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Dr. Ron Paul: Election Process “Is Orchestrated By Mainstream Media”

Dr. Ron Paul, former Congressman and host of The Ron Paul Liberty Report, told RT’s Ameera David that he believes the mainstream media orchestrates some of the election process, and that presidential candidate Donald Trump is an authoritarian and brags about it.

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Ameera David: I first asked Dr. Paul what he thinks it says that the three candidates from the private sector are doing the best, does that mean the economy is the foremost issue on the minds of most Americans?

Ron Paul: Well probably yes, but if you look at the Democrat side, you have someone like Bernie Sanders, who has been in nothing else except politics. And he’s doing pretty well. And most incumbents are reelected.

So I think some of this stuff in the presidential campaigns is orchestrated by the major media. It is entertainment. They have competitions going on and on. So I don’t put a lot of stock [in the presdential process], this is still pretty early. ..

Donald Trump is an authoritarian and he brags about it. “I’m the boss and I tell people what to do.” Well, government happens to be a little different than that.

An authoritarian is the opposite of a libertarian. A libertarian wants to release the individuals, get government out of our lives, out of the economy, and out of all these places around the world…

H/T Real Clear Politics