Poll: Millennials All Time Low Trust in President, Military and Media

A new poll released by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, Tuesday shows that young Americans and specifically Millennials have historically low trust in government. Harvard’s poll showed people between the ages of 18-29, have lost trust in a variety of different major public institutions including the President, the military, Congress, the Supreme Court, media and the federal government as a whole.

The numbers tracked the trust of young people in these institutions to do the right thing all the time or “most of the time” in April of 2014 compared to 2010.


Consider the falling numbers for the President and the military. Trust in the President to do the right thing all the time or most of the time has fallen from 44% in 2010 to 32% in 2014, the military saw their numbers drop from 53% to only 47%. But one of the most telling numbers and what could be part of the reason for a lack of trust in these other institutions is the plunge in trust for media, the gatekeepers who protect many of these institutions.

Trust in media, which in 2010 was posed as”Trust in Mainstream Media” was only at 17% but by 2014 has dropped to only 11%. Which means 89% of Millennials do not trust mainstream media to do the right thing all or even most of the time.

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Any wonder why old media has lost their influence?