The Kentucky senator has come under a mountain of scrutiny from “libertarian purists” who bash Paul’s name whenever they get the chance. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be hurting him in the polls.

Paul’s strategy to win has left him alienated from some in the Libertarian base. Many attack him for endorsing Romney over his father in the 2012 race. In retrospect, it’s quite silly to attack the senator for his Romney endorsement. After all, do you really think that the Paul family had not calculated the events to occur just as they did?

Regardless, with almost every new poll that rolls out you can find the senator’s name at the top. As The Hill reports, “If the GOP presidential primary were held today, 17 percent of GOP voters would elect Paul, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll released Wednesday. He leads among Tea Party Republicans as well, with 22 percent.”

These numbers put Senator Paul outside the margin of error, and over Governor Chris Christie who came in with 13% of the vote.

One poll does show a major shift. Ted Cruz took 20% of the vote in a recent Public Policy Poll. Paul comes in behind Cruz with 17% of the vote, which is within the poll’s margin of error.

The two senators have enjoyed an incredibly close relationship. In fact, Paul campaigned for and endorsed Cruz in his Senate race vs. the establishment GOP incumbent.

It is hard to imagine the two friends debating one another when their ideologies align so closely, which is why many have been led to speculate a possible Rand Paul, Ted Cruz GOP ticket for 2016.