Exclusive Video: Standoff in Murrieta, Town Residents and La Raza Agree That Obama Administration Has Failed

Murrieta, CA- With thousands of immigrant children crossing the U.S. southern border, tensions are escalating in the town of Murrieta, California where the feds have attempted to relocate thousands of immigrants from Texas. Residents in the town of Murrieta have refused to accept these large numbers of illegal immigrants being dumped into their town and have blocked transport buses.

Late Monday tensions came to a head with both members of community and representatives from La Raza agreeing that President Obama has failed to lead in this crisis. When Benswann.com’s Jeremy Oliver arrived on scene, the crowd was building quickly as news came in that another plane had landed in San Diego. The call went out on social media from all factions that the standoff was to occur on Madison and Fig in Murrieta, California. The local law enforcement presence visibly increased as a steady stream of cars from across the country descended on an otherwise quiet town.

As crowds gathered at each entrance of the Immigration processing facility, the mood was tense, as people arriving tried to determine with whom they shared the same views and who might later be spitting on them, as had allegedly happened earlier in the week to entertainer Lupillo Rivera.

La Raza had a large number of members turn out, as did the Tea Party, but the majority were local residents.

Just as tensions had risen to a peak word came in that the 3 buses carrying 140 undocumented immigrants was being tracked to the facility in San Ysidro for processing before they are to be released at bus terminals with the promise to return in 15 days for a Credible Fear Screening. In a CFS they must prove a “credible fear of persecution or torture if deported”.

As crowds came together there was the typical rhetoric expected at a protest rally with members of each faction yelling taunts and ignorant slogans as news crews and anyone with a cell phone tried to get the shot of whoever was being the loudest.

Oliver, a freelance reporter and photographer, was able to talk one on one with representatives from both sides as well as regular concerned citizens and what he found was shocking.

“Once the volume was toned down I found everyone agreed that leadership in Washington had failed, and before immigration reform can work effectively, Americas borders must be secure” says Oliver.

The first question Oliver asked was, “Why are you here?”

“The Tea Party conservative crowd answered unanimously, ‘to send a message to Washington that our borders need to be secure and comprehensive immigration reform needs to happen now.’ citing our national and state economy.

The pro amnesty side said that the reason they drove hours to a town few had heard of before last week, was to guarantee the kids safe passage, recounting the first bus arrival and the fear the kids must have felt” says Oliver.

The second question asked by Oliver, “How do you feel local law enforcement has handled the situation?”

David, the main spokesmen from NCLR, La Raza was disappointed with the way that the first bus was turned back and thought the police could have done more to ensure safe passage.

Jordyan Carroll thought that the temperament of the officers and ability to give clear direct orders was refreshing as she was nervous about attending after hearing reports of an impending clash with the federal government.

The final question asked, “How do we fix this?” Everyone agreed on this point. This is not a problem that can be solved on Fig and Madison. This is a federal problem that needs to be solved legislatively, and can only work, if we first secure our borders.