled and rare as Westboro Baptist Church members. The culture war is over, you lost, you’re just too ill-informed and delusional to realize it. Have fun gripping on to your dead political movement and 19th century ideas.

          • bdaniel230

            I note that your using terms for things that have yet to happen. Yes Obamacare is law but even the moron in the Whitehouse, your hero, is not ready to implement the majority of it, just the parts that will cost the taxpayer. He has exempted the largest portion of the working class and now it is proving to be a BAD LAW, which all Conservatives have predicted. As far as homosexual marriage, lets use the correct terms and not euphamisms, I truly believe that a marriage is for procreation. Wheter or not someone is living the way someone else believes os moral is not by purview. But when it comes to the socialism of America, I am convinced that the American public stands more with me than with you. The groceries of Americans come from the willingness to take a chance and work for profit and the wellbeing of their families. Not with the greater ideal that the product of their hands should be donated to the greater good and without reimbursement. But the government doesn’t do the work and that is what galls the Progressives like you! You are more than willing to name call and use pejoritives rather than rational argument. Using religion and Karl Marx is not rational argument when coupled with name calling and misuse of terms.
            Rather than trying to convince someone that you are correct by turmoil and abuse, try to convince someone through intelligent conversation.
            By the way, you need to remind your handlers that you tried to convince someone you were using your own arguments rather than the buzz of the month.

        • bdaniel230

          Your citation of the rules states the reason this type of thing is happening. The government is unwilling to enforce the rules it has set forth. “Failure to participate in work requirements can result in a reduction or termination of benefits to the family. ” The key word there is “CAN” not that it “SHALL”. The many loopholes and considerations the Liberal Democrats under the leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, makes it as impossible to stop benefits as it is to fire an incompetent teacher!

    • carl

      How long have you been collecting welfare?

      • Brian Holbrook

        Ideologues, you never have anything useful to say, and can’t imagine that someone has an honest philosophical disagreement without assigning an ulterior motive. But, since you asked, I started working as a janitor at 13. Held down two jobs in high school. Joined the Army at 21 and spent almost 8 years there before I was injured and medically discharged. After discharge I worked for eight more years and owned two businesses before my injuries forced me into the hospital for months at a time. That’s when I found out how fragile the safety net I had always believed in and disparaged is.

        • Kevin Merck

          Don’t vote for Obama and then expect a bed of roses.
          You think it’s bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You’re going to look back at these times as “the good ole days”.

          • Amaphi

            Is Obama the only trick you have, sad pony?

    • bdaniel230

      Charity is by choice not by the point of a gun. When government exacts the price of charity from taxpayers it is confiscation. You can pretty it up all you want but it is exactly that and it is done by force. So when you criticize Christians, remember that before LBJ and his Great Society there were fewer people starving and more people employed than since.

      • Brian Holbrook

        You do realize what you just said, right? That prior to the mid-1960’s poverty and unemployment were less of a problem than they are now? This illustrates a staggering lack of understanding of American history. So much so I must assume that you were either being sarcastic, or that you are an idiot.

        • bdaniel230

          Even the government statistics can’t hide the fact that there was a smaller percentage of people starving than there is today. That there was a lower crime rate than there is today, that there was higher employment than there is today, and that the US government is not in the business of genocide like they were in the 60’s. All volunteer army helped but ending the draft eliminated it. Democrats have been big on the draft.
          As far as understanding history, I lived through it pal. Go read Marx again but I know what was happening through the 50’s and 60’s. I marched with the Civil Rights movement, I fought against the draft but I am still a Conservative. MLK was against the welfare state but he wanted people to be treated fairly and equally. It was Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that loved the idea of welfare and statists. No it is people like LBJ and Governor Moonbeam that have caused the problem not Conservatives.

          • Brian Holbrook

            Well, good for you, but I assume in all of that marching you must have come across some people who were willing to tell you that you were living in a bubble created by the war boom, right? You must have known that prior to the mid-1940’s America had been locked in a vicious boom-bust cycle of unbelievable gains followed by collapse, right? Surely you must have heard, in all of that tramping around with the socialists, communists, and reformers who made up the civil rights movement how bad things had been in the 1920’s right? So bad that up to 20% of the American male workforce belonged to some sort of socialist or communist workers party. Remember that? Ever hear how kids starved to death all over the nation in the slums of New York, the cabins of Appalachia, the sod huts of Nebraska and Kansas? Ever see the photos of women attempting to sell their kids during the Depression? Do you think the Progressive and Social Reform movements of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s sprang up because life in the good ol’ U.S. of A. was amazing? No, the America you pine for never existed except in the misty memories and imaginations of privileged white men.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    100% employment was one of the promises made when the Federal Reserve was formed 100 years ago. Not that long ago, politicians promised a job for everyone. Now politicians promise us “a job for everyone who wants one.” Society no longer expects people to produce to earn a living. Having the state provide all of your basic needs is now considered by most people to be a fundamental right, even though this “right” requires the state to steal the property of others to pay for it.

    The system is not sustainable and it’s rapidly become less sustainable by the day. One in seven Americans are now fed by food stamps (EBT cards). The trend has rapidly accelerated in the past few years. I doubt that many of these people have any food reserves. Can you imagine what inner cities will be like when the EBT cards no longer work and people are hungry?

    Ask a native American about the wisdom of trusting our federal government and being dependent upon them.

    • Kevin Merck

      Great comment.
      The government will turn on all the people they are ‘helping’ with welfare first. They always turn on the scum who help them gain dictatorial power.
      People need to look up the word *Democide*.
      Governments don’t help people, they historically kill them, 262 million in the 20th century alone.

    • Oppelganger

      The best examples of tyrannical government in our country are found in its treatment of minority populations- Native Americans being the most glaring example. I wouldn’t equate the expansion of food stamps with complete and total dependence on government, though. Many recipients work but at jobs whose wages are poverty-level. In those cases, the food stamps are really subsidizing their employers, allowing their workers to survive on less without demanding more…

  • Stacy

    Maybe linking benefits to the minimum wage? We cap other things why not this?

    • Oppelganger

      Actually a lot of benefits are linked to the poverty level- for instance, when a working poor single mother finally earns income above the poverty level, she loses her food stamp benefit. This creates a disincentive to earn more. This might be less of an issue if the minimum wage paid what it did in 1968 when a lot of folks were growing up- today’s minimum wage however is only about 70% of what it was then, adjusted for inflation.

  • Elaine Johnston

    Simple way to control the abuse of the EBT cards is to limit what could be purchased to the basics. NO soda, candy, snacks, bottled water, ice cream, steak, shrimp, lobster, and stuff like that. If a person wants this stuff PAY WITH CASH!!! I work in a grocery store and see people buying all kinds of stuff I can’t afford to buy.. Steak, Lobster, and tons of junk food and snacks… Candy, snacks and soda is not FOOD!!!!

    • Kevin Merck

      Those cards are being sold for drug money. People spend the money on all that stuff because they’re buying those cards for about 1/3 to 1/2 of their face value.

      • Elaine Johnston

        Possible… But, think about all the money the government could save by just eliminating the items I listed.

        • anonymous

          I see this happening all the time too – I have never been on govt assistance and truthfully, my family or friends would take me in or help me until I could get back on my feet if I needed the help. My family taught me to provide for myself and no rely on the government or take advantage of the government. It would be an embarrasment to be to accept any form of government assistance. But it is obviously not embarrassing to those who are on it because if it was, it would be a priority to them to GET OFF.

          • bdaniel230

            That makes you either a boomer or the child of a boomer. I learned the same thing from my parents who lived through the Great Depression, FDR Follies, and they taught me that if I wanted something, like food or clothing, it took a job. If I wanted something more it took diligence and self control so that I could save enough for what I wanted.
            The majority of millennium generation folks never heard the values we heard and because of that have never learned personal honor.

        • Amaphi

          How would a ban on those items save money? The allotment would remain the same. The only purpose it would serve is to help you feel better about your ramen noodle wages.

    • Oppelganger

      A big part of the problem is that in the poorest parts of the country there actually are no retailers that sell fresh produce- recipients have to travel miles to get to a store that is not a corner store selling only non-perishable goods like chips, soda, etc… They did a study in Wisconsin that found a bag of chips cost less than an apple- so for poor families, you actually get more food for your dollar only if you buy the unhealthy stuff: http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2013/jun/02/mike-tate/mike-tate-says-cheetos-cost-less-apple-some-milwau/

      • rougeMind

        Great comments Oppelganger. You can tell you’ve done some research. I was in the Banking business for many years and let me tell you I would rather have a homeless man as a friend any time than a banker. In 2007 I had a mortgage loan officer tell me he would get me a one million dollar loan to buy a block of homes. All I had to do was give him $25,000 in cash outside of closing in the parking lot. This in addition to his regular fees. Bank of America is one of the worst Bank fraud offenders.
        Sorry you have to deal with such a troll as Merck !!! :-)

        • Oppelganger

          Thank you! Not so much research though, more just paying close attention over time. As Jefferson said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilence! I just wish more of my fellow citizens were paying attention too… As for that Bank of America employee, I’m sure that individual corruption is just a reflection of the corruption of the organization. Seeing his superiors get their piece of the action, why not get his? Thus institutional corruption leads to individualized corruption and erodes the cooperation and civic engagement necessary to prevent civilization from collapsing. Our empire continues down this road…

          Re: hostile comments, the crazy thing is I suspect Mr. Merck and I agree on more than we disagree on but some folks can’t help but make enemies out of fellow citizens with whom they may disagree on a point, or who refuse to consider facts that challenge core assumptions. So few forums lead to civil dialogue instead of name-calling- I hope this site does not turn into one of them!

    • Amaphi

      No bottled water? I’m guessing you haven’t read many studies on the trends in municipal water saftey.

      • Davis Rivas

        Dude, they can fill the 5Gal container for 75 cents at a water place like the rest of us. And yes, bottle-water is a luxury that people on welfare shouldn’t be able to afford.

        • Amaphi

          So you’re telling me an elderly person on a fixed income should not have the right to clean and safe drinking water? You must be fun at parties.

        • Amaphi

          And that’s great, assuming they’d have access to such a thing. But at least in my neck of the woods, there’s no place to fill up for $.75 for at least 50 miles. What an arrogant assumption to make.

  • anonymousgirl

    What President Lyndon Johnson did was to help those in need at the time because of the circumstances affecting the whole country. His purpose was not to create a “free ride” for those who don’t work or choose not to work. His purpose was to create “help” until families or individuals could get back to work or get on their feet. It was not meant to be a permanent source of income (especially when those individuals and families purposely create the issues surrounding their need for government assistance in order to keep from having to work for their income). I believe that now that the government has started this, there is no stopping it, but we can enforce rules. There should be a strict time limit and amount allotted per person for drawing any source of government assistance. After that time and amount is exhausted, the assistance should be withdrawn. After a while, the people who do work for a living will get smart and start drawing the govt assistance themselves. When no one works to produce the money to give out, there won’t be any more handouts. The madness has to stop before the govt is bankrupt. Then we will be living in a recession or depression and we will become a third world country and all the doomsday preppers will be shouting “I told you so!”

    • Oppelganger

      There actually is a strict time limit on TANF benefits- a lifetime limit of 60 months (and even less than that in many states). Remember Clinton’s welfare reform? Also less than one fifth of the spending cited goes to those benefits-
      most of it goes to Medicaid and SCHIP- i.e. health care for the poor
      & sick children.

      Most stories like this forget to mention that, or the fact that recipients are required to look for work and accept any offer of employment they get (forget trying to educate yourself to shoot for something better).

      • anonymous

        I am an employer and I have people call every week to inquire if we are hiring. I used to say no, but now I have started saying yes, and to bring a resume or stop by for an interview. most hang up. That tells me that don’t want my answer, they are calling the places that will give them the answer they want so they can maintain their benefits. I guess they will just wait until the money runs out. But truthfully, I think that if there are some of the population that feels these benefits are needed or a “right”, then they should fund it. But I shouldn’t be forced to contribute to the fund for those who choose to be leeches to society.

        • Oppelganger

          My guess is they’ll be calling you back when their 60 months run out! Non-interest is one explanation- but another explanation might be that they’re holding out for something better than $8/hr.

          I agree we cannot thrive as a country with too many “leeches”, but I happen to think the bigger leeches are those taking billions to build tanks and planes for Egypt and Isreal, or spread fear about terrorism to justify a police state so ex-DHS employees can sell body scanner and surveillance equipment to corrupt lawmakers. They’re taking far more dollars than individuals on food stamps. Police can confiscate and sell your personal property through civil forfeiture without even proving guilt of a crime- you have to prove your innocence and pay $2,500 for the right to do so! That failed war on (some) drugs pays off big to big government.

          • Kevin Merck

            CIA brings the drugs in, cupcake, do your homework.
            Don’t like the police state? Stop supporting Femocrats and establishment Republicans.

          • Oppelganger

            I think it’s pretty well-established that the police state is a bipartisan affair, always has been. Just look at how the Amash amendment went down- there wasn’t a clear Democrat-Republican split on that one. And I’m also well aware of the CIA’s complicity in the drug trade. I read Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance series, and much more beyond that. You should look into KBR’s connections with drug smuggling roots- there’s a lot of overlap, but the biggest crime is Wall Street money laundering. Wauchovia/Wells Fargo, HSBC, they’ve all been busted laundering hundreds of billions of dollars, but nobody’s gone to jail. Meanwhile private prisons are raking in the dough housing both non-violent drug offenders and illegal immigrants. The “get-tough” approach is a big money earner for them, but is also bankrupting our country.

          • Kevin Merck

            That’s what my comment said.
            Read it again.

          • Oppelganger

            You really are thick, aren’t you? I was agreeing with your point about the CIA and expanding on it. “Do your homework” you said- again implying without basis that I am uninformed.

          • Kevin Merck

            Come on oppelgangbanger, even you can’t be that stupid.
            Read it again.

          • rougeMind

            You don’t really care about making a valid arguement do you. You sound like the idiots I heard that said the holes in the ozone were because they were sending all those rockets up!

          • Amaphi

            Dammit, sir/madam, I respect you.

          • Oppelganger

            Thanks! Feel free to follow my comments…

        • bdaniel230

          Why do you think Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid wanted unlimited unemployment benefits? How much do you think you would have to pay as an employer for FUTA if that had gone into law?

    • Kevin Merck

      “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”
      You mean LBJ was trying to help the cause of authoritarians posing as liberals don’t you?
      The welfare state was created to destroy the black community and the family in general.

    • bdaniel230

      Bull! Lyndon Johnson was doing exactly that, and he not only knew it he admitted it in many statements he made within the Whitehouse. He wanted the Civil Rights Amendment to pass as well as the Welfare act because he wanted to have African Americans controlled by the Democrat party, (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Elenor Holmes Norton contributed to this policy). Lyndon was as evil if not more so than Richard Nixon. AND Lyndon was responsible for the loss of over 53,000 young American males, the strongest and brightest in his words. No LBJ was as bad or worse than Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton combined.

      • Kevin Merck

        You need to through George Bush in there too. (Both of them)
        From LBJ to Barrack Insane Obama, there is practically no difference at all.

    • rougeMind

      “Then we will be living in a recession or depression….”
      Are you kidding me! You don’t think we are in such a state right now? 20 million people out of work! What planet do you live on!
      The best comments I have seen here are from Oppelganger! At least he did some research!

