Obamacare Group Gets $1M To Pitch “Obamacare Success Stories” To Media


By Michael Lotfi,

The President’s landmark legislation has been anything but successful. Premiums have skyrocketed, millions have lost their doctors and their insurance, three twenty-year-old college kids built a better website in a few days than the Obama administration could construct with hundreds of millions of dollars and years to do so, and polls show that the majority of Americans flat out want the law totally axed.

Step in the  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The liberal healthcare foundation is paying Families USA, a non profit healthcare advocate organization, $1 million to plant the media with pro-obamacare success stories.

According to TIME, Ron Pollack, Executive Director of Families USA, says that the donation will significantly expand the story bank, which will be delivered to various news media outlets. Pollack says there are more than 900 stories with more to come.

The Obama administration and supporters are working overtime to turn public opinion on the Patient Care Act. Negative association with the name “Obamacare” has even prompted the administration to no longer use the term and only refer to the healthcare law as the Patient Care Act. The $1 million grant is sure to help redirect the negative attention away from the failures of the President’s healthcare law.

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