BREAKING: Six Officers to Face Criminal Charges over Death of Freddie Gray

As Baltimore wrestles with civil unrest following the controversial April 19 death of Freddie Gray due to a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody, newly-elected Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby announced today that Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide and that all six officers involved in his arrest will face criminal charges. MSNBC notes that Mosby pointed out the fact that Gray’s arrest was illegal, as officers arrested him for possession of a switchblade despite the fact that a knife found on Gray during his arrest was not a switchblade and is legal to carry. “No crime was committed by Freddie Gray,” said Mosby.

The six Baltimore Police Department officers facing charges in Gray’s death include Officer William G. Porter, Lieutenant Brian W. Rice, Officer Edward M. Nero, Officer Garrett E. Miller, Sergeant Alicia D. White, and, lastly, Officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr., who faces the most serious charge — second-degree depraved heart murder, carrying a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. The Department of Justice has also launched a probe into the circumstances surrounding the Freddie Gray homicide.

MSNBC reporter Trymaine Lee tweeted the full list of charges facing the six officers, which can be seen in the embedded images below.

According to The Huffington Post, Mosby said that an investigation by her office and the Baltimore Police Department found that the officers failed to secure Gray in a seat belt as he rode in a police van and that, despite the fact that Gray requested medical attention and said repeatedly that he could not breathe, officers refused to provide it. She said that the arresting officers demonstrated “willful negligence” by stopping to pick up a second suspect rather than providing medical attention for Gray.

“Accountability… you’re getting it today,” said Mosby.