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Interview: National Host Mike Church Received a Flood of Threats for Promoting Peace

National talk show host Mike Church sits down with me to discuss his career giving his Sirius/XM audience with a real time transition from being a War Hawk to a non-interventionist. He recounts the personal impact of regret for his hawkish beginnings to the flood of threats received when he began promoting peace. We also discuss the value of family, his Catholicism and moving his show from satellite to internet radio.

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Exclusive: Tommy & Shelby Chong on Career, Cancer and Cannabis

Tommy and Shelby Chong join Kurt Wallace to talk about the failed war on drugs, they discuss how the fight with cancer has effected their lives. Tommy shares why Shelby is the reason for his successful career.

We talk about dancing with the stars, their greatest comedic influences and their secret to a happy 40 year marriage – raising three children.

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The Flow: The Magnificent Obsession Of Ron Paul

Ron Paul joins Kurt Wallace to discuss his new book Swords into Plowshares where he reveals intensely personal stories of himself. He discusses how war is tailored to special interests and propaganda versus the peaceful nature of people.

He reveals why he didn’t really want to be president, while working harder than his opponents.

Dr. Paul talks about practicing medicine, medical philanthropy and what it was like for him to deliver babies. He explains why the power of voluntary answers and free markets serve the benefits of society.

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Most interesting was the special moment where Ron Paul shares why he believes in doing things from the principle of anonymity: “If you do it from the heart and you’re expecting a lot of praise, then you’re sort of charging something for it.” He then references the book and movie Magnificent Obsession.

He also tells us what he’s most proud of about his son Rand Paul.

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Beer And Politics: Josh Cook Interviews Quest Brewery’s Don Richardson, Liberty Activist Dan Pope

In this episode, Joshua Cook interviews Don Richardson, the owner of Quest Brewery, and liberty activist Dan Pope of Pints 4 Liberty. We will be discussing great craft beer with Don, and speaking with Dan about the government regulations that are stifling innovation in South Carolina.

Below is an excerpt of the interview:

JOSHUA COOK: You know, I feel just as someone that is passionate about changing people’s minds sometimes I feel bad when I see a guy drinking a lager and I’m like wow, you know really you need to try some craft beer you know. Try and get some flavor in your life- and so they will try it and they’ll just convert. So tell us a little bit about the craft beer boom and also what inspires your philosophy as far as the different flavor profiles that you choose?

DON RICHARDSON: The different styles that we choose as I mentioned with selling beer and numerous trips to Belgium, the Belgian beers are a true love of mine, so we try and do a lot with the Belgian style. We very rarely brew pure German, we’re typically brewing with different with, we have the watermelon wheat beer on, we’ve got a cucumber jalapeno saison.

JOSHUA: So you are pushing outer limits?

DON: We do and we try to with that, with the flavors. We also really try to focus our beers around balance and flavor profiles as well and not trying to overdo something or make it over sweet. All of the fruits and vegetables that we are using right now in brewing are all fresh. We prep them all here, puree them ourselves so we are not using any concentrates or extracts so that’s one thing that we feel very strongly about. It’s very labor-intensive but it’s a labor of love. That’s is one of our philosophies. You know probably our most mainstream beers are our IPA and I feel like IPA is still hot. It’s still the same beer, people love their hops. I love them myself, so that’s probably one of our more mainstream. When we ventured out and started brewing, we decided to go with the Belgian pale ale, just something a little different.

JOSHUA: Do you do any porters?

DON: We do, we do a smoked porter. Yes actually with our house yeast which is a Belgian blend yeast… not a full-on Belgian, but it gets that nicely little rounded extra character to it and with that a lot of chocolate malt and then we use some cherry wheat sweet malt and our beer as well.

JOSHUA: Let’s talk about the watermelon wheat beer, the trend now is really down to women are really attracted to trying beer, whereas in a couple of years ago maybe not, seems like demand, there are a lot of females that are really interested in craft beer, can you walk us through that evolution?

DON: Being here in the South and spending time in the West… you’ve got folks that are just trying to learn and still trying to figure out what they like. And maybe they don’t like a big hop bomb or they don’t like the imperial stout or something like that.

So that’s why we try to offer a few beers like that, that are kind of what we consider intro beers- kind of the beers with training wheels. But also you know we like to brew beers like that, that people can get introduced, but also beer connoisseurs can come back and say oh that’s a really nice well-balanced beer and that’s interesting as well. You know it is fun when people come in to our place and they have never been into a brewery or have only been into couple of breweries- they really don’t know that side, for us to really kind of teach them. Also it’s really good for us to kind of get our brands in front of them and kind of figure out what they like and then try and in our tasting room, up to about 11 different beers that we have on tap at any given time, so it gives you a nice little variety.

