Senator Ted Cruz

Peter King Praises Ted Cruz For Supporting NSA Spying

It’s no secret that Congressman Peter King (R-NY) disdains Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s staunch defense of the 4th Amendment when it comes to NSA spying on American citizens.

King takes any chance he can get to jab Paul. Never mind the fact that the most recent round of polling proves Paul is right to defend the 4th Amendment over NSA spying. The majority of Republicans and independents say they do not support the collection of data by the NSA.

Regardless of his hatred for Paul, King has found a new and unlikely friend in the Senate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Paul and Cruz are both declared candidates for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. While Paul has remained a strong opponent of the NSA, Cruz has waffled back and forth.

“I don’t often do this but thanks to Ted Cruz for voting to continue NSA surveillance. Too bad Rand Paul didn’t have the same good sense” -Congressman Peter King

After a recent round of voting on NSA mass surveillance programs, King took to Facebook to sing Cruz’s praises.