Exclusive Video: Ted Cruz Praises Donald Trump

On Monday, Congressman Jeff Duncan hosted presidential candidates Gov. Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson, and Sen. Ted Cruz at his 5th Annual Faith & Freedom BBQ in South Carolina.

The event was one of the largest South Carolina GOP events to date, drawing over 2,000 people.

SC GOP Chairman Matt Moore told Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook that Jeff Duncan’s Faith & Freedom BBQ “is a huge success, a record breaking event.”

Sen. Ted Cruz told reporters, “there have been an awful lot of Republican presidential candidates who have gone out their way to take a stick after Donald Trump. I am not one of them. I like Donald Trump.”

“I am glad that Donald Trump is in this race,” said Cruz.

“Donald Trump is shining a light on the problem of illegal immigration, and because Donald Trump is talking about it, all our friends in the mainstream media are actually covering illegal immigration,” said Cruz. He went on to express that he was “grateful that Donald Trump forces the media to cover the crisis that is illegal immigration.”

This is not the first time Cruz praised Trump. “I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific, I think he’s brash, I think he speaks the truth,” Cruz said previously on Fox News.

Cruz’s rhetoric on securing the southern border and defunding Planned Parenthood received the loudest applause from the conservative crowd.

Cruz demonstrated that he knew his audience – even giving his accent a deeper, southern drawl – by mentioning the most three important things to South Carolina voters: God, guns, and Ronald Reagan.

But many Republicans there were unsure about Scott Walker and his position on immigration. During Walker’s speech a heckler yelled: “What about the border?!”

Walker ignored the question.

Cruz did hint to reporters that the love fest between him and Trump may end soon. “There will come a time as this campaign moves forward for policy differences, but my focus right now is laying out my positive record, and frankly the difference between campaign conservatives who talk a good game on the trail, and a consistent conservative who is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow,” said Cruz.