JOSHUA: Absolutely, and Dan, I want to bring you in, because we talked about North Carolina and South Carolina laws and how that affects the industry. What are you doing right now with Pints 4 Liberty as far as trying to change the laws to make South Carolina laws a little more beer friendly?

DAN POPE: Right now, my biggest biggest pet peeve in South Carolina is that we’re losing so many jobs to North Carolina. It’s just right over the border in Asheville and Charlotte just because one, our taxes for alcohol sales. And then also our problem with our three-tier distribution network in South Carolina.

North Carolina is unique in that you can self-distribute up to 25,000 barrels of beer a year which is, makes you a pretty big brewery to be brewing that much. And you can self-distribute up to, I think it used to be 25 miles- now it’s almost 150. For a regional or small startup craft brewery, the ability to be able to go from top tier down to the actual retail package store really lets you compete with some of the bigger more macro-sized breweries that are gobbling up a lot of the precious real estate and resources around.

Also a lot of the precious retail real estate which is another issue, and that makes breweries like Oscar Blues, and Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Stone- that makes them overlook South Carolina as an option. Even though we’ve got great water, a great craft beer scene, we’ve got lots of good real estate and a really good highway network. But the fact that it really handicaps and handcuffs a lot of these big employers from coming here is a really big pet peeve.

Locally we are working on, we are going to putting a lot of focus towards passing the Sunday alcohol sales referendum in Greenville County. So that any retailer, any wholesale store and any restaurant can sell alcohol on Sunday and be able to compete on an equal level with downtown Greenville and the city of Mauldin that already have these laws in place so that it’s good for the local stores.

JOSHUA: And for people that are wanting to get involved with the movement, how do they get involved, is there a Facebook page?

DAN: We will be putting together on a couple of Facebook pages, but for the most part just tune in to Pints 4 Liberty, it’s just [] and that will be a good way to keep abreast of what’s going on and then also come to the local monthly Pints 4 Liberty meeting.

JOSHUA: Yeah the chapter, excellent. So [to Don] how is the community in the Upstate? How are they viewing Quest Brewery? I know when I worked for a local retailer, you know you guys really popular with your beers. So how did people receive you when you first started?

DON: I have to say it seems to be well, we hope so, but now I think everything’s been going very well for us for our first 2 years in. I feel like we are getting better and better as we go along even having 20 plus years experience. This is a new brewery, this is new yeast we are working with, this is a whole new thing as far as you know our whole new brand development.

So it does take a little bit of time even with the experience to kind of feel that you are getting things dialed and getting the recipes and the quality of what you need. But I feel like we’re better than we ever have been and continued to get better, but I feel like you know our support here in the community is far exceeded- what my partner Andrew and I when we put this together- than we expected on this. So it’s been awesome just to see the support and everybody, you know really rallying for us. We try to do a lot of things with the community, we do live music every Thursdays here, it’s a free show, that’s become very popular for us.

JOSHUA: Absolutely you have a beautiful facility here, looks really nice inside the bar.

DON: Thank you I appreciate that. We wanted to set it up, that was one of our visions is we want to be the brewery that has a lot of events outside on our stage and everything. Live music and just really kind of create a fun place that people can come in and experience our beers. Whether it’s the first time you’ve been here, or you’ve been here a hundred times, you know it’s a fun atmosphere and then we like to send people home with that warm fuzzy feeling that they want to go find Quest at the other retailers and around town.

JOSHUA: Is there any beers or upcoming beers that you can tell us about that you are working on?

DON: We’ve got, as I mentioned we’ve got our cucumber jalapeno, that’s our cucumber jalapeno saison that we do, that’s the second year we’ve done that, that’s our summer beer. The next one we’re working on is going to be our pumpkin saison. Third year that we’ve done that. We just started canning a fourth of our legendary series, so we have four beers and that series of fourth one we just put in a package which is our Ellida IPA in 16 ounce cans.

And then our next canning project, we are hoping by winter to have our pecan porter in cans if not by spring then summer, we will start doing the cans with our seasonal beers as well. So we are working on a few different things like that as well as we’ve got a collaboration we are working on next month. We’ve done several collaborations here- we’ve done Tarrapin, we’ve done one with Burial, our friends have a Trophy Brewing company up in Raleigh, our next one will be with Holy City and Chris Brown is going to come up here and we want to brew one batch here, another batch down in Charleston.

JOSHUA: That’s nice, that’s cool.