  • Oppelganger

    The real explanation for the explosion of TANF is not some ignorantly generous welfare state, but the fact that the most new jobs being created are service industry jobs that pay at or just above the minimum wage- replacing the manufacturing jobs being outsourced- and people working full-time or more than full-time in these jobs are still living in poverty. We don’t seem to mind that Wal-Mart- the nation’s largest employer- is forcing its suppliers to ship jobs to China, and bankrupting all small businesses around it (who remain the #1 driver of employment in this country), but can STILL hit up taxpayers for the food stamps their workers need to feed their children. The Waltons’ $100 billion fortune isn’t enough! As we subsidize their millions of workers, they’re laughing at us all the way to the bank- the Cayman Islands bank. But no, don’t pay attention to that. Listen to what their proxies at the CATO Institute say: it’s that poor single mother’s fault she can’t find a $12/hour job! There’s a reason the Waltons donate millions to CATO- it pays off big-time. But let’s give credit where it’s due: Ms. Tate’s doing her part too. You should also thank them for forcing the people who prepare your food to show up sick to work. Thanks for the influenza burger, CATO!

    This would all be bad enough if it weren’t also incorrect. The federal spending in the report she cited was actually $746 billion, not $1.03 trillion. The rest was state spending, but why let facts get in the way of a good story? And let’s look a little closer at that $746 billion: the lion’s share of goes to Medicaid and children’s health care services, not direct cash assistance. That makes up $146 billion of that purported $1.03 trillion figure. And looking still closer at those TANF benefits- does anyone realize that welfare benefits require recipients to document their active searches for work? That these benefits are capped (i.e. recipients have a LIFETIME cap of 60 months orless, after which they’re cut off)? That once they earn enough to climb above the poverty level, their other benefits (e.g. food stamps and Medicaid) get cut off? Clinton & the Republican Congress made sure in 1996 that nobody can live a life on the dole, but nobody seems to remember that…

    But let’s also put this into perspective. What about the $10 TRILLION the Pentagon has “lost” or is “unable to account for” since 1991, according to its own public records (and reported on by Stephen Glain of the Wall Street Journal)? And that’s not including $100 screws or the Joint Strike Fighter that cost $44,000/hour to fly and whose first prototype didn’t work in the rain. I
    guess we need those to fight Al-Qaeda’s non-existent air force. But since they got siphoned off by defense contractors and Pentagon insiders, and not poor black & brown people, I guess it’s not worth talking about.

    Instead of looking at how much theoretical recipients might theoretically be allowed to receive if they happen to do all the paperwork, get through all the interviews, don’t find work despite being required to look for it, and aren’t permanently cut off after 5 years, how about looking at the ACTUAL trillions of dollars being stolen from us taxpayers? If ending government waste is our collective goal. I would suggest that would be a much more cost-effective use of our time, attention, and effort.

    • Kevin Merck

      Don’t complain about jobs not being there if you support either Republicans or Democrats.
      Welfare was created to help destroy America.

      • Oppelganger

        I wasn’t “complaining” about anything, just stating facts, and jobs not being there was not one of them.

        • Kevin Merck

          You don’t want to flip burgers?
          Tough chit, get off your dead ass and get a job.

          • Oppelganger

            No, the point is that even flipping burgers qualifies you for food stamps. If service industry jobs did not pay poverty wages, we could hardly blame anyone for being in poverty if they have a job. But if they have a full-time job and are still in poverty, and still qualifying to receive benefits from taxpayers, whose fault is that?

          • Kevin Merck

            Who did you vote for?

          • Oppelganger

            Who I voted for doesn’t change the fact that government benefits subsidize poverty wages. But on that topic, I happen to think both parties are corrupt, that our media is complicit, and that they both use social issues as wedges to divide the American people and prevent them from voting on the basis of their true self-interest. Would you disagree?

          • Kevin Merck

            My guess is that you voted for Obama, and I can’t blame you for wanting to hide that from people, because it takes away every bit of your credibility.
            I agree that both parties are corrupt and you need to make abortion (or whatever issue caused you to vote for Obama) a secondary interest to what is good for everyone as a whole and that includes unborn children.

          • Oppelganger

            I’m glad we agree on something! But you made yet another false assumption. Nonetheless this conversation isn’t about who I voted for or didn’t vote for. Who do you vote for? Why don’t you make another assumption about me or throw another ad hominem attack at me instead of responding to facts? Otherwise I am really getting bored by this petty back-and-forth.

          • Kevin Merck

            I voted for the only one who would have solved this problem by bringing the jobs home.

            Ron Paul

            Your boy, Obama, sent good paying jobs to china and eastern Europe when he gave them General Motors.
            You have no sane argument, but neither does anyone who voted for that criminal.

          • Oppelganger

            Obama’s not my “boy” nor anybody’s “boy”- do you like to refer to black people that way or am I misreading your comment? I didn’t vote for Obama but I also don’t happen to think it’s anyone’s business who I voted for or didn’t vote for, because that has nothing to do with an argument on any issue. We’re all Americans and human beings first, but the two-party system has us in this identity politics game where we subject every argument to an a priori litmus test that determines whether or not we are going to listen to a person or rationally consider their argument. Debate that goes in that direction just devolves into communitarianism and factionalism where each camp fails to challenge their assumptions or views of reality about anything – breeding extremism through increasingly warped views and assumptions regarding those with whom they happen to disagree. Any exchange of opinion where participants hope to learn from one another requires good faith and not an exchange of ad hominem attacks to see who is “holier than thou” or most ideologically pure.

          • Kevin Merck

            Anyone who tries to play the race card as much as you do is the racist. You’re not only a racist, you are a manipulator and a liar.

          • vortex

            Kevin, I’m embarrassed to see a fellow Ron Paul supporter act so ignorant and belligerent. Your arguments are nonsensical and you refuse to engage some of the very good points that Oppelganger has made. Stop making a fool of yourself.

          • Kevin Merck

            You are a creation of that sick troll opellgangbanger.
            1 comment on your profile directed at me. That’s a pretty good indication that you are in fact opeelgangbanger who has already posted comments under at least two different accounts.
            Stop trolling skanmk, you’re only making a fool of yourself.
            Any reasonable person who reads my comments will recognize the truth when they see it.

          • Rob Dies

            Reasonable people make reasonable arguments. You’re evasive. Whether that’s because you can’t say why you think how you do or some other reason, we’ll never know.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            You’re a f***ing idiot—nobody mentioned the “race card” which does not even exist,BTW–except inside your crazy, right-wing stunted brain–can’t even think for yourself without all the hate, can you?

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            Obama bailed General Motors otu—-he helped saved 3 million jobs–that idiot Romney said that GM should just go under and fail—no wonder he didn’t get elected—he basically blew off the possibility of losing that many American jobs,anyway.due to the economy.

    • bdaniel230

      It’s isn’t just Wal-Mart, though they may be a player, we have a huge high tech industry that forces the manufacturing vendors to put operations in China, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries but NOT in America where most of the industry began and is still the innovators as well as the largest consumer. Companies like AMD and Microsoft have a huge investment in overseas manufacturing, Microsoft not only has vendors but employees which have been given H1B visa’s so that Microsoft doesn’t have to pay Americans a decent wage. They will bring in a number of people from a country and put them in dormitory environments then pay them substandard wages for the job being done, though the job being done is pretty substandard when you look at the products coming out of Microsoft.
      Then we have unions such as the SEIU and AFL-CIO who are more than happy to sign up illegals and foreigners on H1B visas so that they can still get a piece of that pie.
      Yeah the Liberals have done a wonderful job with the economy. Thanks Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for our wonderful opportunities.

      • Oppelganger

        You’re 100% right about H1B visa abuse- thousands of American high-tech workers out of work yet Silicon Valley can’t find anyone? More like they can’t find anyone as cheap as Asian immigrants trying to escape India or China to move to this country.

        I have to correct you about SEIU though- the ones who “sign up” foreign workers are the employers. Unions may advocate for immigration reform but for service employers, the union has nothing to do with hiring/firing. AFL-CIO and construction work might be a different story if they are paid by job/piece work or have a hiring hall, but the more prevalent phenomenon is non-union contractors underbidding unionized contractors by using illegal labor. My uncle is a roofing contractor- non-union- but he pays his guys a fair wage. But even he has difficulties bidding against contractors who willingly break the law.

        • Lord Mannyrossa

          You fundamentally misunderstand the role of the unions. They do have a hand in hiring and firing. Thus why they make CBAs in the first place. They are allowed to set limits on how many H1B employees a company may hire. (among a litany of other restrictions they may place) Yes, the ultimate pen stroke is by HR but to insinuate that the union has no power or say in hiring is simply false. They play into the game as much as anyone and create the sense of ‘man we are fighting for you little guys’ when in fact they are a corporate entity as well who only care about getting as many dues paying members into the fold as possible to line their pockets. To ignore that fact is dangerous at best.

          • Oppelganger

            CBA’s are “agreements”- that is, contracts between the union and the employer. As a contract, neither side can dictate terms to the other- the contract arises from the terms they both agree on. Unions thus DO have a say in the firing- if it violates the contract- but very rarely in the hiring, unless as I said the nature of the employment is on a temporary contract or project basis where the employer looks to the union to provide X workers for a given job for a given time- and that’s usually construction. If any employer agrees to give a union the right to pick who they hire, I’d say they’re pretty crappy negotiators and thus probably pretty crappy businessmen as well and deserve what they get.

            As for whether unions are effective or what their ultimate goals are, just as there are good corporations and bad corporations, there are good and bad unions. Some have been shown to be little more than criminal enterprises whose leaders have overblown salaries with little to no accountability to members. Some unions however have leaders that do not make any more than the highest paid member of their union, and have eliminated their members’ dependence on the same government benefits that employees of large non-union corporations qualify for. The poverty wages of the non-union corporations that pay them ensure their employees are subsidized by taxpayers as a result, through food stamps, Medicaid, etc… Wal-Mart even has programs that teach their employees how to sign up for these govt. benefits!! If you wanted to get 2 million people off food stamps and Medicaid tomorrow, unionizing Wal-Mart would be the fastest way to do it. Ultimately if a union is not serving its members, they have the right to get rid of it, and they often do.

          • Lord Mannyrossa

            You are misinformed about the lack of ability to influence hiring. Unions can require new hires have certifications / licensing and any other number of criteria to meet the CBA. That doesn’t only apply to construction or contract work (the teacher’s union is an example of this) The business will of course ask for certain concessions but union contracts routinely have provisions that can greatly influence hiring that the business must adhere to.
            I fully understand what ‘contract’ and agreement mean, I spent a summer working in a labor attorney firm my first summer in law school. I think I have a decent handle on how transactional and labor law work at this point.

    • Ifreeman2u

      What sadly escapes you are the figures of legalized stealing. While the Pentagon may have spent a lot of tax dollars, why don’t you take a look at a 1040 income tax workbook and take a look at the outlay pie chart. About 30% goes to running the government and the military. Almost all of the remaining 70% goes to socialism of some kind. With only 1% or less going to pay of the interest on the “National” debt. Don’t get me wrong I am anti war and think all of our troops should be home. But in terms of the real waste it starts with taking from one and giving to another: Period.

      Here’s what you don’t get. Every household and in every apartment people have to deal with what they have and what they can get in part based on what they earn or grow. It’s no different for businesses and corporations. There are products and services to sell that have a cost of doing business that must pay those that work for them and grow the business. If the costs are too high (inflation by socialism of taxes) it will seek the path of least resistance to that profit elsewhere.

      You’re trying to have your cake and eat it too.

      • Oppelganger

        I’d have to ask you what you mean by “legalized stealing”- because stealing is, by definition, illegal. No matter whether taxation and government constitute “socialism”, there will always be some basic public goods that must be provided for which the profit motive will be an inadequate catalyst to create. The internet is one example, as are roads, mail, transportation, police & fire protection, military/national security and forestry and natural resource regulation and development. Nevertheless such infrastructure is necessary for private wealth creation- as such, some taxation will always be needed. The question is what level or form of collective decision-making is most legitimate to raise and spend those funds- and I think we would agree, the more decentralized the decision-making, the more subject to democratic controls (and thus, the more legitimate) it is likely to be. As such, government redistribution may be immoral or philosophically unjustifiable, but it’s not theft, unless there is a total absence of popular sovereign control over its collection and distribution. By contrast, our government is replete with legalized corruption, so I’m with you there 100%.

        I think we’d be blind to ignore the fact that there is also a process of upward wage and wealth redistribution at work when we talk of government interference. Aside from the corporate welfare of subsidizing poverty wages with food stamps, or paying corporate agribusiness not to farm crops, giving subsidies to sugar producers, etc… there is the fact that nearly ALL of the gains in productivity in our economy over the last four decades have gone to the top 0.1%. The American people made up for the loss of relative earnings by borrowing (off of income and home equity) to maintain their standard of living, but that credit bubble just popped and it ain’t coming back. Neither are the tens of millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs. As such we’re sliding towards a stratified third-world economy with remnants of the first world middle class slipping away. In the U.S., rather than reinvesting the wealth that efficiencies in productivity generated, they have either been by and large hoarded offshore or left sitting, as the $2 trillion in cash that corporate America has been sitting on for the last 12-18 months indicates (actually they’ve been doing both). This of course after fleecing taxpayers with the TARP on the assertion that it was necessary to lend to consumers and small businesses (instead they just took our money and paid down their bad gambling debts). The fact is Big Government and Big Business are both working together to take us all for a ride.

        The philosophical and moral justification for the legal protections afforded to property are that without these protections, nobody can be sufficiently secure to invest their time, labor and capital and thereby produce wealth, and thus denying society all wealth-generation capacity that can “lift all boats” (i.e. inequality is justified if a more equal society would leave everyone more impoverished). When all that excess wealth-generation is hoarded, however, there is no distributed benefit of wealth creation- it is merely a replacement of the public tyranny of government with a private tyranny of a system of neo-feudalism, where we are all become subjects of rent extraction, not for government- based downward redistribution to entitlement holders, but upward redistribution to central bankers and the Waltons, Kochs, Rockafellers and Rothschilds of the world. Unlike single mothers and entitlement holders, those people are already self-sufficient, they do not/will not live among us, and they will not stop extracting wealth once a standard of material benefit is reached. As such, they will always continue to extract wealth regardless through the corruption of our political processes, unless we wake up to the divide-and-conquer strategy.

        Governments are their plaything, and public debt their means of enslavement. But just as we can be collectively enslaved by public debt, we can be individually enslaved by private debt, be it for student loans, housing payments, or any other means of credit necessary to grow our own wealth as individuals. Would you agree it’s important to be mindful of both, and protect ourselves against both?

    • p carp


  • anonymous

    I have never been on govt assistance and truthfully, my family or friends would take me in or help me until I could get back on my feet if I needed the help. My family taught me to provide for myself and no rely on the government or take advantage of the government. The money comes from someone else – those people like me who work. It would be an embarrassment to me to accept any form of government assistance, UNLESS I WAS LITERALLY STARVING TO DEATH. And if I had to have assistance, I would do everything in my power to get back on my feet asap. Obviously, it is not embarrassing to these people who are on the govt assistance, because if it was, they would make it a priority to GET OFF the assistance. But that’s not happening. So maybe they WANT to be on the assistance.

    • Oppelganger

      Do you know 5,000 military families are on government assistance? I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re “taking advantage” of our country. A lot of others on assistance are also working- for instance, we subsidize millions of Wal-Mart’s employees with the food stamps their poverty wages qualify their employees for.

      • Kevin Merck

        They’re earning any benefits they get.
        Your arguments are weak.
        Epic fail.

        • Oppelganger

          The epic fail is actually drawing assumptions with no basis in reality- such as that no recipients of government benefits work. Why do military families who are working earn any benefit they get, but people working full-time for poverty wages don’t? Do you like to distinguish who is “deserving” of benefits or not on the basis of what job they do, or do you just like to distinguish on the basis of race and ethnicity?

          • Kevin Merck

            It’s always just a matter of time before people like you resort to the race card.
            You’re pathetic.
            Like I said in a previous comment, we don’t establish a living wage by perpetuating the welfare state.

