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Presidential Candidate John McAfee on the Drug War, Immigration, ISIS, Bernie Sanders and More

Truth In Media recently spoke with John McAfee in an extensive interview covering a variety of important topics.

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Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist, activist, and author from Houston, Texas. He is the founder of The Houston Free Thinkers, and The Conscious Resistance Network. His writing can be found on , Truth In Media, the Anti-Media, Activist Post, and Mint Press News. Follow him on Steemit:

On September 8th, John McAfee announced the creation of a new political party and the beginning of his presidential candidacy. “The Cyber Party” promises to bring “Privacy, Freedom and Prosperity” to America.

McAfee, perhaps best known as an antivirus software pioneer, is no stranger to controversy. He was once connected to a murder in Belize which led him to flee into the jungles of Central America, though he no longer stands accused of anything and addresses the incident in the interview below. He is also known for creating apps and promoting the benefits of yoga.

McAfee’s 2016 campaign site makes it clear that McAfee is not interested in campaigning in the traditional sense. He is planning on releasing new apps which he says will change the way the public can communicate with candidates.

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Regarding his potential participation in the presidential debates, McAfee writes, “As someone who has seen much of the world in my 70 years, I can strongly recommend that those of you who find value or entertainment through watching political opponents spar, that an equal amount of time watching the History channel or Professional Wrestling will bring greater value and greater entertainment.”

Truth In Media’s Derrick Broze recently spoke with John McAfee to get his views on a number of important topics. The full video interview is below.

Derrick Broze: What are your thoughts on the Federal Reserve?

John McAffee: The Federal Reserve serves no useful purpose. I think the Federal Reserve has outlived its purpose. I have too many priorities first. My first priority is to pardon everyone in prison for a Marijuana offense. If it’s simple use or sale, non-violent, then I am pardoning people.

DB: What about all drug users who are committing non-violent, victimless crimes?

JM: With the rest it’s a little bit trickier. I would lobby for laws that would make the ingestion of any chemicals no more than a misdemeanor. A heroin addict is carrying a huge punishment already, what good would judicial punishment do?

DB: What are your thoughts on the growth of the Islamic State?

JM: I believe that terrorism itself is a direct result of American interference in foreign states. If we had not interfered in every single Muslim nation, in one form or another, do you think there would be terrorists worried about America? Terrorism is a direct result of foreign interference in foreign states.

DB: What are your thoughts on the European refugee crisis and the idea of borders?

JM: I grew up listening to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I think America was founded on open borders, bring us your cold, your hungry, your workers. The problem we have is that our neighbors speak different languages and have radically different cultures. What I would like to see is us take all the money we spend on walls and patrolling the borders, and create schools which teach people English, give them skills and trades, and document them. Require that they be real citizens.

I have a plan to stimulate business through government help, without costing anything. After a couple years if these entrepreneurial  businesses are succeeding we will take two of these immigrants and the businesses have to hire them. As long as they are competent they have to pay them. We have to do something, we cannot close our borders. Without open immigration I wouldn’t be in this country.

John McAffee discussed the international drug trade and policing the world.

“If drugs are manufactured overseas that is the problem of the country where they are manufactured and we are not to interfere. We are not the policemen of the world anymore. We do not have the resources to continue to play it.

People talk about loaning money to Israel and paying off Iran, we can’t do these things because we are broke. This is a fact. In the real world, which is where I live and you live, if your bank is busted and your friend needs to borrow $20 you say you can’t. When that happens with the government they print more. In that act of printing what happens? All the dollars that you have worked for have been devalued and no longer buy the same amount.

So we cannot spend money we do not have. We have real problems in the U.S., human trafficking, rape, murder, violence. Don’t we need space in jails for those people?”

Derrick asked McAfee what his presidency would to about the growing concern around Student Loan debt.

“I had a student loan and for me it was one of the best things. To have a loan that I didn’t have to pay off till I got out of school, at a very low interest rate, is an incentive for education. What we have to have are rational principal and interest. What can a kid afford? We have to have flexibility.”

McAffee told Derrick thoughts on the Silk Road trial and Ross Ulbricht.

“That was a tragedy and he will also be pardoned. The law was massively misapplied. (According to the case) everybody who runs Smith & Wesson and Colt and all the other gun manufacturers should be arrested for what people do with them.”

McAfee shared his views on the United States government sending monetary aid to foreign nations such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of who are accused of human rights violations.

“Number one, America must back off from being the policemen of the world. We are in debt and have to struggle with our own economy. If we have no money, whether its right or wrong, we cannot intervene. We have to accept that we are $18 trillion in debt. We need to make ourselves solvent.”

McAfee discussed Donald Trump.

“Donald has made thousands of jobs for America, I think he ought to go back and do that. Donald has never written an email, and he is stepping into an office where his competitors and antagonists around the world, like the vice premier of China, is a computer programmer and knows as much about cyber-security as any technologist in the country. The same thing with Russia, they would not hire someone who is not cyber aware. The Chinese would consider that illiterate, like hiring someone who cannot read. Both of them are illiterate at the science that holds this country together and that is cyber science.”

McAfee offered his views on Bernie Sanders’ presidential run and his plans to raise the minimum wage, give free college tuition, and free healthcare.

“Keep in mind, you have to accept, we are in debt. We cannot afford to spend more money. We don’t have enough money to spend for those programs. We have got to cut the government drastically. The TSA has to go. I intend to continue pay the peoples salaries cause that’s only $2 billion a year, but the total budget is $8 billion a year. So by shutting it down and then paying their salaries we save $6 billion a year.”

McAfee discussed the United States’ relationship with China.

“We are at war with China. Believe it or not, they have attacked Homeland Security, the Office of Program Management, the FBI, and the Army. They stole 15 million records of U.S. government employees for the past 35 years from the Office of Program Management. Everyone who had a top secret security clearance, many of these are undercover agents. The government has not told us what happened with those agents. Have they been killed? Are they being tortured? This is the biggest coup of warfare ever in the history of warfare. Carried out by China against the U.S. The first order of business is to get us a defense system or we will be destroyed by these bigger agents. I have a plan for bringing us into the cyber world.”

McAfee also discusses the welfare system, the morality of voting and government itself.

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