Islamic Militants to Putin: We are Coming to Russia

In a recent video released by Islamic State militants, they changed from sending threats to United States President Barack Obama, to threatening the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

The video featured Russian subtitles, translating the militants’ spoken Arabic. They posed around Russian military equipment, including a fighter jet, which was captured from the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

According to the Washington Post, Russia is an old ally of the Assad regime, and it remains Assad’s “primary source for military hardware.

Yahoo News reported that the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia requested that investigators conduct a criminal examination regarding the video, and “demanded that access to the address, which was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and features what jihadists say is a Russian-supplied fighter jet, be blocked.

This is a message to you, oh Vladimir Putin, these are the jets that you have sent to Bashar, we will send them to you, God willing, remember that,” one militant warned.

The militants went on to state that they would “liberate Chechnya and the entire Caucasus.” 

The Washington Post reported that this threat was to be expected, due to the fact that the “Chechen insurgency has gone deep underground,” and the fact that Russia’s “heavy-handed rule over the North Caucasus has radicalized some in this Muslim-majority borderland.

According to International Business Times, Russia’s security services stated that they believe “hundreds of militants from the Caucasus regions have fled to the Middle East to fight with the group.”

“The Islamic State is and will be and it is expanding God willing,” The militants warned Putin. “Your throne has already teetered, it is under threat and will fall when we come to you because Allah is truly on our side. We are already on our way God willing.”

Watch the video released by the Islamic militants: