Cop gets only 1 year after forcing suspect to have sex with him


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Officer Timothy Jones of St. Louis threatened to arrest a woman if she did not have sex with him.

On November 10, 50-year-old Jones pulled an unnamed 24-year-old woman over for suspected drunk driving. After the woman failed a sobriety test, Jones told her that she would be arrested — unless she had sex with him.

According to reports, Jones then drove the woman to her home where they had sex. The woman subsequently told her mother what had happened.

During the incident, the woman left her cell phone in Jones’ car. When cops called her home to return the phone, the 24-year-old’s mother answered. During the phone conversation, she reported what happened to her daughter.

Jones, who has worked as an officer for 20 years, has now been convicted. He was only sentenced to one year in prison — many are outraged by this seemingly light sentence. In the past, forcing a victim to have sex on the threat of arrest or violence has led to more severe punishment.

At this time, there are no reports that Jones had done this to other women. But with a police career spanning 20 years, one can only wonder.

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