          • Oppelganger

            There you are again avoiding the points I’m making with more assumptions and ad hominem attacks, because you have no adequate response to them. You can get angry all you want assuming what kind of person you imagine I am but that doesn’t make it true. The fact remains all of your points are predicated on false assumptions that no recipients of govt. benefits work, and that anyone who works does not qualify for govt. benefits. I’m guessing you don’t want to deal with those facts because then it might challenge your blame-the-poor worldview.

            I think you and I agree no one should profit off of government benefits- but if you look at where the most profiteering is going on, it’s not people applying for welfare benefits. Even Adam Smith and Milton Friedman believed in a guaranteed minimum income so that the poorest members of society have the minimum they need to provide for basic necessities. Otherwise you have a society where hunger, malnourishment, and a lack of education increase disease and criminality while diminishing its capacity for economic wealth-creation, regardless of how big government is or is not.

            Adam Smith also believed that you need free labor markets as well as free capital markets- that just as capital should be able to cross borders to seek its highest value, so too should one’s labor. Unfortunately that is kind of a contradiction for anti-immigrant libertarians- but you need a huge amount of government expenditures to deport and/or prevent the immigration of 11 million people who respond to a demand for cheap labor, just as you need a huge amount of government to suppress the supply that meets the demand for illegal drugs.

          • Kevin Merck

            Go away racist.
            I’m done with you.

          • Oppelganger

            And a final failure to respond, plus calling me a racist with no basis. Bravo! You’ve been pretty consistent throughout.

          • Lord Mannyrossa

            Opp: You have tapped the real issue here. Yes some people who get food stamps etc do indeed have low wage jobs. However, your assertions about Wal-Mart are slightly false. They have revamped their pay structure and are actually making it so fewer people work full-time in non-administrative positions. (as they should. A job mopping the floor at a supermarket is not and should not be intended to be a career position) As you said though, there are a portion of the population who have decided that working a job that a high school kid used to do (and still should be doing) is good for them and are making a ‘career’ out of it. We can talk about improving job quality and wages but that is far beyond the scope of the welfare recipients making more than teachers argument.
            What this does tell us though if you take your own suppositions though is that if you work as a teacher in NY you are still better off working a low wage job as a vomit mopper at a bar and getting on the sweet government gravy train to make up the difference between your $10K/year job and the $38K you would otherwise be making as a teacher. That is wrong.

            (one final note: Military personnel are not on benefits, Their family members are. Military personnel are not allowed to apply for food stamps since their housing and food are provided for as part of their service (in addition to being paid $18K/year which puts them over the poverty line). Their families are and most of them doing that are, I hate to say it, gaming the system in that way.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            Oh,please—Walmart was known for encouraging their employees to go on welfare instead of either paying them unemployment when they got laid off—despite the fact that Walmart makes millions and millions of dollars, and could actually afford it. That’s a fact—look it up. So ,yeah, they at one point perpetuated the welfare state.

  • Kevin Merck

    “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

    – LBJ

    Those are the words of the founder of the modern welfare system.

    Was he not a racist because he was Lyndon Banes Johnson?

    Idiots posting here call me a racist, but I challenge anyone here to find one thing I’ve said that’s racist.

    Welfare was created to destroy the black community and the family in general. It was the “no man in the house” policies of the Johnson administration that led to an illegitimacy rate of well over 90% in the black community, where there was a less than 10% rate before LBJ’s “war on poverty” and the creation of the welfare state.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      No it wasn’t. In fact, welfare was created for white widows unable to find work during the Depression years in the 1930s—1935,to be exact—it was never even created for black people in the first place. Do the research,please.

  • Julia

    Ridiculous! The real welfare queens actually look more like giant corporations.

    • Kevin Merck

      One scam doesn’t justify the other.
      Besides, it’s not the people on welfare who are the real issue. It’s the huge bureaucracy that perpetuates this racket for personal gain and the destruction of society — that’s the real issue.
      Scumbags who perpetuate this racket need to fill the prisons that are currently housing men on frivolous drug charges, convicted of using the drugs the CIA brings into the country.

  • Julia
  • Jane


  • Rhonda L. Krebs

    Having worked as a cashier at a grocery store that depends on food stamps to stay afloat, I would say that one of the best ways to cut down on welfare expenditures is to require people using an EBT card to produce ID when they use it; to hold retailers accountable if they don’t check IDs or turn a blind eye to “stamp sharing” at the register. It would also be a plus to restrict certain items like soda pop and candy. It’s just as easy to sell the use of an EBT card for cash as it was to sell the paper stamps. Realistically, going back to the commodities system might be a better incentive for people to try working as opposed to living off an allotment of oatmeal, processed cheese, peanut butter, grits, powdered eggs, potted meat and canned milk.

    • Mary D

      Rhonda, Republicans in Mass have been trying in vain to have a photo ID requirement to use EBT cards. Democrats scream “racism!!!” every step of the way (Racism? Really???) and the Democrats won’t even bring the bill to the floor for discussion.

      • Kevin Merck

        Everyone is a racist to Democrats and establishment Republicans, except for the real racists, of course.
        They are a bunch of sick freaks who will have this all blow up in their faces.

    • Rob Dies

      I actually liked the commodities when I was a kid. My dad used to make the best corn meal pancakes. In fact, we got off the program in 1994 but my mom still has half of the last bag of corn meal in her fridge.

  • aliasbsmith

    If you open the door (which the constitution did NOT open) that “clearly we need a safety net”—provided by government—then there is no putting a cap on it. Clearly, the government has no right to be the safety net. Private citizens do this better.

  • Kevin Merck

    This is what the money spent on welfare is getting you. These are 2008 numbers. It seems that more recent numbers are largely unavailable as is always the case when the programs perpetuated by psychopathic bureaucrats spiral out of control. They either ignore the problem or spend a fortune on propaganda in an effort to rewrite history.

    * 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
    * 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
    * 85 percent of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
    * 80 percent of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
    * 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
    * 75 percent of all adolescent patients in chemical-abuse centers come from fatherless homes
    * 85 percent of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes

    This problem is much more pronounced in the black community as was the intention of these racist pigs posing as liberals all along.
    The illegitimacy rate in the black community is now well over 90% when it was less than 10% before the racist pig, LBJ, declared war on minorities under the guise of helping them.

  • rogerfgay

    The out of control bureaucracy is right. It’s grown exponentially since 1990 and for no reason, and with a triple dose of cronyism (private contracting companies being paid to duplicate useless activities). In some states, with strong advocacy groups, they had to go farther to pay them off. Obviously, welfare recipients in some states are getting bribes even higher than judges get for keeping the child support scam going.

  • rougeMind

    The best comments I have seen here are from Oppelganger! At least he did some research!

    • Kevin Merck

      That fits you pretty good.
      You might consider “nutbagTroll”.

  • Mandy

    I think this is bull I am a single mother of two am losing my daycare because I make to much I don’t even make ten an hour ! I will not sit around getting a handout ! It’s like they want people to quit there jobs! I will give my kids to someone who can afford to take care of them befor I quit my job and get free money!

    • Tsuyoshi Orihashi

      That’s a known issue about the transitional point. It needs to be improved for smoother transition from welfare-receiving to self-supporting not to incentivize for those on the edge earning to stay on welfare.

      That’s a rational, and sane discussion different from emotional welfare-bashing. Good!

    • Bobby L. Smith

      Bless you. My sister is raising her daughter and her two children, (my niece is young and has made mistakes) by herself as a medical biller and she doesn’t make a lot of money($11.00/hr.) and she has the same sentiment. She refuses to accept assistance from any government program. Her friend, who has 4 kids,rreceives welfare, and is white trash, asked her why she doesnt quit her job and live off welfare. My sister told her she would rather starve than be a part of the Obama nation of people who expect someone else to take care of them. Imagine if everyone would refuse assistance and pull their own weight in this country. How great a nation we would be.

      • PDB

        Or…imagine what would happen if *everybody* quit their jobs and demanded they be taken care of!

        • Bobby L. Smith

          I imagine the country would be bankrupt in a very short amount of time, then we’d be a third world country. Doesn’t sound like a country where I’d want to live.

        • Sammie Jo

          I thought they already did that. lol

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        The “Obama nation”–yeah, right,whatever.

    • Tasha

      Don’t encourage that nonsense. Help and handouts are two different things. What mother would give their children away? So you’d rather put your kid in the system rather than try your best to raise your child? Also, isn’t that another form of having someone else pay for your child. Please use logic and stop trying to prove a point with stupidity.

      • Sammie Jo

        I seriously doubt Mandy would give away her children, she was just trying to make a point about not taking a handout.
        Over-react much?

  • Amaphi

    I am still trying to figure out how a post I made about TANF work requirements has been deleted THREE TIMES.

    • Kevin Merck

      Stop lying. You’re just another paranoid lunatic defending welfare, defending the murder of countless children for profit.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        STFU, you crazy-a** right-wing psycho nut.

    • http://truthinmedia.com/ Sam

      Hi Amaphi,
      I checked to see if your comment got caught in our spam filters. It did not. I am not sure what happened to the comment. I assure you we did not delete it. Feel free to post it again.


    • Dan

      I don’t even need to read the missing comment to know, and assure you you’re not crazy. The fanatics simply don’t know, and refuse to listen. I’ve made the point myself, and am always flamed, by both shills, and those who would rather play teams and point fingers than admit were all being played.

  • Harold Argus

    Simple vote buying. It’s Democrat 101 since FDR.

  • Kevin Merck

    We all should know that without the ‘welfare’ vote, petty dictator Obama, would not be sitting in the Whitehouse destroying the remnants of the constitution and making plans for the final takeover of America that could come any day with another false flag terror attack, to be used as an excuse for door to door gun confiscation, using UN troops who will murder millions of Americans with a total media blackout.
    It’s not about helping poor people or minorities and it never has been. The same people who brought you welfare, also brought you NAFTA and GATT, both designed to strip the American people of their industry and their jobs, in order to facilitate a total takeover of society.
    People who can’t work to feed themselves are slaves and will be treated like slaves and disposed of when their masters think it’s appropriate to ‘save the planet’ because there are too many people.
    No sane person argues for a welfare state because there are no good paying jobs. When you see what these criminals have in store for you, you’d be happy to take any job just to get rid of them.
    We don’t bring the jobs home by perpetuating the welfare state, by voting for Democrats and establishment Republicans, we bring the jobs home by voting for people like Ron Paul who will cancel NAFTA and GATT, impose tariffs on all imports and establish a policy that says, “If you want to sell it here, you need to make it here”.
    One of the biggest lies ever foisted on the American people is that “protectionism doesn’t work”. It works just fine, and only brain-dead people who rely on the MSM to tell them everything, believe otherwise.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Whatever, dude—keep believing what that racist Paul keep telling you. And calling our President -a dictator–yeah, you sound like a right-wing whacko alread

  • Lord Mannyrossa

    Why do people always say ‘clearly we need a safety net’? No we don’t. The country survived a very long time without a Federal safety net by letting churches, and other private sector groups, provide the assistance. This had the added layer of making it so you knew who the money was coming from and thus making you feel worse about being a potential leech. People getting a check from the government have no such sense of leeching off of someone since the government is an abstraction.

    • Walter Shipley

      But the people on welfare are still getting assistance from the churches in the area I live in, and they also drive newer cars than I do. (My car, a 91 Plymouth.)

    • Patriot from the nanny state

      yeah but the state is god !!! (sarcasm) now everyone who is dependent on the gov’t, they they love the gov’t!!! I classify them as SHEEPLE!!

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      The thing is, even churches have had to end up shutting down over the past couple of years because there are a dwindling number of parishioners able to donate due to being unemployed.due to the bad economic situation. So even assistance from a church in some areas, if they are cash-strapped themselves, is not a given.

  • Caroline

    I am a NJ resident and has received welfare assistance…please understand that $424 a month does not pay $750-$850 monthly rental expenses + utilities. It’s funny how you neglect to tell your readers who aren’t familiar with welfare that you added the cash portion with the food portion of assistance to get your total sum. $400 in food stamps doesn’t pay the electric bill. Also, I hope you ignorant snobs need welfare one day so that you can stop spreading pure lies about how “great” it is to have welfare & barely survive!

    • Sammie Jo

      So you say you get $424 a month, if that doesn’t pay your rental expenses + utilities, then I take it you are about to get evicted and are living in the dark?
      I think you are leaving out some details.
      You are just giving us the cash amount, how much do you get in insurance (Medicaid) benefits, food stamps, hud housing, utility discounts, free phones?
      Do you have cable or satellite tv? If you do, cancel it, there’s $70 a month right there.
      Wishing bad things to happen to other people and calling them names, does not make your case, just shows that you are one of the “entitled” set.

      • Daniel

        My husband and I (plus two children) have used government assistance (ashamedly so, and don’t pity us – that sense of shame helped push us off of it, quickly). We used two sources: Medicaid and housing. We made $9.50 an hour total (7 yrs ago), paying 425.00 in rent at our apartment (government assisted), used the Medicaid the least we could, and we were actually possibly happier then than now (and we make over 4x that now). My husband worked his tail off like crazy, and we were able to get completely independent from government aid in less than a year.

        Once when visiting overseas on missions, a poor African man told my father, “I want to go to America where the poor are fat.”

        • Sammie Jo

          Congrats for using it and getting off of it and not making a lifestyle of it.
          I don’t know why you would be happier at that time than you are now, but, I don’t think it would have anything to do with whether or not you’re on welfare.

          • Daniel

            Thank-you @Sammie_Jo:disqus

            I think my only point to that statement (about being happier), is that scraping by on a living doesn’t always equal misery. My other point, is we used the bare minimum in which we needed (sure, we could’ve benefited from food stamps, but we budgeted and scraped by instead). The less people become adjusted to, the better (the less dependent, the easier it is to get independent); there certainly needs to be more restrictions.


            That statement was said years ago. My father has traveled worldwide to countries, and has seen poverty on all levels. One level: a child is literally starving in the arms of a caretaker, and receiving no medical attention. Can you find one documented U.S. case of a child who has died from starvation? Our poor are incomparable to those in other selected countries.

        • african

          obesity is the next epidemic of poor malnurished africans. dont understand how thats a logical statement. google it!

      • Patriot from the nanny state

        AMEN!! but you don’t know her situation, GOD BLESS EVERYONE EXCEPT the TYRANTS

    • Patriot from the nanny state

      try working and being away from your family and barely surviving,no disrespect but alot of people on the entitlement programs are taking advantage not to say you are!!

    • Carmen

      Strange that you are upset about someone giving an accurate assessment of the welfare system. You must be getting some great benefits on welfare because obviously you can afford a computer and wireless internet! Both are luxuries at least in my middle class working household they are. In addition to getting $400 in food stamps…Wow! I could feed 6 people on that a month but I struggle to pay my $250 grocery bill. Stop pretending you are struggling. Welfare recipients get reduced or zero rent and qualify for all of the government programs that pay your utilities…triple dipping is probably an understatement. Oh you forgot to mention how you can go to college for free too and I will be stuck paying off school loans forever. Stupid me for not sitting on my but taking handouts and trying to further my education. I have to pay my loans back and the government isn’t giving me any assistance on the repayment plan. Do welfare recipients have to pay their benefits back? We know the answer…NO! I lost myself. What are you complaining about–your life is so what-bad. Have a stadium full of seats and stop using the internet paid for with my tax dollars to complain about anything until you start paying back the money and benefits you gladly receive!

