12 Year-old Uses Phone Code W/ 9-11 Operator While Burglar Is In Home

A 12-year old boy, home sick from school, had the scare of his life when a man broke into his home. The quick thinking boy, Luke Fournier, first called his mother and then 911.

Luke had spotted the suspect, a man wearing gloves walking around the yard and ringing the doorbell. He also heard smashing. Fournier hid in the bedroom where he called for help. Luke started the call in a low whisper but soon could hear the burglar just outside the bedroom door. The 9-11 operator instructed the boy to not speak and to instead answer questions by pushing 1 for “yes” and 2 for “no”.

The 9-11 call can be heard here:

When police arrived they were able to soon locate the suspect, Richard Poirier, who ran from officers. Along the way, Poirier allegedly dumped a black backpack, which police recovered. In it was a laptop, some jewelry, an iPad and a hammer. Also discarded along the path was another laptop and GoCam. All of the items were those that had been reportedly taken during another known robbery in that area earlier that day.