Democrat vs. Socialist: Is there a difference?

It’s great to be back behind the microphone today after a long very overdue vacation. I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t turn on the news once while I was away so when I started my show prep yesterday it didn’t take long for my stack of news stories to get deep.

I start the show out today talking about Cecil the Lion and yes, I know it’s a stupid story and that’s why I wanted to make mention of it. The outrage over one dead lion in Africa seems a bit overblown. So I decided to give you my thoughts on hunting animals for sport and even throw in a Hemingway quote for you to chew on.

Then it’s on to Gravity Payments. You remember them. It’s the company who’s CEO decided to pay every employee a minimum of 70 grand a year. Well it turns out his company is in a bit of trouble. If you listen to this show every day you’re not surprised but I thought we should talk a little about why it happened. It ties right into the discussion on socialism I had lined up next.

Socialism is having a greater and greater impact on our lives these days mainly because it’s becoming more acceptable to discuss and debate in politics. Sure they call it Democratic Socialism which gives it a nice wholesome sound but the principals are all the same. I (your benevolent elected leader) decide who should get what and how much. What fair is, and what laws we should pass to ensure maximum fairness.

This has got some democrats concerned and this weekend Chris Mathews interviewed DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz to explain the difference between a democrat and a socialist. You’re not going to believe her answer.

All in all a great show today. Don’t forget to subscribe and share! Talk to you tomorrow.