      • AnonymousOne

        Actually you’re wrong there. I am struggling myself working FT, going to college FT and having to take out student loans that I WILL have to pay back, not the government. As for shaming her for internet usage, how do you know she is not at a public library or a friend or family member’s house using it? Welfare does not pay for everything and they do not pay utilities on a regular basis. There is a cap on the amount they will help with annually. As for rental assistance most programs are out of funding and you can only get that if you live in subsidized housing. Even then the waiting lists are are very long, sometimes having over a year wait. You yourself are complaining about not making enough and struggling to make ends meet so you must realize how terrible the economy is as well. I have been searching for better work for over a year to no avail. I cannot wait until I finish school and am able to say good bye to public assistance. While many do abuse it, not everyone does and not everyone is proud to be on it. Sometimes one must swallow their pride and do what is necessary to feed their children, though. And contrary to your beliefs, many states DO make recipients pay benefits back. I know someone who became disabled (not faking it) and is fighting for disability. Because of not being able to work they applied for state assistance. First they had to sign a waiver stating if they received disability they have to pay every penny of assistance back. Secondly, after a year and still fighting for their disability the state said they would not help anymore. What should someone do in that situation? What place is going to hire them with a debilitating condition? I advise you to get the facts before running your mouth. Your anger should be directed towards the biggest welfare mongers in our country– corporate America and subsidized farming.

        • chelly

          Unfortunately education does not guarantee you a better life… i did that and i owe 50k in student loans i graduated 2 years ago and still can’t get a job with my BS degree in health care management because i have never worked in the field no one wants to hire me… so don’t think that getting a degree is going to bring you our of poverty I’ve been trying for years did you know that a large number of people on welfare in people just like me… good luck!

      • jackbenny

        Narrow-minded person, ever think that she might be using a computer at someone’s house, at the library, or any place that gives free wireless?

        And accurate? Fat chance. Nothing on the net is accurate, and you know nothing about welfare and how hard it can be.

        Instead of whining and bitching on the internet, go do something about it. Pass a law banning welfare forever. That way you can save your tax dollars for the politicians, terrorists, housing killers in prison, and foreign countries. Oh, don’t forget to spend more money on those other countries’ starving poor. I mean, screw poor Americans when you can take care of other nations’ kids.

    • mandaroos

      I have never collected a dime I didn’t earn. I work 2 jobs, I haven’t burned any bridges with my family, I have no tattoos, I don’t drink, I have never done drugs and I have 2 children with the same father who I am still married to. I don’t think that’s snobby. I skipped my senior year of high school, got my GED and went straight to work. I don’t own any designer labels. I have a pair of tennis shoes, a couple pairs of walmart high heels and boots and I usually pick up a pair of flip flops in the summer time. Goodwill knows me by name and I have never owned a car with less than 40,000 miles on it. I have a friend earning $850.00 a month in food stamps, she has a husband and 6 kids living with her (4 are her husbands, 2 are her one night stands, and 2 of his 4 are hers also) she also has a sister living in her basement with one of her kids, her other child lives with it’s dad). She collects another $200 or so in support (haven’t figured out the exact number on hers yet) They all work and the total sum of their monthly income between work, child support received, food stamps and other govt help is over $6000.00 a month. Rent is $1200.00, energy around $200.00/month in the winter $100.00 in the summer. Water around $60/ month. They have nicer phones, nicer cars, nicer clothes, nicer shoes and recently could afford all new NFL gear to attend an NFL game in great seats! There is some SERIOUS ABUSE of the welfare system…perhaps you ARE one of the few that really needs it, but the point is that it has gotten Out of Control. You shouldn’t be better off on welfare than you would be working.

      • K. LittleDeer

        Wow, so,m basically you are bitter and miserable, to to mention inerudite and provincial. People like you are the most sad and damaged folks. Keep demonizing. I’m sure you can make up more misinformation to vomit.

      • jackbenny

        Aren’t you wonderful?

        • bob

          Yes she is. You on the other hand are spiteful.

      • disqus_Jwz6tzxH5A

        If this is true then your friend is lying to the workers. If you give honest information there really isn’t enough to really survive let alone get name brand items.

    • jackbenny

      You’re absolutely right. But these people have been raised to be prejudiced against the poor. It’s a form of brainwashing, much like saying one race is all bad. And most of the public is gullible, believing the politicians that they voted for, that way the focus is off those politicians. And if you say a thing enough times over, then it becomes “true”, no matter how absurd.

    • Davis Rivas

      That’s 424$ more than what I get working barely above minimum wage full-time. Quit your whining and self entitlement attitude. Guess what? get a freaking roommate and Bam half your rent is cut. You see, us working people, we do whatever it takes instead of relying on other for freebies. You’re not suppose to live comfortably on welfare; it’s “supplementary” and “temporary” assistance during hardship

  • danuyel2006

    I have no idea what anyone is talking about when they say that people on welfare don’t have to pay any money back! Here in New York State, that is NOT true! I was on welfare for a year. I am the single mom of 4 children, whose father decided one day that he didn’t want to be a parent anymore. He wouldn’t help with child support or anything. I was working a full-time job, making 8.50 an hour, so I had to get some type of assistance. Now..the entire year I received help, which was not alot. I received 307 a month in food stamps and about 113 in cash. (So much for the idiots who say that people on welfare receive obscene amounts of money, right? You don’t know WHAT welfare does unless you’ve been ON IT!) Anyway, I finished my BS and was able to get a better job. During this time, my ex also stepped up and decided to help out. Since he was so far behind, they took his 2,000 tax return.Wanna know how much me and my 4 children received from it? The first FIFTY dollars! That money could have helped in so many ways but my caseworker said that the year of benefits had to be paid back! So… Please.. Unless you have been on welfare in some form, be quiet. All welfare recipients are not lazy idiots searching for handouts. Some of us are actually fighting to remain self-sufficient. And when money that could really help comes in, the State is there to take it. It’s funny that the main people talking so much about this, know little to nothing of the reality. I know no one who receives any of the large amounts of money or food stamps described here.

    Get a clue.

    • Salem

      You don’t get it do you? You paid a minuscule amount of taxes during the time that you worked, but you got it ALL back and them some when you got your tax refund.

      • Chelly

        she didn’t get her taxes the state took it back to pay for her benefits.. so how is she ripping off the government if she paid back what she was given? I’ve been unable to work for over a year and other than medicaid and a small amount of food money i get nothing else….and never have in all the years i have had to be off and on the system due to the inability to even survive off the maybe 500 a month i received for me and 2 kids…so no you don’t make a ton of money on it and your restricted in everything you do get.. so please don’t make it sound like you can make a living off of it i live in NC by the way…

    • karissa

      You do not receive as many benefits or as much from welfare because you have a full time job even though you work around minimum wage. Now, imagine if you quit your job and applied for more welfare, then you could possibly receive the same amount of money from welfare as you did when you work your full time job. If you do not know anyone who receives a large amount of money, it does not mean no one does. However, I do applaud you for taking care of your children and working as hard as you did. That takes a strong person and you should feel proud.

    • Cassandra

      I agree with you to the fullest the TANF laws are
      the same here in Texas. I can’t even get on TANF. I was told I didn’t qualify
      because I receive a small disability check of $644.00 a month my rent is
      $689.00, I receive $144.00 a month in food stamps, I have to pay my Medicare
      premiums as well as my children s CHIP co-pays and this is the ONLY income I
      have yet I don’t qualify….My children s
      father refuses to pay child support, the Texas State Attorney general
      told me in writing they could NOT do anything to collect child support from him
      because they could not find him yet I have given them all vital information I
      have a know to be true on him such as is social security number, birthday, full
      legal name, last known physical address and post of box address, his parents
      full legal names, their last known physical address their birthdays ect. The
      Texas State Attorney General told me it was MY responsibility to find him. How
      do you find someone who seems to have fallen off the earth? we were divorced
      legally in 2009 and he has not attempted to contact me or these children, I
      have no idea where he is or how to find him. I considered hiring a private
      investigator but he told to find my ex-husband it was going to cost $900.00 for
      him to even start looking for him and then another $1500.00 for him to compile
      information on him to give me to send to the Attorney General. If I am on
      welfare where does he think I have that kind of money? You are right some
      people do have the misconception that people on welfare are just balling out of
      control and they get these astronomical amounts of assistance every month but that’s because the because the majority of people receiving assistance give this
      impression especially in my neighborhood. We have an annual Peanut Festival
      here every year my next door neighbor is bragging about getting a booth to sale
      Turkey legs and barbecue plates to make a profit. My neighbor told me she spent
      $500 of her food-stamps to purchase cases of Turkey Legs to sale. A case of
      Turkey legs has 12 legs in it and cost $74.00/ case. My neighbor also drives a
      brand new 2013 Chrysler 300 with expensive chrome rims that is a $30,345.00 car not even counting the the $2500.00 she spent on 22 inch rims she gets $400.00 a month
      in TANF her children wear everything name brand from head to toe but she
      qualifies to get assistance? This is nothing im making up but what I’ve seen
      her doing and what she voluntarily admits without shame. I’ve reported her on several occasions and NOTHING has been done
      to her to this day she is still cheating the system. So to me the reason I think some people who cheat the system keep doing it is cause they have no REAL consequences for their actions. Not everybody cheats the system but the ones that do get away with it and they get more benefits than the people who are honest and really need the help.

      • Childsupportpayeesince1993

        The welfare can’t n will not help you becuase you don’t qualify : but if you did qualify they would of found him and took all his paycheck and made you sighn over you childsupport rights to the welfare n they would of only given you a small percent of that money n you kids would belong to the welfare department n you n your X.

      • Childsupportpayeesince1993

        Raise your kids n love them n do your best don’t allow the welfare to own you n your family You don’t need there so called help do it yourself n be free even if it’s a struggle it’s worth it

    • preston

      I think that you all are morons man. You all speak of people being educated when none of you don’t know shit. I work over 70 hours a week and pay taxes as well. I don’t sit here and complain about people on welfare. I don’t know those people situations and what they are going through. Shit happens to people that just need it. If you don’t believe that the welfare system is designed to keep you on it then you are an idiot. welfare provides great insurance and food stamps. If people go find a ten or twelve dollar an hour job they get that stuff took from them. Then if they have health probs they cant even go to the doctor. People decide to work as a waitress and collect there food stamps and medical. That is being smart. The gov could get out of debt anyways but there all a bunch of dumbasses. If they would legalize marijuana this country would be out of debt. the money from the taxes alone would solve that prob. so instead of defending the gov and blaming the people for are debt. y not look at the gov as the prob

  • cindy poo

    Danuyel2006 – obviously you were legitimate, educated, and found yourself needing the benefits New York has to offer. If you were street wise you would have not worked and maxed out your benefits like many New Yorkians do. Let me put it into perspective.
    You and 4 Children = 690 a month in food stamps, 410 cash assistance, housing aid, healthcare, free phone, lap top, if you choose to sit through the 4 hour lecture. Okay, you are up to 1090.00 expendable benefits, who can put a price on the free health care we could say 500.00 so you are at 1590.00
    Now… if you were street wise you would get your 4 children diagnosed with ADD which is very easy to do… and then collect the 290.00 per child they will get for SSI…so add 1160.00 to that amount… which is 2750.00… mind you tax free… this means to earn that same amount you would have to find a job earning around 23.00 per hour… is someone going to work for that amount or get it free? easy answer…. there are simply too many over lapping programs and no incentive for someone who is lazy to get off the wagon… that is all.

  • Patrick Mallacoccio


    is the correct hyperlink to the study mentioned in the first paragraph.

  • A.F.

    I know not everyone abuses the system, but growing up in Detroit I can say a VERY larger portion of the people on welfare do. Including my sister. I used Medicaid for a year because I moved out very young (15) and only went and got it because I had pneumonia and couldn’t afford a hospital stay. I pledged that would be the LAST time I would ever get assistance.

    My sister on the other hand has been on welfare since her first child was born, nearly 10 years ago. She not only receives 300(ish) a month in food credit (not even stamps anymore. Just like a regular credit card to buy whatever she wants which is never healthy). She gets cash assistance (about 100 per month, not a whole ton), and is living in section 8 housing! They pay her 800.00 a month rent. And the funny thing about this is the apartment she lives in pays all her utilities! I think the only thing she pays is electric. And she gets a break on that! She flat out tells me she will never get off welfare because it’s easier than getting a real job. She doesn’t have to find a babysitter, get up early, or pretty much function as a productive human what-so-ever.

    I think that a great way to help fix welfare is to drug test. I know it sounds awful, but every job I ever worked for required it. If they did that in MI, that would cut the amount of people on welfare by half. Do you know some of the most popular places people spend their benefits? Liquor stores, casinos, strip clubs, and football games. You can use the little debit card and withdraw money anywhere for anything you want. Don’t believe me? Google it. Still don’t believe me? Go to any Detroit casino (and I am sure others) and just listen to the conversations. Yeah, they are trying to “limit” this habit. Limit. Lol.

    • jackbenny

      Your sister has this housing because she has kids. You know how hard it is to get affordable housing? A single person would not be able to get it, and it is a long and slow painful process.

      What people need to do is close their legs or take some kind of birth control so they won’t keep having kids the government has to support. But it is not fair to punish those going through a hard time because of people like your sister.

      You place everyone into one category by saying they spend benefits on liquor, casinos, etc. How many people NOT on welfare do these things? How many celebrities and the rich have done drugs and are alcoholics? Yet these are people you admire, paying for their music and films.

      The politicians are the real abusers of the system, yet you don’t become angry enough at them. You focus on the poor because you feel you can control them, not the real issues of this nation, like the billions in tax dollars stolen by said politicians, money for weapons to other countries, exploitation of children, patting terrorists on the back.

      If you wanted to do something, maybe America should not have embraced technology so fast. The merging of major companies laid off thousands of workers over the years, many employees have been replaced by computers, there are literally billions of people in the world. Where do you think they’re all going to fit? Do you seriously think there are enough jobs out there for everyone with so many people and technology that has replaced almost every normal paying job in the nation? Everyone should have slowed down when the computer age began to take over. Too late now unless you get rid of it all. But now people have become so dependent on it they can’t live without it.

      Get rid of welfare, then homelessness will prevail even more. Push people too far, and it may backfire. You throw out everyone into the street, then you will cause a revolution. You may think that can’t happen, but no one would have dreamed the World Trade Center would be attacked, right? Anything is possible.

      As a whole, welfare pays a pittance to its recipients. To say that they make more than teachers nonsense. Stop believing everything the politicians and media tell you. They are your enemy, not the poor. And stupidity is out of control in America, not welfare.

      • Timmy Tron

        Well you got that part right, stupidity is out of control. And saying something repeatedly doesn’t make it a fact. Dependency on entitlements developed over decades. It’ll take at least that long to get out of that mode.

    • clf3

      ill give you something to google. why dont you google how they did drug test people on welfare in florida and came back with an insane amount of less than 5% of recipients were doing drugs! still sound like a good idea considering our government would be paying for the tests to be administered? yeah, not so much. and okay, she gets free section 8 housing, thats housing in a shitty area, full of drugs and violence, and then she gets around 400 a month in cash assistance, lets say she pays 25 for her subsidized electric. So now she has a child, in a shit neighborhood, in a shit apartment, and she has 375 bucks a month for expenditures. wow, yeah shes realllllly robbing the government.

      • Childsupportpayeesince1993

        Take that amount n times it by 110,000,000 x 400. Yah she’s robbing not only the government but YOU N YOUR FAMILY TOO !!!!!!

      • AJ

        400.00 a month in cash assistance in FLORIDA!!! Hell try 230.00 a month ….and she still has to pay electric and water…and yes section 8 not even a real choice here. only a certain amount are allowed. Many on waiting list and they are SSI people. People think Welfare in florida is great damn. Minimum wage job pays more.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Since you posted this, in November 2013 in Detroit, the state did a huge purge of people who had been on welfare at least five years off the rolls. It was done on a case by case basis, to find out who really needed it (disabled folks or sick senior citizens,people with kids who couldn’t find a job due to unemployment after looking for a long while.) You’re right, a lot of people take advantage of the system, but those should be weeded out from the people who DO need, for whatever the reason and are qualified for it. So I assume your sister finally had to go out and get an actual job since then.

