Couple Wants Their $48,000 Back From Police

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A Minnesota couple has filed a petition to get their $48,000 in cash back from the Iowa City Police Department. Earlier this month Tiffani D.S. Barber and Kearnice C. Overton, of St. Paul, Minn. filed an application to the Johnson County District Court asserting that the officers had wrongfully seized their money.

Overton was traveling on Interstate 80 with his four children when he was pulled over with a group of other vehicles that Officer Michael Clark claimed were speeding.

A K-9 unit responded, and the dogs searched the vehicles. The officers alleged that the dog gave a silent indicator which they claim allowed them to physically search Overton’s vehicle. The officers then found $44,000 in a duffel bag and another $4,000 in Overton’s jacket.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Vicki Lalla could not comment in depth about the case, saying that many factors can go into an officer’s decision to seize the property, including the amount of cash present.

“It’s very unusual for people to be out and about with that much cash on their person or in their car,” she said.

Overton said the cash was going to be used in a real estate transaction. However, the sale was not completed and he was returning when he was stopped by police.

A hearing is set for May 6th.


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