Exclusive: JD Winteregg Launches Primary Challenge Against John Boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner will face a fired up J.D. Winteregg once again in the upcoming primary election.

“It’s the same thing. John Boehner’s rhetoric doesn’t match John Boehner’s reality. He promises all of this stuff during the election time. He sounds like a good conservative. He promised to fight Obama tooth and nail against the executive amnesty orders, and what did he do in a matter of days after he won? He turns around and decides to fund it,” explained Winteregg in an exclusive interview with Joshua Cook.

“He punts on issues that seem to be difficult. In a sense, he’s spineless. I hate to use that word so freely, especially with my representative and someone who is supposed to be on my side. But the reality of it is, he’s not leading us, he’s not doing what he promised us he’d do. And I don’t see him doing anything but the enabling of our President, so someone has to fight him,” he added.

Winteregg is especially fired up about Boehner’s support of Obamatrade.

“Boehner and his friends are spending millions of dollars to try to convince the American people that our President has the willingness and ability to negotiate a trade agreement that will benefit the US,” said Winteregg to an email to Breitbart.

“This is the same man who traded five Islamic terrorists for a treasonous deserter. He’s also in the process of negotiating a horrible, ‘no preconditions’ deal with Iran, giving them what they want with no commitment from them to limit their uranium enrichment program. And Speaker Boehner believes this President will negotiate a trade deal in our best interests? On what basis?”

Obamatrade is just one of the issues that Winteregg feels strongly against Boehner about.

Winteregg said that he’s inspired by David Brat’s defeat of Eric Cantor, but he realizes that he’s in for a different battle.

“Groups of people who can organize and defeat the establishment. And the issue we have here is people fear Boehner. You see what he does. You see how he operates. It’s trickled down within the district as well at the local level. Local politicians who have cozied up to Boehner act the same way. People have this irrational fear in their minds that something is going to happen to them if they come out against Boehner or do anything against Boehner,” he explained.

“I think the momentum is definitely swinging my way. People are getting more and more frustrated. I think they’ve had it with him continuously caving. They’re really struggling to identify anything he’s done as a leader,” he said.

“I’m hoping to Winteregg him. It’s definitely in the realm of possibility,” he added.

Winteregg explained that he thinks that Boehner is beatable.

“We looked into doing it this time. We weren’t doing it if people in the area didn’t think he could be beat. We did polling and it showed us that he is extremely vulnerable, and we figured why not do it again?”

In the last election, Winteregg received about 15,000 votes, which he said was pretty good for someone who hasn’t run for public office before.

Winteregg explained that he’s been receiving support from people around the country.

“Boehner can essentially print money,” Winteregg said. “We need enough to get the message out.”

Click here to listen to Joshua Cook’s entire interview.