  • Cassandra

    Not everyone abuses the system. I am a divorced single mother with a disability that prevents me from holding down a job. My children’s father refuses to pay child support and the Texas Attorney General claim they can not find him. I never thought in a million years I would be in this situation. I receive limited benefits every month and I have to struggle to make it stretch between me and my two children. The welfare system seriously needs an overhaul. People like myself who are just buying the basics food and clothing items to barely survive month to month are getting railroaded by this welfare system; while people who cheat the system, by earning money and not reporting, driving dodge chargers, wearing Jordan tennis shoes and excessive amounts of jewelry are getting the majority of benefits when they don’t need it. These cheaters live in better neighborhoods than I do, they wear expensive clothes, they work for the state of Texas, sale drugs on the side and have live in boyfriends who work and bring money into the home. It is NOT fair to people like me and my children who desperately need benefits. I feel that is the federal and state would pass a law for mandatory drug testing their would be a lot of people not even eligible to receive benefits. Why should our government continue to waste benefits on people who are drug addicts and sale their benefits to get drugs?

    • Jackie Clayton

      Cassandra I do agree that people should be drug tested for welfare. There are a lot of people who cheat the system and it’s not fair to those who don’t. But also remember that welfare is not a program meant to give you the lifestyle you want. The basics (what you NEED) is all it’s supposed to provide.

      • clf3

        you know they tried that right? they did it in florida, look it up you uninformed fool. want to know how many people came back positive? less than 5%…

        • Jackie Clayton

          I’m obviously more informed than you. Just because Florida can’t get their stuff together, that doesn’t mean other states can’t. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/politics/56829731-90/applicants-cornia-drug-http.html.csp

        • AJ

          People don’t realize that some people don’t have family are not part of a church group. Have no choice after 15 yrs of marriage to do what they have to survive. Until people walk in others shoes I think all this is just hot air.

    • Morris Buel

      Here’s a God’s honest question;

      1) Do you not have any family that would step in and help, if the Government wasn’t there?
      2) Do you not have any religious organizations that could step in and help?
      3) Without Government even secular organizations would help, surely one of them could help you?

      I’m not against Government helping, I’m against seeing it as the only solution. It’s far more ripe for abuse than individual charity.

      • Childsupportpayeesince1993

        We make away for ourselfs to survive , a working man never quailfied for any BENEFITS – we get up n get after it ! Welfare should be stopped n ONLY FOR DISABLED PEOPLE !!!!

    • Childsupportpayeesince1993

      I’m a childsupport payee and have always been employed : I work about 110 hours a week my childsupport is so high I live only on the basics of life : welfare robs the working parent n caters to the Paracite ….. I never been on any assistance I’ve always worked. My only benefits is that I’m able to still work n stand up to do so : welfare destroys good working parents n puts them in debt : I would like to see welfare Paracites walk a week in my redwings……

  • capt Morgan

    You knew what’s ridiculous? After reading a plethora of your comments, I have to admit I’m pretty offended but mostly confused. For those of you who left comments about how your not receiving enough money for this, that, and the other, make me sick! Get off your ass and find a job! Doesn’t matter how many childrenyou have and that you were too stupid, or too naive to see your loser of a husband/ boyfriend want going to stick around and support you, especially the ones with multiple children…” oh, I have four kids, and my baby daddy left me after the fourth one… really. No remorse from me in that situation.

    My real venting issue is about this; how can you recipients complain about your free money, and the amount you receive, when at least over half of you receive more free money, that you did nothing to really earn, than disabled veterans. Veterans like myself whom was severely injured in Iraq in 2006, medically separated, which you can compare to losing your dream job, and receiving less disability compensation than most of you. And all of the comments I read, not one of you sounded like you volunteered to be a Marine like I did, I didn’t read how any of you contributed anything to society but raising the overall debt of the nation, and it’s unemployment rating. From this war in Iraq and Afghan, there are over 50,000 Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, all branches, that have been wounded in combat. And you have the audacity to complain about your life story. You are what is wrong with America . Take a look at the following story about two of your fellow government program leeches.
    Check yourself, your life, your decisions next time you want to complain. You have the entitlement to complain once you have deemed yourself a productive citizen by doing something to benefit sometime other than yourself. ” Character is what you do when no one is looking”.

    • gabe

      right there with you bud

    • Peter Raymond Hamilton

      I don’t have sympathy for people who procreate into poverty. It is not victimless the child suffers. And I am not saying marriage here, but before you create a child with someone, know them well enough, and long enough that they can provide and not bail or be in jail. Having one child can be an accident, but wear a rubber, or the take the pill. Some have 4 or 5 ‘accidents’ in 7 years. If they were car accidents their license would be taken away. I am not being religious, I am being smart.

      • Ken Barber

        I’m to understand that having more children brings more welfare money, so it’s not an accident. The system makes all minorities ‘children’ of the federal government. How can a minority male have self esteem when government pays for his food, his shelter, his clothing and takes care of the kids he abandoned.

        • Stop it

          It is amazing that anyone today can think this way.

          Mr. Barber, I certainly hope that you would take a second and research the percentage of white non-hispanics on welfare as compared to the percentage of your perceived ‘minorities.’

          You will probably be surprised to find that there are far more white non-hispanics on government assistance than any other group.

          You sir are a racist, I would not be surprised to find out that you are undereducated and live in some ignorant red state somewhere in fly-over country.

          It is my most fervent wish that you send your children and grandchildren to college in the north east so that they can actually get a good education and thereby stop this cycle of ignorance.

          • Ken Barber

            Hey stop it. What did I say that is not true?

    • fack you

      “once you have deemed yourself a productive citizen”

      people and their illusions.

      military is one of the problems with our world – you wanna claim you’re productive just because you SIGNED UP, keep dreaming.

      I bet you also think that every soldier is a “fighting for ‘our’ freedom”

    • Stop it


      I seriously can not believe that I just read that!

      First I have to say that I honestly did not know that people actually thought like this. I have never known anyone who was in the military, and I really hope that this attitude is not indicative of these dangerous people who have guns.

      Like most of the people I know, I grew up in rural Connecticut. My father worked in NYC and commuted on a train. My family would rent a beach house in New England for the summers. I went to public school for elementary and to boarding school after that prepping at the George School. I attended Swarthmore for undergrad and Penn for law school.

      I have not had much dealing with people from the midwest or south. In all honesty when I read comments like this they scare me. I do not like the military, I think that most people that could shoot a gun are horrible and people in the military that chose to get paid to kill people are even worse.

      All of these wounded soldiers that capt Morgan talks about were paid killers who were injured while trying to kill other people. I have a hard time with our government giving people like that money. I would far rather the money go to social programs and families than to killers who fly half way across the world to kill people that they have never even met just for money.

  • Maria Rots

    Is this happening in Toronto, Ontario, Canada because I know this isn’t the truth, here minimum wage is $10.25 an hour

  • Peter Raymond Hamilton

    I think both government and big business is to blame here! Gov let the minuim wage ‘fall’ too low. Businesses split full-time positions into a number of part-time positions, so now many had a low wage and no insurance. So the minimum wage hasn’t ‘gone’ up, wages stalemated, but cost of living kept up. SO some in order to survive and illegally collect Medicaid only because they are too un-healthy to go without coverage and they many times only just missed the amount you could make a month to legally qualify.

  • Career Astrology

    All economic crisis are created by the rich. History shows it and everyone knows it. The problem with this article is it actually shows that teachers need to be paid more and any other profession that was used as an example. Anytime welfare out pays a professional career something is wrong with the politics, not the people receiving the welfare. If those who complain about “poor” people would just listen to yourselves you would hear yourself making the opposite point you are trying to pin on poor people. The 2008 collapse was primarily due to the failure of complex mortgage derivatives, CDS credit swaps, cheap Fed money, lax regulation, compromised ratings agencies, government involvement in the mortgage market, the end of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, and insufficient bank capital. Only Wall Street could put the economy at risk and it had an excellent reason to do so: profit.
    It made huge profits in the build-up to the credit crisis and huge profits when
    it sold itself as “too big to fail” and received massive government
    and Federal Reserve bailouts. Most of the serious economic damage the U.S. is struggling with today was done by the top 0.1% (wealthy) and they benefited
    greatly from it.

    When I got laid off from a job I was directed to the unemployment line and the welfare line. I was mortified when welfare offered me $565 bucks in food stamps. My response was, “Instead of food stamps how about turning that into a small business grant? I have 3 degrees, I’m smart and I could very well take that money, grow it and be off this crappy system in less than a year.” She laughed and said, “Then I wouldn’t have a job!” Really? So let’s stop playing like we don’t know poverty is BIG BUSINESS. The top 1% would much rather pay poor people a “stipend” to stay poor and out of the way, rather than build businesses and compete. They need a scapegoat so they can continue to rip off society…and yes even you self righteous wage slaves are getting screwed. You are no better just because you have a job. A job today means nothing if those who are working can’t pay their rent, put gas in their car or afford health insurance.

    Instead of hiding behind your low paying jobs and picking on those who are on welfare, how about uniting with them to change the whole system altogether??? Has anyone ever thought of uniting, rather than pretending like you have it all together? SMH.

    • Stop it


      Someone on the internets with a brain. I am sure that most of your facts and logic are lost on the average person however, as you speak the truth.

  • clf3

    “Kristin Tate is a writer and commentator. She was trained in journalism by John Stossel at the Fox Business Network.” that about says everything that needs to be said hahahaah. i love all of the reputable sources she gave us to judge for ourselves. typical

    Follow us: @Be

    • Ken Barber

      Kristin, which item in the article is not true?

      • MarkStolzoff

        Corporate welfare trumps any other expenditures

        • Davis Rivas

          Bull crap. Corporate welfare is ‘tax cut’ which count as welfare. By that logic, the welfare people also get 100% tax cut (since they virtually pay no income tax, and get big refund). So? you count corporate tax cut as welfare but not the freeloaders? why the double standard.

          • MarkStolzoff

            I Didn’t say anything about tax cuts. I’m talking straight up welfare, Money given to companies and industries, also there are situations like the NFL, which Believe or not is registered as a Non Profit organisation.

          • Riiiight

            Save your breath. The idea of a poor person getting temporary assistance is so offensive to some people, it makes them stop thinking. It’s fine to give billions to profitable oil companies. Not OK to give a struggling mother $600 to feed her child.

          • MarkStolzoff

            also did you forget about the Trillion + Dollar bailout?

  • john

    BLUF. It is not the governments job to take care of you in any shape for or fashion. Not food, not housing, not phones, not internet, not healthcare. You are garnteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. the government is there to make the playing field fair. Not to ensure you do well on it. Thats your job. I grew up as a poor person in a trailor park, one pair of shoes, couple pair of pants, a couple shirts. 5 kids in the house sleeping on the floor, couch, and one bed. 7 people sharing a bathroom. I moved out of the house when I was 16 due to domestic violence. Worked at fast food joints, manual labor and then joined the mililtary. I could join the military because I finished high school (without parental or government assitance) and kept myself out of trouble (without parental and governmet assistance). When I came in the military I didnt go get drunk, start trouble, rebel rouse or any of that. As boring as it was I stayed out of trouble and got promoted. I took the hard assignments and took time away from family, and did what i needed to in order to advance my career. Now I am marketable as I transition inot the civilian world. Why? I was good at my job and got a degree. My decisions, MY choices. I say this as I see my family back home on welfare, milking the system. Victims.. I did it and anyone can do it. Sometimes during my military career I had to work second jobs to get the things I wanted. I never expected the government to provide those things because I was “entitled” to them. Get off your lazy asses, stop blaming every and everything else, your up bringing, your race, the corporations, etc. To have worked hard to get out of my situation and then pay in to taxes to foot the bill for people who sit at home with tons of excuses makes me sick. the government is not your parent and not there to take care of you. Have some personal responsibility and pride. If you Democrats truely believed in helping people out so much, go to a decent sized city, find someone homeless and take them to your house and help them. Feed them, give them a phone, let htme use your internet and shower. They can live with you until you get them on their feet. Put your money where your mouth is.

    • Stop it

      ‘I never expected the government to provide those things because I was “entitled” to them.’

      Ummmm. . . I just read your whole post and you have survived off the government your whole life.

      1. You admit to going to a public high school.
      2. You admit to being paid by the government while in the military.
      3. You admit to using government funds to go to college.

      In fact, you have probably cost the taxpayers of this great nation more than the average crack-head milking the welfare system. Following your own logic and line of reasoning, YOU are the problem.

      Of course, you will not believe that. You will argue that what you did was noble to defend this great nation and much like the hero of a Horatio Algiers novel, you clawed your way up from the bottom through hard work and sacrifice, thus fulfilling and proving the American dream.

      There are many of us however, that believe that the military is just a form of government control. In our opinion what you did was not noble, what you did was take money to perpetuate the agenda of a ruling class that you are not even a part of.

      To many of us, your whole belief and value system is something that has been sold to you by the ruling class. You sold your soul and risked life and limb, to perpetuate an agenda that is not your own or in your own best interests.

      • Justin

        Being in the military is just like working a job and getting paid for it, except you risk life and limb in the process as well. If you consider the amount of hours of work put into military, and even including college reimbursement, he is paid less than $15 an hour, even after 5 years of service. Your connection between this and welfare is futile, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Davis Rivas

    Looking of a girl to have kids so we can stay on welfare. Any taker. I’ll work under the table cash, while you collect $$$$ as a single mother. Win-Win for everyone, except for the tax payers of course. I’m gonna have to make a Craig list ads now.

    • cody


    • Childsupportpayeesince1993

      Ha good one

  • Alexander

    This country desperately needs welfare reform. For those of us who work, it’s insulting that people can walk in to restaurants and use an ebt card to pay for what we have to work for. It’s not fair.
    However, my biggest issue is those who are truly in need do not recurve the assistance. The mentally ill are incapable of representing themselves or filling out paperwork, so they wind up homeless. Those are people that cannot work. People with ms and other debilitating diseases cannot work. They need help.
    Most on welfare are capable of work. Put them to it on public works. I am sick of generation after generation of welfare leeching families. Makes me sick. Wish I could stop paying that percentage of my taxes.

    • Childsupportpayeesince1993

      Not only do tax payers pay for lazy welfare Paracites to live for free .. Tax payers even pay the welfare double of the money they collect from the noncustodial parent check it for yourself. : title 4 d insentive ….. It will make you sick…….

    • Childsupportpayeesince1993

      The county should make them welfare collectors clean the parks n paint the buildings n cut the grass n pick up there cigarret butts n needles n clean the parks , if they have to work for there welfare money then most of them free loaders would get a real job since they would have to be working for the welfare check any how , why pay county workers to clean parks when they already pay people to sit home all day n do nothing but drink n get high n keep getting pregnant : welfare is destroying our country

  • cody

    we could of paid off the countries debt with that money, what the hell is wrong with you people? Bunch of lazy fucks, what would you do with out us you pathetic losers. Your day will come and i promise its going to suck.

    • Scott

      Yes, you’re so right. Welfare is killing America. These welfare people just don’t want to work period. Most have never worked a day in their life.

