woman beat by police

Police Brutality? Woman’s Face Seriously Injured During DUI Arrest

An unsettling dashcam video from August 10 shows a possible police brutality. The footage was recorded during a “routine” DUI traffic stop.

The video, initially released by the Tallahassee Democrat, shows Christina West, 44, having her head slammed against a police car. She is then taken to the ground with force. The incident took place after West crashed her car into a house on Kilkenny Drive in Florida.

The footage is “very disturbing,” said State Attorney Willie Meggs. In fact, he said it was “one of the most disturbing videos” he has ever laid eyes on.

“I am extremely upset. This is a very disturbing situation to me, and I’m dealing with it,” said Meggs.

West’s face sustained serious injuries as a result of the arrest. She was treated for “a broken orbital bone, along with a swollen eye, bloody nose and cuts to her arms and legs.”

woman beat by police

West appears to resist arrest in parts of the video. But the nature of her interaction with the police in that specific moment is not entirely clear from the footage.

The bigger question is whether these kinds of injuries should have resulted from any kind of resistance she may have given to arrest. In the video, there are at least two police near her and possibly as many as four on the scene. With two to four police officers on the scene, why is it that they could not have found a way to put her in the cruiser without damaging her face?

Police are currently conducting an “internal investigation” to determine the extent of fault of the various parties involved.