Nurse Calls Mom a “Loser” For Not Vaccinating Her Child

A South Carolina family has filed a complaint with their local hospital after a nurse left a note calling the mother a “loser” for choosing not to vaccinate her child. Their nine month old had sustained a minor injury attempting to pull himself up, so the parents took him to the ER.  At the hospital, doctors discovered a fever of 101 degrees, so they wrote a prescription for the fever and ordered an x-ray. – Columbia, South Carolina |

It seemed like a relatively ordinary visit, until one of the nursing staff left a note on the table in the child’s room.

loser noteThe parents, Trevor and Katie Smart, were upset by the note and promptly filed a complaint with the hospital.  The nurse, they said, had no idea why they chose not to vaccinate two of their three children, but had issued a judgment in a very unprofessional, and unacceptable manner.  “I’m worried this may not be a one incident kind of thing,” Katie also noted.

The Smarts’ hospital, Palmetto Health, issued an apology and suspended the staff member responsible for the incident, which they also called a “real time learning opportunity.”

The Smarts, like many others, choose not to vaccinate because of some of the ingredients used in inoculations.  Mercury – which is particularly damaging to children’s brains – is a commonly used preservative, and many have decided that the risks of vaccines outweigh the risks of the actual illnesses they’re meant to prevent.

More recently, the highly promoted HPV vaccine, Gardasil, has been mandated by various state governments.  There are no symptoms of Human Papiloma Virus in most people, but a small group develops genital warts, and an even smaller group develops cervical cancer.  The side effects, though, were little known at the time when the vaccine was most heavily promoted, and mandated by states like Texas.  The vaccine, however, has been linked to sudden death and, ironically, cervical cancer.

The Smart family experienced a bizarre form of intimidation by a hospital staff member, but what about hospitals kidnapping a child in order to force parents to agree to certain medical treatments?’s Kristin Tate recently reported that a teenager was removed from her parents’ custody because they didn’t agree with the hospital’s recommended treatment. The parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier called this behavior by the hospital “kidnapping.”

Vaccines are not risk-free. In the U.S., informed parents examine the facts and calculate the risks in order to make the right medical decisions for their families. So far parents have a right to choose to vaccine their children or not, but for parents like the Smarts it may not be a choice for very long and it is definitively not a choice for the Pelletier.

There is an alarming trend in the U.S. right now where people fear hospitals now more than illnesses. The Medical-industrial complex is so intertwined with government agencies and law enforcement that it prevents doctors from giving patients the freedom to choose the best options.  U.S. citizen’s Constitutional rights are constantly being usurped and the freedom to choose the best medical options for one’s family may become a distant memory soon.