  • Childsupportpayeesince1993

    Welfare departments make money off our angry Xs by using our kids n forcing the X to sighn over the childsupport rights the the welfare n then the welfare goes after them kids non custodial parent n destroys him or her n places arrears on the absent parent and the welfare receives a 2 dollar insentive from the tax payers money : tax payer money is given to the welfare double for what the welfare robs the absent parent of , the welfare will stop by Nomeans to collect every cent they can to get that insentive money . Men n women are destroyed by the welfare blood thirsty money crave n will put that absent parent into debt for life … Even if that absent parent pays more per the monthly welfare obligation the welfare will still garnish the parents wages .. Meny disabled war veterans are in jails across the country becuase there VA money wasn’t the amount the welfare put them to pay – in wheelchairs

  • Childsupportpayeesince1993

    Welfare is encouraged : it’s a money maker , the working man or woman gets destroyed by childsupport while the X gets to stay home in section 8 housing getting big blocks of cheese, powder milk, foodstamps to sell to the dope man , free cell phone free legal services free gas vouchers to cruise the main drag n make more kids… There life styles are encouraged n enforced by the welfare…. Welfare needs them disgruntled mothers n fathers if they didn’t have them there wouldn’t be enough money in childsupport and tax dollar incentives to keep them open : welfare needs to stop n Paracites need to pushed off welfare n stop having kids of all nations n destroying good working American men n women with the all guilty word Childsupport If the american only knew what that cute incriminating word childsupport is realy all about

  • Kaui

    This is not true. I am a single mother of two that lives in Hawaii that is on TANF. I only receive $760 a month, not anywhere near 60,000 annually. A minimum wage job would pay me more than that. Taxpayers do not pay for welfare here. The state will go after the father and collect ALL money the mother received. Check your “facts”, stop putting up disinformation.

    • Teta

      Sorry Ms Kaui,
      Hawaii tax payers do pay for it! I chkd my facts, always do! U may only get $760 a month but their are other cost involved, ie EBT, babysitting allowance, healthcare, housing help, education so you can get a better job, all of that add up ! I have a lot of friends that collect from every possible way they can, n if you give them a job for cash they want $25 / hr w no degree. Anything less than $15/hour is not worth their time. I live in Waianae and have researched many facts about section 8, EBT, homelessness etc. the day all these benefits will b restricted to a time limit watch them realize how much the system does for them! I’m all for help but not a lifestyle! It should definitely b a time limit, and more restrictions on EBT purchases, not for sodas, sweets, chips etc just necessities they should make n purchase necessary foods. Why should we cook, n make our own sandwiches n they buy already made, shit we work n we still have to prepare our lunches, them buy already made at $4.50 a little sandwiche and they actually have time to make it, sheer lazy ness if u ask me! Water should b only beverage or milk, not juice, sodas! There argue w me!

    • P

      Yeah you get $760 a month in cash! But you most Likley receive free daycare, food stamps, free or low cost housing, free health ins ect. This all adds up, and this is what normal people have to pay for monthly. You are better off because after I pay for all if these expensive I do not have $760 left

      • erin

        She has bills you know, she doesnt have $760 left.. And not everyone on welfare gets low cost housing (who the hell gets free housing? no one) and I dont know about the states but in Canada welfare doesnt pay for daycare unless you have a job. If someone is home to watch the kids they wont pay for it.

  • Stop it

    This author of this article does a very poor job by comparing unalike things and using strawman arguments.

    As a teacher, I think I should be paid more, however the starting teacher salary in Dallas ($49,000) is over twice the federal poverty rate for a family of three ($23,000.) I also looked at jobs when I started teaching in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Mississippi (which by the way has the lowest expenditures per student for education anywhere in the nation.)

    All teacher starting pay was within 20% of my starting salary in Dallas, and all came with full medical/dental and teacher retirement plan.

    Maybe a welfare recipient who lives in New York City or Hawaii makes more than a teacher, however those locations have a much higher cost of living. This would be the same argument as saying that a poor person in Beverly Hills makes more money than a lawyer.

  • Career Astrology

    I have enjoyed “Stop it’s” posts! You know, I was self employed when I was 19, enjoyed owning 2 salons from the time I was 20 until I was 35. The problem came about when I thought I should sell my businesses after my divorce and pursue my dream of teaching adults as a fresh start. Little did I know that all my hard work and late night dissertation writings to get my Ed.D in Adult Learning and Higher Education would be rewarded with welfare and no job. Everyone does not “use” the system. Sometimes the system is “using” others to push forward a bigger agenda. I have my face up here for a reason. I could have created an anonymous profile, but I openly help those who receive welfare not just get jobs, but create their own. The reason why I can speak is because I have done the research. I had to in order to graduate. LOL! Most of you sound so ignorant that I can’t resist pointing that out. I’m amazed! I’m going to even assume that the writer of this article was just joking. Remember how this country was built. Between the slave trade, organized crime and politicians playing games with people’s lives the U.S. has managed to do some great things on the surface. However, if you look at the economic history of the United States of America, no where in any history book, paper or research does it say poor people caused the collapse of the economy. It is ALWAYS caused by the games the big boys play and uses poor people as pawns. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_history_of_the_United_States

    So unless you are willing to be shrewd and truly sell your soul to the devil, you will either be a high paid slave, a low paid slave, or a welfare slave. But trust me my dears you are ALL being played. And I’m okay with that, but I speak with that knowledge, which I will not be so stupid as to blame poor people. I beseech you to find another argument, because this one is unfounded. Those of you who are quoting numbers about how much money poor people are getting, you can’t even begin count how much money your puppeteers are receiving to keep this game going.

    I help people understand what the hell is really going on so they can help themselves. What do you do besides spew worthless information that is actually not even doing you any good? Instead of blaming others, free yourselves!

  • james83z28

    The biggest way to stop this expenditure is to STOP granting Illegal Immigrants from being Granted Amnesty . I have seen thousands granted Amnesty through the years personally and have watched them walk from Mechanics Hall in Worcester ,Ma. to the Food Stamp Office and to the Social Security Administration all within blocks of each-other.Anyone who has watched the expansion of the Amnesty Project and Immigration Reform should have been paying attention to 83 Federal Welfare Programs and the Financial Strain it has caused on this Great Nation….Plain and simple we can NOT help others I we can NOT help ourselves.

  • james83z28

    If this would have been the case in the 50’s & 60’s before free alternatives to pregnancy (Condoms and contraceptives) I would say it was added to the Problem, Stupid people having children they Can’t afford is the NEW America and put them on Credit, BUT If you are a Father and your child’s mother collects Welfare HE is responsible for paying it back (system Bias ?) Why he is left being Financially responsible “in this day and age” you’ll have to ask the Women who influenced it’s Policy. I know the Commonwealth of Massachusetts holds this Policy.

  • USC who still cares about USA

    Handouts ONLY lead to more requests for more handouts. The United States should completely cut out welfare and other programs that encourage laziness.

  • USC who still cares about USA

    The best way to “help” recipients is to cut them off completely, so they’ll be forced to get off their asses and EARN their keep, instead of sucking on working taxpayers. The government wants to provide these leaches, parasites, sponges, ticks, etc., a comfortable lifestyle. Welfare is probably a very comfortable lifestyle, which is why it has exploded. The government caused this, so the government should cut back to make welfare so uncomfortable that it will give recipients motivation to take action to improve their lives, instead of living off of, and feeding off of the working taxpayers.

  • ed cali

    Everyone that badmouths someone on welfare should reconsider their comments. If we all…. and I mean all, lived in a world where the “white man” doesnt rule, and there would be equal opportunity to all. No one would have this discussion. Think about how most of you got a job. Or all. Was it all on your own? Or did one of your frat boys/girls get you in, your uncle or dad that “knew” someone in a company or has one himself. A co worker that put in a good word for you or some family member are a part of the hiring commitee. Or shoot, maybe you even knocked up the boss’ daughter. …… you got a job somehow….. by the neighbor gets u a job.. now imagine not being a part of a “click” all you have is your resume. …. tell me this. From my experience. …. ive been way overqualified for several jobs only then does the ex con or that pos of an excuse of a man takes my job only for me to be cast aside because, “no one knew me” crap. Ive outsmarted some but still get laid off, outworked most, just to be gone in the end. It seems like everywhere we go were in high school again with the popular getting and wanting the best, the outcasts being pushed aside and the well qualified overlooked. Seems to me the negative remarks are coming from people that have been lucky to get handouts from a higher up…..and the rest… well welfare is their handout. Im sure we can argue both sides on how some make it a carreer or how someone’s carreer basically was handed on a silver platter. All in all its like monopoly and the white man has boardwalk and park place…… does that sound fair to you?
    we live in a world where business hire color just to get government grants. Its all a money motivation world. They dont want to but it is what it is.. minorities get pushed aside so someone can prosper. Take a lookat the last presidential elections crowds behind the running presidents…. didn’t McCain look like they can be in a cult? While Obamas supporters were of all color? We need change…. and start from the onesthat are negative. … because you probably hate the job your uncle gave you but it easily pays your bills . Right? Try a bit of positive attitude. …. bring up your brothers and sisters around you, instead of pushing then further down the social ladder….because one dayyou might be down there looking up at us. (Hopefully not since im against that)

    • Shawntel

      Playing the race card just makes you look ignorant.

    • Justawhitegirl

      Oh shut up already! I’m white, ex military, honorably discharged with a college degree and a side business. It’s that doesn’t mean squat! It’s really hard to make it these days no matter what race you are!

  • Really Though

    Let me get this right…. We already know that the fastest and largest sector of employment is the service sector. These jobs are often low to minimum wage and/or part time employment. There is also steep opposition to raising the minimum wage. So, a person can collect more money sitting around all day that working? And, a person collecting welfare payments can collect $38,004 per year in handouts including health care? Yet, a person working a minimum wage job (or even 2 jobs) that do not provide health care, and can’t make as much as a welfare recipient?

    My opinion… both situations are shameful. You’d be an idiot to choose either.

    • Oscura Diosa

      Not to mention the welfare recipient has all the new clothes, new gadgets, while the minimum wage earner has to buy discount clothes and eat at those fast food joints because they do not get free money.

      • Really Though

        No one should get “free money.” No one should get “welfare.” No one should be paid any more than a few dollars a day to work unskilled labor. No one should have health care if they don’t pay for it. No one should get to eat if they don’t work. Minimum wage earners should not be able to buy new clothes, new gadgets unless they’re willing to forego food and shelter. If you don’t have a viable skill that produces economic wealth, you deserve no more than to live in primitive conditions. The should be no government job programs, no government health care, no government food programs, no social security, no veterans benefits, no government education or schools, and no government regulations what so ever! The governments only responsibility is national defense. Period!

  • Rachele

    For one, anyone on welfare should NOT be able to keep a tax refund. It should go back to the county to offset the cost of supporting them for the year. Just as child support does.

  • Angelina Jullie

    It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.
    Click To Aware

  • Patty Erickson

    How about making welfare people work somewhat. Even if maybe they can work 10 hours or so a week. Just a little less government payout would help. My husband and I worked all of our lives and now we are retired and don’t get that kind of amount in social security, plus we have to pay our hospitalization. Just not fair.

  • D truth

    Very easily stop giving lazy people free money. Every city in America has a ghetto full of people who are to lazy to work but yet in all those cities the liquor stores accept ebt cards and so do most fast food restaurants. It’s ridiculous that these lazy ass people make more than somebody at mcdonalds who actually try’s hard.

    • Oscura Diosa

      not to mention people put down a person working at mcdonalds or walmart but praise the single mom with 3 kids never married POS.

  • alaanile


    I seriously can not believe that I just read that!

    First I have to say that I honestly did not know that people actually thought like this. I have never known anyone who was in the military, and I really hope that this attitude is not indicative of these dangerous people who have guns.

    Like most of the people I know, I grew up in rural Connecticut. My father worked in NYC and commuted on a train. My family would rent a beach house in New England for the summers. I went to public school for elementary and to boarding school after that prepping at the George School. I attended Swarthmore for undergrad and Penn for law school.

    I have not had much dealing with people from the midwest or south. In all honesty when I read comments like this they scare me. I do not like the military, I think that most people that could shoot a gun are horrible and people in the military that chose to get paid to kill people are even worse.

    All of these wounded soldiers that capt Morgan talks about were paid killers who were injured while trying to kill other people. I have a hard time with our government giving people like that money. I would far rather the money go to social programs and families than to killers who fly half way across the world to kill people that they have never even met just for money

    اضغط هنا

    اضغط هنا

    • Rhiannon1223

      “Duhhhhhh … and she stepped on the ball!” Thanks for perpetuating the myth that all overprivileged people are little more than emotional morons. You’re right when you say you know nothing about the U.S. military, so, the intelligent thing for you to have done is research on the subject. We’re not a bunch of jackbooted thugs who go around killing people for sport. We deliver humanitarian aid and education to underprivileged areas, as well as providing protection from invading forces. We do not relish going into combat any more than you would … that is, if you did not have the world’s longest yellow stripe down your back. We are told, by the U.S. government, that our combat operations are defensive operations, not invasions. Many of us did not agree with the operation in Iraq, but we are something you do not understand, … employed by the U.S. government, and unlike you, we actually have to do something called work in order to feed our families and ourselves. We don’t have the luxury of old money provided by the sweat of our predecessors’ brows to cover our living expenses. When the government says “go” we will either go where it sends us or go to jail. Like it or not, war is reality. Our’s is not the country that normally begins conflicts involving combat. We normally respond to the aggressions of others, instead. If someone comes to your home in CT and threatens you and your family what will you do? If your answer is “call the police,” my argument to you is that your answer is tantamount to the declaration that hunting is evil, cruel to animals, and unnecessary, because people can just go the grocery store to get meat. What do you think the police carry to subdue criminals … flowers? I’d also love to see you call your local police department to subdue an aggressive foreign invading force. It would be rather entertaining to see how someone like you would handle a situation such as that! LOL!

      Your remark about essentially wanting wounded warriors and their families to starve and go homeless, because you find what they did for a living distasteful, shows how lacking in compassion you, yourself, truly are. You apparently want to punish innocent children for what you believe are their parents’ transgressions against your faint, ignorant heart. Apparently, you don’t feel that these children suffered enough, after having lost the parents they could have had, if they had not been maimed, or, perhaps, lost their parents entirely. Your ignorance disgusts me!

      I believe the gist of this editorial is that the author is as sick as the rest of the working middle class of watching the minority of those who are on the government dole live significantly more affluent and comfortable lives than we live, while we watch our work hours increase, our salaries and benefits decline, and our taxes, some of which are used to support these frauds, go through the roof to the point at which some of us are having difficulty buying adequate food and medicine for our families. The powers that be need to be far more proactive about identifying and punishing these assholes, so that there is adequate support for those who truly need it.

    • Jared

      You judge people based on the internet? You’re no different than the very thing you ‘hate’.

  • alaanile


    I seriously can not believe that I just read that!

    First I have to say that I honestly did not know that people actually thought like this. I have never known anyone who was in the military, and I really hope that this attitude is not indicative of these dangerous people who have guns.

    Like most of the people I know, I grew up in rural Connecticut. My father worked in NYC and commuted on a train. My family would rent a beach house in New England for the summers. I went to public school for elementary and to boarding school after that prepping at the George School. I attended Swarthmore for undergrad and Penn for law school.

    I have not had much dealing with people from the midwest or south. In all honesty when I read comments like this they scare me. I do not like the military, I think that most people that could shoot a gun are horrible and people in the military that chose to get paid to kill people are even worse.

    All of these wounded soldiers that capt Morgan talks about were paid killers who were injured while trying to kill other people. I have a hard time with our government giving people like that money. I would far rather the money go to social programs and families than to killers who fly half way across the world to kill people that they have never even met just for money

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    • Oscura Diosa

      No the smart welfare earner has found the new cash cow, as a male you cannot pop babies for free money so you go to war, come back and say you got flashbacks BOOM free ride for the rest of your life.

  • Mark

    Hundreds of Thousands of illegals will be getting welfare as well The boarder patrol is busing them in daily LOL Get ready to pay more taxes!!!

