President Obama to lay out new plan to fight the Islamic State

In a press conference set to take place hours before the anniversary of 9/11, President Obama is set to unveil his plan to take further action against the Islamic State and ISIS in the Middle East.

The president initially had a meeting with leaders of Congress Tuesday, where President Obama said the U.S. is “stronger and our efforts more effective” when he and members of Congress work together towards a common goal.  President Obama also took a moment to say he has the authority to combat ISIS and the Islamic State and he will lay out this plan Wednesday night.

Despite these remarks, President Obama is expected to ask for Congressional approval to quickly arm and militarize U.S. forces to quicken his plan of “degrading and ultimately destroying” the Islamic State and ISIS.

As part of the president’s plan to fight ISIS, the AP is reporting the president could ask for a variety of ways to intervene, including more airstrike efforts throughout Iraq and maybe Syria, as well as training and arming Syrian fighters to fight the threat.  The president is also expected to ask for European backing as well as backing from other countries in the Middle East.

A senior administration member also told reporters, according to the Guardian, “The president will discuss how we are building a coalition of allies and partners in the region and in the broader international community to support our efforts, and will talk about how we work with the Congress as a partner in these efforts.”

President Obama has emphasized, in the past few days, the need to view the Islamic State as one organization rather than one group in Iraq and one in Syria.  This could implicate the president’s willingness to broaden the plan t only fight ISIS in Iraq to fighting ISIS in all of their controlled territories.