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Rand Paul On Information Obtained By Patriot Act: ‘I Think It Should Be Purged’

Republican presidential contender Rand Paul opined on “Fox and Friends” Monday morning that any information obtained using metadata collection under the Patriot Act should be purged from government records. (VIDEO: Rand Paul Snaps At Hostile CNBC Host: ‘Slanted … Full Of Distortions’)

“I had breakfast with a former head of the NSA not too long ago, and I asked him, ‘Can you get more information with a traditional warrant with a person’s name on it, or with a metadata collection?’” Paul said. “He says, absolutely you get more information with a warrant.’ I’m not asking for no collection of records.”

“Do you believe that that information that has already been obtained, been collected should be used?” asked host Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

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“I think it should be purged.” Paul responded. “I think that information was collected illegally and should be purged.” (RELATED: Rand Paul Ends 10-And-A-Half Hour Filibuster)


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