  • Anon

    Where did she get her facts? In Massachusetts a family of 4 only gets around $8,300 a year

    • Jared

      See, that’s how jacked up it is. Family of 4 getting $8,300 a family of 3 getting 60k. The minute you start earning money for yourself you get punished by losing that free money and start getting taxed on the money you’re working for. $8,300 check from uncle sam goes way further than $8,300 earned by blood and sweat.

      • Oscura Diosa

        They should get zero dollars food, shelter, clothing are the only things the government should cover no cash whatsoever.



    • solution

      I’m going to start eliminating every welfare receiving person I find

      • Joseph Macauley


    • Joseph Macauley

      and who are the lazy?



    • Ted

      Mr. Davis, your numbers are incorrect. I would be with similar feelings if those were accurate but they are far off. Working for the state as long as I have I am appalled with the lack of truth in numbers that I’ve read in these posts. Here in Nevada, a single female with two kids is receiving between $310-$514 a month depending on which programs she qualifies for. Just for kicks I called the Illinois Department of Human Services and confirmed that the HIGHEST that one person can make even IF they qualified for all 8 programs is just over $1400 and that’s with 7 kids. Instead of us trusting the media, make calls, write letters and inquire of things ourselves because we know countless times the media has lied to the American public in domestic and foreign matters. Let’s face it, population has increased and even decent paying jobs haven’t increased to the same rate. Until we bring manufacturing jobs BACK to the U.S. and pay Americans the wages that we should get then we will still have this problem. When California closed most of it’s plants, the thousands in the labor force were without. Corporations should get minor tax breaks for bringing and keeping jobs here instead of sending them overseas.

      • Oscura Diosa

        explain to all of us how a single mother pays for her house, food, vehicle, clothes with $310-514? You are the one skewing the numbers by not counting things we have to pay for as real working people .. food. shelter. clothes these are the 3 things welfare recipients should receive and no cash whatsoever.

  • Joann Loffler

    This person is not reporting the true facts about welfare and teachers pay. What toilet was she reporting from. Is she on drugs or what. There is not one single state or country providing enough income even close to a min. Wage. People end up on welfare due to no work, disability, injury and waiting for benefits they worked for and so on. Most have children, single parent families with deadbeats who do not pay or care about the kids they but demand bragging rights! A single check for a family of 4, is less than your rent and in most cases you will need emergency services to keep your electric service on. People would rather work so they can pay the bills. Welfare does not even measure this. If these people had to work fir that source if income tge hourly wage woukd range from .55 an hour to .70 an hour. Now teachers pay! Paid by home owners taxes and gov. Grants also paid by the taxpayers, well lets use the retirement pay. 3000. A month plus medical, life insurance and so also paid by taxpayers. That is in NY. A great deal for them for the gov money. So, next, what school did you go to? Is it even from this planet! Oh, I know, a online degree, right…hahaha

    • SHOTGUN285

      You should probably do your homework before you run your mouth, you’ll look slightly less stupid that way. This article is basically a rehash of a couple of articles published in the NY Post and Forbes last year, and that is where it seems she got her numbers from. Then figures for how much a person can earn hourly or annually come from a CATO institute study, so that number is not made up, but are backed up by research. According to the article last year in Forbes, Hawaii is even worse, and welfare there can top $64k annually, and is tax free. If you are unahappy with the sweetheart retirement package that NY teachers get, you can blame the left wing teachers union. While you’re at it you might also blame them for your own crappy education. Criticizing someones education can be a tricky thing, seeing how your own reading comprehension skills are pretty embarrassing. Since you were too lazy to do any research yourself, here are a couple of articles to get you started.



      • Joseph Macauley

        teachers are snobby good for only 1 thing and thats babysitting

    • jesskazen

      free housing, free healthcare, WIC, SNAP, fuel assistance, free busses to school, free lunch for their kids, free breakfast………and you think they don’t make out like bandits compared to working people? get a GRIP.

      • Joseph Macauley

        ur a stupid little girl whose mommy wasnt there and ur bitter, and calling ur family insane and you should have been raised in an institution, you sound like a teenage asshole, whose never lived life a day

        • welfare worker

          you’re the stupid one, like most Americans…i work at the welfare office…what ‘jesskazen’ is saying is true…welfare benefits come in many forms…the housing vouchers that we give to recipients are in excess of 1000. per month, anywhere between 1000-1500 since we service a high rent district…food stamps are approx 200 per person…cash benefits are for those who are willing to give up the name of the father, so we can attempt to collect child support…but that averages about 200. a person…i don’t deal with free lunches and buses, so I can’t speak to that…but lets look at a total…1100 a month for housing is 13,200. per year…a family of three, mom and two kids is approx 550 monthly, for food stamps…so add another 6500 to 13200…and lets be nice and say they don’t request cash, but if they did, add another 6000….most Americans have no idea what goes on behind the gov’t doors…to busy to ask…sorry for calling you stupid…bad choice of words…perhaps mis-informed….

          • Joseph Macauley

            Well i dont know where your a welfare worker some idiot town with almost no one there? I bet you still make people wait and act like they interrupted your life when they ask for help, nice line of work. Here there is no section 8 or these “vouchers” what the hell is that? housing has been closed for 4 years. for a single mother or father 1 child foodstamps are 320 roughly. That is called s.n.a.p. when you recieve a very small amount of cash and our put through an impossible hell for it, it is called T.A.N.F. and as far as I know its called that everywhere in the country. So if your not a liar know your craft. Yes they ask for the non-custodial parents name what does that have to do with anything? In fact what does anything your saying have to do with anything I said at all? I had to call the senator’s office to get housing when my parents lost the house I have full custody, moved home to save and got hit with a monkey wrench. Welfare workers are ignorant, lie almost never know a thing and cant even access paperwork that you had already brought to the foodstamp worker to the tanf worker, and its in the goddamn building. Thats everywhere. If you are lucky enough to get temporary rental assistance they take part of your cash and it must be within “fair market value” and they put you through hell, if i didnt have a medical 1 form i would have to take a bus after taking my son to school take a bus to welfare everyday to work first just to sign in and turn around and leave to be able to get my son from school and I’m told thats not acceptable? Its bullshit, no one could do that and be able to stay, how would I do that? Its Impossible, The welfare system is messed up, ok so 320 in food for 2 people a month wich may or may not last, and 225 in cash covers what? phone? rent? heat?that is what you get, now say they pay your rent 1000 dollars a month and you get heating assistance from an outside organization, your left with you and 1 child with 200 dollars cash a month, before you even pay a phone bill, buy soap, toilet paper cleaning products, how can you even live without online these days children have school, but even if you call that luxury, it doesnt work you end up broke as hell and piss fn poor, welfare doesnt give anyone enough to live, on the flip side neither does most jobs. but on the subject of welfare there is no incentive to live on it, it sucks any way you look at it, you are poor and broke all the time, your constantly out of food and things, your child has class trips, a birthday, christmas, what if ooooh you really figure us welfare folk are spoiled and have a beatup car, where does gas come in.so dont give me your Bs lady i have lived it. And it sucks, and you people constantly make the stupidest friggin mistakes one month you foodstamps just arent there, why? cause some underpaid welfare moron like yourself left the paperwork just sitting on your desk, I think your misinformed I am the formed, do you know how much ive paid in taxes? more then enough to collect something back in my time of need when ive been left with a child to raise alone, yea see how fun that is or am I mis-informed about that too? this is my life your just pulling figures out of the damn air. funny as hell since when has welfare ever paid out 1000 dollars a month for rent for anything but a one or two time deal. The long term housing is called sec.8 and its been closed for 4 fn years here so dont tell me.

      • Joseph Macauley

        make out like bandits? your an idiot, who comes on a site and says they should have been taken from there mom, your a kid starving for Attn. or a really messed up adult. go cry about it why dont you

    • Joseph Macauley

      and teachers do nothing! babysitters, its a babysitting job

      • Dan

        You are obviously very uneducated to make a comment like this so I don’t judge you for being so ignorant of the importance of teachers. Were you another high school dropout?

      • Oscura Diosa

        not to mention teachers only work 6 months out of the year.

        • Larry Wilson

          My teacher friends went to school each summer to learn more about teaching. It was not all vacation for them!

    • Larry Wilson

      Many of the single mother on welfare even live with the father of some of their children. Other have children from many different fathers. Three kids from three men….why? More welfare is why! They live in Section 8 housing with the Deadbeat father and make more welfare children. I would estimate that 25% have a man living with them and is there illegally. That is against the agreement they sighed to get the housing! They get a huge EBT allowance and go buy some great food and then sell it to get cash! I wonder why? They need the money for the guy to get his drugs!

  • JH5637

    I’m not sure about other states, but having grown up with & raised by a working single mother of 3, I have witnessed first hand the joke that our welfare system is. I live in Texas and they told my mother that her $22k salary was too much to earn public assistance, even though she was single working mother with 3 minors. We were lucky enough to never have empty plates on our table and actually go through true poverty. It makes me furious when I know of actual people who scam the system by lying and getting over $1200 per month in welfare. Why don’t they have better checks and balances to keep the corruption from happening. Also, what is so wrong about drug testing anyone that applies for public assistance? I don’t see the problem with this. I think they tried this in Florida and the people went berserk and called it some kind of profiling. This system is ridiculous.

    What if the financial assistance provided to recipients was equal to the salary of someone earning minimum wage for that state? No more, no less.

    Thanks to witnessing the example set by my mother I have taught my own kids not to expect any handouts and that anything they want must be earned.

    • jesskazen

      I hardly saw my single working mother when I was growing up. We didn’t get welfare so she had to work all of the time. Our family got no services.

      It was her fault for having a child without being married and for choosing a man incapable of supporting a family. I should have been taken away from her at birth and raised by responsible parents or in a home/orphanage away from my insane family.

      • Joseph Macauley

        what are you 14? 15?

    • Joseph Macauley

      I agree with the drug testing, I’m so tired of the Ghetto types using the money for weed, and getting crack in the ghetto, in the hood and i was security in the projects the 1st of the month is a monthly holiday, I got left with a child to raise by myself and got sick, some of us are in need, and some of use should be in jail, its just like anything else in the world, but I can tell you this I wouldnt mind taking a drug test if it weeds out the junkies. especially housing, if you get sec. 8 housing where no one else can right now, we shouldnt be housing junkies when families need it

      • Larry Wilson

        Many are even using their food stamps to buy nice expensive food and selling it for less than half and buy drugs too. And many have the father of all their chidren living with them in Section 8 apartments illegally. And making more welfare children on top of it!

        • Joseph Macauley

          well thats a very small portion, I dont know if expensive food is anyones concern, but if your on drugs you shouldn’t be able to collect, but its not like any of us should really have an opinion because its not like if they kicked off all the drug addicts and cons that the GOV. would make our taxes any lower, no matter what these people do, hell even if they abolished all welfare your or me wouldn’t see a dime extra. Taxes would be the same and the GOV would find another way to steal and filter our money, that being said this entire discussion really is just about hating other people who get help, or us judging who should get this money and for what reason, see the illusion that all of you have is that its YOUR money, when its not. its tax money, whats tax money? tax money is money that is going to be stolen from the people regardless, and these “debates” here are the wool pulled over everyones eyes, because they get people mixing and mad thinking they have a say where the money goes. its how the GOV tricks us. see the SMALL amount given to welfare people is just to justify OVERPAID politicians salaries and so called “expenses”, we should be happy they are giving something to the poor at all because they would be taking it from us another way if it wasn’t this way. Other countries dont have this kind of issue, well some do, but in actuality our “freedom” is an illusion. we are free to vote one jerkoff who will steal from us or the other, we are not free, we are free to pay until we are broke, Why do you think the crime rate in europe is next to nothing compared to US, Most of the time we dont even have a right to free speech with cops and judges acting like they are the by all, get all, last line. freedom is a joke, taxes are a joke, drug addicts in the ghetto are a joke, and this goddamn discussion is a goddamn joke nothing more then GOV propaganda to divide and conquer.

  • Consider

    Consider the truth according to the word of God.

    “2 Thessalonians 3:10 – For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work , neither should he eat .”


    “1 Corinthians 13:13 – And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these [is] charity.”

    1. the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.

    Welfare is not charity! The money the government is dispensing is not theirs to give. It belongs to the taxpayers who had it deducted non-voluntarily from their wages. Then as if playing the role of Robin Hood, the government gives that money to whoever they choose.

    When I want to give to charity I donate to one or more of the church organizations, food pantries or charitable institutions out there like the red cross or salvation army. Ironically I cannot give as much as I could because my wages were “taxed”.

    The system is broken. However, lets be realistic and admit that this “problem” cannot be fixed in a day. It is now in place and to simply end it would likely result in stealing, rioting and looting.

    I know that there are a lot of people out there who fall on hard times. Government programs like these (are supposed to) help them get through it so that they can return to being productive members of society. It is those individuals who abuse these programs that need to be discouraged and my recommendation is that we target them.

    First, as mentioned by other posters, a nationwide drug testing requirement before receiving government aid is a no-brainer and should be instituted.

    Secondly I have a more radical suggestion for those mothers who keep having kids for a source of income. If you want government money to support your child you are required to have a tubal ligation (be sterilized). It will cost the government less to pay for this procedure that the amount to support a child for just one year. As this would prevent future children being born dependent on taxpayer money…wow…what a bargain.
    I have more extreme ideas I could list but you get the picture. If we can’t eliminate welfare then we must reform it and that reform should squeeze the abusers and not the honest hard working citizens that just need a temporary helping hand.

  • lovly2008

    I dont think any of this is true. In my state of CT you are only allowed benefits for 21 months for a lifetime. After that they dont care how many children you have or if you have any income at all or a place to live, they will not help with anything but medical or food stamps. I’m pretty sure this 21 months is federal law per Clinton. If a woman has two children she is lucky if she can get $500 per month. Who is this reporting all this nonsense? Stop spreading these lies

    • jesskazen

      they get their kids labeled crazy and disabled and collect SSI payments for them

      • Joseph Macauley

        i think you need ssi payments you crazy bitch

      • Larry Wilson

        There was a guy on a TV show that was on SSI because he had an anger problem. That makes me angry that he get it for that!

    • Joseph Macauley

      well thats not true well half of it, its 72 months and really you can keep it going until the child is 18 by law, but ur not seeing anywhere near 500 so ur right about that

    • Oscura Diosa

      There are tons of loopholes I know one lady that got a note from a teacher saying her kid was behind his class .. guess what that qualified him for ssi and he is now popping kids with random women. Counting the housing, insurance, food stamps, and free meals from the new baby daddy they make well over $500 a month.

    • Faceless

      I’m pretty sure that is false. I know for a fact that section 8 lasts much longer than 21 months. I also know single mothers working full time making only $13/hr. And the state of CT cut their food stamps to $1.50 per month, no cash or energy assitance, no housing assitance. Those mothers would receive more from money and benefits from the state if they stayed unemployed or worked no more that part time hours at a fast food place as compared to working a full time above minimum wage job

  • dobberdobber

    Corporate welfare is almost double social welfare. For those who claim we are a Christian Nation, our priorities show we are not.

    • Oscura Diosa

      Girl gets knocked up at 16 realizes she is set for life as long as she can pop a kid or two every couple years… this is not wrong in your mind?

  • michelle

    How can we question the help that is provided to a single mother of two children. We need our children raised by good mothers willing to raise good men and women for our society. Why is it better for strangers in daycare to raise our children? Why should a single mom have to work outside the home if she doesn’t want to. Some women do not handle full-time work and full-time parenting and housekeeping well. Something has to give. And it shouldn’t be at the expense of our children that will run society in our future. Meet the basic needs of single mothers and children. The law demands kids go to school or home school. If there basic needs are not met its not possible. I think the law is fair in helping to meet each family standard per state. Targeting political corruption is where the focus should be aimed.