DON: Just kind of a fun little thing, you know putting brewers together. It’s always fun to sit down on a brew day with that and bounce ideas around, plus it gets our brewers around here involved in it, gets everybody kind of thinking about new ideas.

JOSHUA: That’s great, and they’re a good company down there.

DON: Yes they are, really good people, and they’ve done great stuff, so and I haven’t done collaboration up here in the Upstate yet, so we are excited about that.

JOSHUA: Don, I appreciate you so much for your time, and Dan thanks so much for coming out and I would encourage everybody to go- your website is

DON: We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.

JOSHUA: So definitely hit him up, get him lots of likes and spread the word around, and Dan thanks so much for what you’re doing trying to spread the liberty and I know it’s going to help entrepreneurs and get more breweries that would come to South Carolina and hopefully we can lower the excise tax and have a little more free market system here in the state, so I know you’re working hard on that.

Well guys thanks so much for tuning in I appreciate you coming back and please check us out on, thank you.

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The Flow: William Paul Young On Human Trafficking, Cry of Humanity With Novel “Eve”


William Paul Young, author of The Shack which sold 22 million copies worldwide, Cross Roads, and his soon to be released book Eve sits down with Kurt Wallace to discuss his life experience as a sexual abuse survivor. Young talks about how Eve intertwines with today’s world with the issue of human trafficking. He shares on the importance of challenging the dogma of religion in the story of Adam and Eve. Young expands on what he calls the cry of humanity.

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Beer and Politics: Best 4 Red Wines for the Fall under $20

In this episode Joshua Cook breaks from talking about beer to talking about the best 4 red wines you can drink this fall under $20.

His special guest is Sandy Merlino, wine specialist and connoisseur.

The top red wines we chose are:

  • Sexy Wine Bomb
  • Renieri Invetro
  • Garnacha de Fuego
  •  Sextant Cabernet Sauvignon

1. Sexy Wine Bomb – California, 2011

“It’s got some nice fruit notes on that and it is really fresh and not too heavy, definitely great for this time of the year, but again it can be a great bread blend into the fall, and really red blends are great for anytime of the year, you have a lot of people that don’t necessary drink red or maybe afraid to approach a bold body of red, but this will be a great way to get into a red wine,” said Merlino.

2. Renieri Invetro – Tuscany, 2010

“Renieri is actually the winemaker and Bacci is their symbol, but this is a beautiful wine, it’s a beautiful blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot, so anyone that likes Cabernet is going to love this as well anyone that loves Sangiovese, it’s a beautiful blend, the Merlot put a nice softness to it, a nice soft touch being that Cabernet is a big bodied type of wine and so it’s Sangiovese. But the Merlot gives it a nice, smooth, elegant edge, this is an elegant wine,” said Merlino.

3. Garnacha de Fuego – Spain, 2013

“This is very smooth, a lot of dark fruit notes, a lot of intensity and yet very smooth, so this will definitely appeal to anyone that likes bigger bolder wines and yet has this smoothness of an elegant wine. Spanish wines drink a lot nicer than their price points, they had not quite caught up to the French and Italian wine price points, but definitely drinks much more expensively, so there’s a great value in Spanish wines and Portuguese wines as well,” said Merlino.

4. Sextant Cabernet – California, 2011

“Sexton is, again like I said, it’s a central coast wine that comes out of California, a really beautiful Cabernet, so drinks full and lush, but it has the elegance of like a Bordeaux, so someone likes French wines and they gravitate towards a French Bordeaux, they would absolutely love Sexton, because it drinks beautifully, evenly and elegantly, even though it’s full, it doesn’t have that high city structure, it has more of an evenly city structure, which blends itself to be more like Bordeaux, really elegant, really smooth, easy to drink and yet you are still drinking something very substantial that anyone that likes a big cap would love,” said Merlino.

Are there rules to wine?

Merlino says, “no, not really.”

“Truthfully, at the end of the day drink what you like and like what you drink, the rule is, there are no rules, you make the rules, yes there are certain wines that do go with certain foods and once you develop your palate a little bit more, you’ll start to see that the wine is going to compliment the food and vice versa, but again at the end of the day it’s what you like, so if you don’t like red wine, and you absolutely love white wines, take white wines with what you want to eat it with or drink it alone, same thing with red, but if you want to really pair it up appropriately, yes there are wines that you could definitely pair up appropriately, but that is up to the individual, you don’t want to set those strict rules and turn anyone off,” said Merlino.

Beer and Politics: Josh Cook Reviews Three IPAs and the GOP Race

Josh Cook and special guest Bennie Brackett discuss the top three IPAs of the summer and GOP politics.

