John McAfee Presidential Candidate

John McAfee Will Seek Libertarian Party Nomination for President

In a recent interview with USA Today, presidential candidate John McAfee announced that he would seek the Libertarian Party nomination.

In early September, the antivirus software pioneer and adventurer announced his presidential candidacy and the creation of a new political party. McAfee said the “Cyber Party” would bring “Privacy, Freedom and Prosperity” to America.

McAfee now says he will put “boots on the ground” by working with the Libertarian Party.

“They have [10] candidates [for president], none of whom have personality,” he told USA Today in a phone interview. McAfee also said on Tuesday he was contacted by a representative from the Libertarian Party and discussed representing the party. The Libertarian Party’s national convention is in May in Orlando, Florida.

Doug Craig, a national board member of the Libertarian Party, told USA Today that McAfee speaks on a number of issues important to the Libertarian Party. “He fits right in with our political philosophy,” Craig said.

Just days before his latest announcement, John McAfee released an open letter to the other presidential candidates.

“We are very rapidly moving toward an unprecedented and existential election for our nation’s next president. America has never faced challenges such as it does now,” McAfee wrote. “The threat level in our world is at a peak; trust in government is at an all-time low. The People are dissatisfied, and we are worried. And as during all such times in human history, we are looking to our leaders for answers.”

McAfee also criticized politicians for fighting to gain or maintain power rather than serving the will of the people.

“How can any of us be expected to focus solely on the needs of the American People in the true spirit of service if we are distracted by the problem of retaining power? That is why I pledge to the American People that, if elected, I will not seek a second term.”

McAfee goes on to say that he will be a “a servant leader” and a “president who will set to work immediately, unencumbered by considerations of winning re-election.”

McAfee, perhaps best known for creating the McAfee antivirus software, is clearly not worried about what the media or political pundits say about his radical ideas. The seventy-year old adventurer is no stranger to controversy.

He was once connected to a murder in Belize which led him to flee into the jungles of Central America, though he no longer stands accused of anything. He is also known for creating apps and promoting the benefits of yoga.

Truth in Media’s Derrick Broze recently spoke with John McAfee about the core issues of his campaign, his thoughts on the other candidates, the incident in Belize, and much more. Please watch the interview below to learn more about why John McAfee is running for president.