    • jesskazen

      bring back orphanages and kick single unmarried mothers off of the dole, they breed bastard children that they can’t support and raise criminals. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

      • Joseph Macauley

        ur a piece of shit

      • Oscura Diosa

        Seems like you are saying this tongue in cheek unfortunately it is true. Mom raised us did not work a day in her life, probably qualifies for social security because she is a friggin cow or has some disorder so when the kids turn 18 the gubment money is not turned off.

        Kids raised like this see how easy it is and want that. SO if it is a girl get knocked up quick for the free ride, if it is a guy run some drugs worst that can happen he ends up in prison being taken care of.

    • Dan

      Why are these single moms single in the first place? If they would marry hard working and respectful men they could stay at home and have their husbands work and not feed off of hard working tax payers. The other issue with this comment is that a lot of single mothers on wellfare aren’t raising children to be hard working and ambitious. Living off well fare is becoming a generational expectation.

  • Commie Dearest

    God, you people are stupid to believe this bullshit. The link to the “study” is dead, so I can’t read it, but I’d bet dollars to donuts this is comparing total monetary value of assistance, including non-monetary, to only salary and not benefits for teachers. And if I know Cato, they’ve over-inflated the value of non-monetary assistance and looked at the absolutely lowest salary a teacher can get. Why do I suspect this? Because that’s what Cato has always done. They start with the conclusion and then concoct a plausible argument for their foregone conclusion. Think tank, my ass.

    • Jennifer

      So what if it’s monetary or non monetary assistance. It’s still assistance. If a welfare recipient can walk into a grocery store and buy a shopping cart full of groceries and use an EBT card it’s the same as if I walk into the store and buy a cart full of groceries with my ATM card. The difference is that I or my husband worked for the money that we spend and the most work welfare recipients did was to hold their hand out. If someone rents or buys a home and they use the money that they received from employment why does it matter if another person rents or buys a home and uses the money they received from the welfare department? It’s labeled non monetary by the government but isn’t it really monetary? They didn’t come up with the money out of their pocket and someone still has to get paid. Whether it’s a landlord or the mortgage company, someone still needs to pay them. For welfare recipients it’s paid for by the tax payer and for me and my husband it’s paid for by us. If someone is renting a home that usually runs $2,000 per month and they only have to pay $200 per month, they are most definitely receiving a monetary value for that home whether the government wants to pretend they aren’t. If they have free medical insurance and every time they go to the doctors or the pharmacy they don’t have to pay anything or their share of cost is reduced aren’t they still receiving monetary gain from it? We pay monthly premiums, when we go to the doctor we have to pay for the service in full until the deductible is met, money for a HSA is removed from my husband’s paycheck and when we go to the pharmacy we still have to pay those costs. From the way I see it, they are definitely receiving a monetary gain when their ins is paid in full by someone else and all their other bills are either paid partially or in full because they aren’t the ones paying for the charges. Then there is the help with the utilities and when they are about to have their services shut off their is more help by way of extensions and different charities swooping in an paying the outstanding bill in full. I had a tenant who managed to rack up a $7,000 electric bill to SCE because of all the extensions she was given. It took them over a year to be able to shut off her utilities legally. Meanwhile who gets to pay the outstanding bill? Not them. It will either be the tax payer or the different charities. Most likely the charities will opt to just pay their deposit for the next place they move too because it’s cheaper for them. The utility company writes off the bill and instead calculates a new deposit to pay instead since they can’t deny them service. Now of course if we are late a week we are getting phone calls threatening that the services will be shut off and within a month or two they are shutting them off and charging an outrageous deposit. Why because they can since a working person has less rights then a non working person.

  • Oscura Diosa

    Strange thing is if you have 23 years of work under your belt and fall on hard times it is like pulling teeth to get a helping hand from the government you paid into. As a single person with no kids it is really hard to qualify. So the best thing for anyone who wants to laze about start popping those kids at 16 girls and ride the gravy train.

  • Larry Wilson

    Many of these unwed mothers have several children and from the same father. And there are many others that have children and none are from the same father. They raise them on welfare and teach the how to do the same thing. If you look it up you will see that one group that is 15 % of the US population gets half of the welfare now. Yes there are white that are on it too. Many are very able to work and can get more for not working. Almost 20% have been on welfare for more than 5 years, the article does not say how much over 5 yeas though. My bet is much longer!

  • Erika

    My child 12 year old asked me why I work? His friends have cell phones and Under Armour clothes and their parents don’t work. I am a teacher, married with two children and there are individuals who do not work that make more than I do with my husbands salary. On paper it looks like I make so much money, but after the government takes their share, I pay mendatory insurance (thanks Obama,it was cheaper to pay out of pocket), pay for my rent (I live in a small house), food, and clothing (Walmart or Goodwill) I have hardly anything left over. I still have to pay for gas to get work, classroom supplies for my classroom, daycare, and the unexpected surprises like medical bills and car repairs. If I quit my job and let my husband just work we would make more money. The only reason I do not is because one day with time and hopefully the state will continue to give teacher raises, I will make more than if I were to go on welfare.
    It is hard to see children come to school and get free lunch come to school in expensive clothes because clothing voucher pays for anything. Or I see welfare recipients drive four wheelers because they worked 20 hours a week at the convient store and received more taxes back than what they paid in because they do not have to claim welfare as income. Or drug addicts pay for their drugs with they money they receive for their kids.
    I am by no means saying do not help, but do not give a handout to everyone. Free cell phone, cable, and the ability to buy stake and lobster with food stamps is a little too much. Everyone should have the opportunity to have nice things, but I do not believe these things should be handed to them. I grew up on welfare. We did not eat everyday, or have clothes from a department store, but we grew up strong and with the value of if we want nice thing we have to work for them. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. Being poor is not a bad thing, but getting something that you did not work for is!

    • Maureen Wessling

      mendetory??? a teacher that cant spell!

      • 4TimesAYear

        Yeah – I noticed “stake and lobster” as well. *SMH*

    • 4TimesAYear

      The free cell phone is not what you think it is. 240 minutes a month when you’re looking for work or if a family member dies is not nearly enough.

  • Maureen Wessling

    in Colorado and Michigan its 6 yrs period than your done for life!!!

  • 4TimesAYear

    The system is punitive. For every dollar you earn (or get in a COLA), they take two or more in various ways. The COLAs are meant to keep you at the same level – but they can’t when the government’s taking it back. I don’t know very many families on aid. I do know quite a few elderly and disabled who can’t help themselves. I find it discouraging when people lump them all together with the cheats and those who are lazy. Someday someone will find themselves in a difficult situation and find it’s not as easy to qualify for those programs as they think. Please don’t wait – go find an interactive form and see what they allow for shelter and utilities. That’s what your benefit amount is based on, and it will be a lot less than you think. You also have no idea how many forms people have to fill out and how often; it’s time consuming and keeps you running in circles. The thing is these agencies have access to your information before you do and still harass beneficiaries for the info; asking for copies of all your records. It’s worse than filling out income tax/. All I can say is God have mercy on the ones that have real need, because if you’re honest, you won’t begin to find it a pleasant or rewarding experience. It’s downright torturous to go through all those hoops, sometimes as often as every 2 months. They are detailed and you’d better be a dang good record keeper because it can also be extremely confusing and disorienting.

  • Momo

    Wow, you think living on 11,000 with two kids is not incentive to work? Good lord do you even factor in the cost of living, insurances, rents, how much everything actually costs? 38K in NYC is nothing. I lived in NYC in 1999 and my rent was 900 bucks then. That’s 10,800 dollars right there. rents in Idaho are cheaper but not that cheap, they’re still in the 600’s for a 2 bedroom. 650 a month eats up 7,800 of the big fat 11K she’s getting. So electricity, food, car insurance, gas, maintenance, clothing, grocery items like toilet paper etc. And you know why Hawaii gives them 60K, because Hawaii is most expensive state to live in. This article is not giving a clear picture because you’re not taking into account the massive differences in cost of living. You think 60K is a lot until milk costs 7 bucks a gallon. Rent for a 2 bedroom in Hawaii is around 1500 and goes up to 2000 and more. There goes 18K+.

    • dholl008

      It says New York, not New York City. You’re right a single mother on welfare can’t afford to live in New York city and they shouldn’t live there.
      Also, it sounded like the article was saying Idaho is on the other end of the spectrum. There is no incentive to get a job when you are making almost 40k on welfare but of course there is when you are only making 11.

      • Momo

        I was born and raised in NYC but I have friends upstate, on Long Island and in other counties. 40K a year won’t go far for anyone in NY, especially with a family. A lot of single moms who were born/raised in NYC don’t have the means to move elsewhere, so where they *should* live is not something they can even contemplate since it’s not a feasible option to move. NYC is not just Manhattan, BTW. There are 4 other boroughs that make up the city.

        • dholl008

          Oh you have friends that live in upstate New York?? My mistake. I work over 50 hours a week and get by on less than 50k a year. I would be happy to stay at home for 40k.

  • davidwllbthere

    This is not a true article. This “study” needs to specifically address the type of assistance people get and not just call it “welfare.” Financial assistance has a time limit and it is usually not very much money. Anyone can claim these things, but this is not accurate. States run their own assistance programs and receive funds from the federal government to help. Criteria to qualify for assistance is more complex than articles like this try to lead people to believe. These stories appear to be made up. Lets see some specifics on what programs awarded these alleged salaries to people. Want to know how welfare assistance really works, http://www.welfareinfo.org/

  • davidwllbthere

    The Cato institute intentionally misleads with this. The number of 1 trillion is incorrect. It is not the largest expenditure of the government. Defense spending is actually twice the amount. They throw numbers in from other programs like medicaid and make it sound like 1 trillion in cash is being given to people to spend as financial assistance or what they are calling “welfare.” Here is the expenditure chart. http://www.usfederalbudget.us/budget_pie_gs.php

    also, here are some facts to consider about the Cato Institute study-a breakdown of the numbers…. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/01/12/no-we-dont-spend-1-trillion-on-welfare-each-year/

    The Cato Institute was created by and is funded by Koch Industries https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cato_Institute

    • The HoG

      So, would their findings be more palatable to you if The Cato Institute were created and funded by George Soros?

      • davidwllbthere

        No, any group that is funded by billionaires to be used as a pseudo-scientific propaganda machine is not worth anything other than manipulation.
        But, what I said is true and you didn’t deny it.
        The shame is most ordinary people just read it and say “wow, that’s not right, I’m angry!” And that is what they wanted. The truth is palatable to me.

        • The HoG

          So, first we’ve established that you are not an ordinary person. Obviously you believe that you are extraordinary. Second, I didn’t ask you to confirm, or deny anything but you did confirm, to me, that you are apparently a left-wing liberal who hates anybody who is successful and “rich”.

          • davidwllbthere

            I don’t think there was a confirmation of anything in there other than I confirm that the information was incorrect

          • davidwllbthere

            I’m not a left wing liberal and how do you know I’m not successful and rich? I just don’t believe every thing I read on the internet I will research it

          • The HoG

            So then, you’re just an ordinary person? What a relief!

  • The HoG

    I take great umbrage at the statement “And the problem is not limited to New York. CATO found that many states give handouts with sums greater than what workers earn in the private sector. According to the study, Hawaii is generally the most generous with benefits — there, a mother of two is eligible to earn $60,590 per year”. REALLY? What did this person DO to EARN $60,590 per year? She didn’t EARN it, she collected it from the taxes paid by hard-working, proud Capitalists.

    • davidwllbthere

      that is if you believe that number, that is the problem here. The other numbers in the “study” are clearly misleading. why would this not be. It has to be specific. No one gets that much money from a state program. I’ll look up Hawaii’s for you. It is public information.

      • The HoG

        Regardless of the amount, she did not EARN it, it was collected from a tax supported welfare system.
        The operative word here is EARN. Did you miss that?

        • davidwllbthere

          A huge number of people who receive financial assistance our veterans and military families or spouses and widows of veterans . Do you think that they should not receive any assistance because they did not earn it as you say?

          • The HoG

            Those people have been properly “vetted” and deserve the benefits they are receiving. None of them is “gaming” the system as is the case of millions of welfare recipients who COULD work, but choose not to.
            Have a nice day.

          • Jeremy

            73% of public assistance recipients also have a job but the wages fall far below the poverty line. So. You’re 73% wrong about not wanting to work. Well really, you’re just wrong.

          • The HoG

            So then, 27% of “welfare” recipients are just plain parasites. Are you one of them?

          • Jeremy

            Actually, part of that 27% includes handicapped folks (both physically and mentally) and people between jobs. And no, I’m not receiving assistance.

          • The HoG

            Whatever, but it seems that you approve of all of them getting my hard earned tax dollars. Show me, anywhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights where I am to be held responsible for anybody who cannot, or who will not, work. The only legitimate role of the government is to provide for the defense of this (still) great country, and to assure that its laws are evenly and fairly applied to all of its citizens. All “charity” should be left to those who WANT, and can afford, to provide for the less fortunate.

          • Jeremy

            Nobody said it was a constitutional right. If your stipulation for all public spending is that it has to be in the constitution, we’d be screwed (forget public utilities!). Besides, your taxes probably don’t contribute much. If it bugs you that much, I’ll pay your share for public assistance and you can pay mine for senator salaries. Which ironically is in the constitution.

          • The HoG

            Since I paid over 3M in corporate taxes last year and more than 200k in personal income taxes, I’ll be more than happy to have you pay my taxes for me. I don’t think that an additional part time job, on your part will get the job done. But then, thanks for the offer.

          • Jeremy

            Congratulations on your success: good news, all of your taxes go towards only the things you like, while the rest of us cover the things you disagree with. It all works out in the end. Here, educate yourself on where that’s going: http://www.cbpp.org/research/policy-basics-where-do-our-federal-tax-dollars-go?fa=view&id=1258

          • The HoG


  • davidwllbthere

    We’ll start by looking at some of the most basic lies in the report.

    their “typical welfare family” is nothing of the kind. They base
    their calculations entirely on families that are eligible for Temporary
    Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). However, most of the programs that they
    include in the welfare income have a much broader reach than nonworking
    families. They also slap on every program that exists, but this is never the case, simply hypothetical. They even include Medicaid benefits which are not really in this discussion, but they dont’ mention it. They exclude Medicaid benefits when mentioning minimum wage income even though they may be collecting benefits.

    In order to determine what welfare “pays,” the authors of the Cato report
    based their calculations on the assumption that the “typical welfare
    family” consists of “a single mother with two children.” Cato provides
    no citation (naturally) for this assumption.

    It should also be noted that while Cato does not explicitly state this anywhere, Cato’s
    “typical welfare family” actually assumes that both the children in
    the family are under age 5 – they include WIC benefits for both children in
    their calculation of what welfare “pays.” Less than 20% of single
    mother families have 2 children under age 18 – let alone age 5. Here, again,
    the “typical welfare family” is anything but.

    Cato also includes Medicaid from their calculations of what welfare recipients get, but
    excluded it from their calculation of what minimum-wage workers receive. Cato
    includes utilities assistance in their calculation in many states. However, in
    many states there is not actually a monthly benefit available for utilities. Hawai‘i, according to Cato, has
    the most generous benefits. Cato’s up front calculation says Hawai‘i
    “typical welfare recipients” receive $49,175 in welfare benefits.
    Their “typical typical” calculation drops that to $23,235. Cato’s
    Medicaid calculation for Hawai‘i is $6,776. The minimum wage family is several
    thousand dollars better off than the “typical welfare family.”

    In short – too late – there appears to be NO state where a family in the same situation as the family Cato used for their welfare calculations will be worse off if employed at a minimum wage job. Zero. None.