Glenn Beck and Ron Paul Agree: GOP Senate May Push for Boots on the Ground vs ISIS

On Tuesday night, former Republican Congressman and thought-leading libertarian Dr. Ron Paul took to Twitter to issue a warning that a Republican US Senate takeover could lead to a future in which ground troops are sent into Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS. Dr. Paul believes that the US should stay out of the sectarian warfare currently taking place in the region.

During conservative talk radio and TV host Glenn Beck’s Tuesday night election coverage on TheBlaze TV, one of his audience members asked, “Well, I was just curious what you thought within the next couple years exactly what our relationship’s going to end up with Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu?”

Glenn Beck replied, “Well, it couldn’t get worse, could it? I mean, unless we declare Bejamin Netanyahu an enemy of our country.”

He then framed his answer in terms of the debate over military action in Syria and Iraq, saying, “I happen to agree with Ron Paul. Ron Paul just issued a statement a few minutes ago and said look out, with the Republicans coming in, their solution for ISIS is going to be boots on the ground. And I think we are in such a mess in the Middle East now that I think that’s exactly what they’re — I mean, you know, the John McCains of the world, the Mitch McConnells, that’s the way they understand the Middle East, and, at the same time, I do think we have some hope the Republicans are going to stand by Israel, but my support for Israel is not to put boots on the ground for Israel, it’s to say ‘Israel we love you, and we support you. You go do what you have to do for your country.'”

During Tuesday’s election coverage on RT, Ben Swann and Erin Ade conducted an interview with Dr. Paul. In the segment, seen in the embedded video player below, Dr. Paul outlined his view that the US political system is dominated by what is effectively a one-party system. The discussion also touched on subjects like America’s thriving marijuana legalization movement, independent political parties, foreign policy, and more.