The top three beers reviewed are 90 Minute Imperial IPA made by Dogfish Head, Hoppyum IPA made by Foothills Brewery company, and Hopsecutioner made by Terrapin Beer company.

IPA of summer

Are you a craft beer fan? Share your favorite beer in the comments below.

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The Flow: Jeffrey Tucker on Fatherhood, Pro-Social Anarchy and Faith

Jeffrey Tucker, director of digital development at the Foundation for Economic Education, sat down with Kurt Wallace on The Flow to share his story as a philosopher of freedom and a self-described humanitarian anarchist.

He explains why his religion of Roman Catholicism is truly adaptive to the individual. As a musician, he explains his love affair with sacred music and its expressive nature. He also recalls one of his most treasured memories with his father, and how his own experience as a parent taught him the loving power of letting go with a libertarian respect for the child.

Tucker discusses the special qualities of privatized cities, and his Austrian economic insight on the value of cryptocurrencies blockchain technology.

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Beer and Politics: Josh Cook talks with Scott Horton about ISIS and Rand Paul

On this week’s Beer and Politics, Josh Cook interviews Scott Horton, the host of the popular Scott Horton Show on AntiWar radio. Scott discusses with Cook his thoughts on ISIS, foreign policy, and the Rand Paul campaign.

Scott shared his take on Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign with Cook and offered some constructive criticism.

“Right now Rand Paul rhetorically could be slapping the hell out of all these guys- ‘hey Lindsey Graham you’re on Iran’s side in Iraq but you’re on Al-Qaeda‘s side in Syria. Why don’t you make up your mind pal?’ And let’s hear him sputter his way out of that,” said Horton.

Horton continued, “If Rand would just read his father’s articles, roll up his sleeves and get out there and fight, he could win. What he can’t win at is the flip-flop pandering contest…”

Horton talked about ISIS and his thoughts on their ultimate fate.

So find a comfortable chair, crack open a cold one, light up your favorite cigar, and enjoy the show.

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The Flow: Patrick Byrne Discusses Bitcoin Blockchain Technology, Personal Influences

Kurt Wallace sat down with Patrick Byrne, CEO of, PhD in philosophy and pioneer in cryptotechnologies, to discuss Overtsock’s offering of the first cryptosecurities using bitcoin’s blockchain technology. He explains how the blockchain works and its advantages over today’s DTC, or depository trust company which centrally manages security entitlement transfers for brokerage houses.

He gives us insight on his Austrian economic libertarian beliefs and shares his philosophy on life crediting Warren Buffett, who mentored him from age 13. Patrick also explains why having had cancer has made his life better.

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Truth In Media Podcast Announcement

Readers have asked for it, and now it’s here. The Truth In Media Project is excited to announce the launch of Truth In Media podcasts, featuring robust political commentary as well as comprehensive coverage of news and issues largely avoided by the mainstream media.

Seasoned podcast veteran Kurt Wallace will be hosting The Flow, which will feature in-depth interviews with public figures and bring dialogue to a level largely left untouched by most interviewers. Wallace explains:

“The Flow, hosted by veteran podcaster Kurt Wallace, will feature personal conversations with well known individuals that we may all know, but… do we really know them? The Flow is all about being in that zone where we shed the pre-conceived ideas about the persona of the guests and bring their underlying nature to the surface. We’ll discover why we see things the way we do. What happens in our lives that shape our philosophy – the struggles and triumphs that bring us to what really matters in our individual worlds. What is that certain element underneath the surface of the cool things our guests do that make them special? What is it that drives us and makes us happy? A lot of time is spent on what we can do to make us free but what is it that makes us free on the inside? We’ll do this by sharing with you an introspective personal conversation where we really get to know the person and not just the persona.”

The Flow premieres August 4th, 2015, with CEO Patrick Byrne as Wallace’s first guest.

Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook will also be hosting his own podcast called Beer and Politics. Cook has already interviewed a number of politicians, journalists, experts and individuals including Curtis Ellis, Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, Senator Bob Graham, Congressman Mark Sanford, Dr. Tom DiLorenzo, and Brad Hoff. Beer and Politics will feature discussions of a variety of issues over drinks with political figures, activists and experts:

“I wanted to create a show where regular people can get together, have a cold brew- cigar and spirits- and talk about the really important issues of the day. Beer and Politics is about breaking through the illusion of the left right paradigm. On the show we’re going to have great guests, politicians, and even brew masters,” says Cook.

Joshua Cook’s Beer and Politics premieres on July 11th, 2015.

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