Governor Scott Walker

Scott Walker To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Following a severe drop in polling numbers, former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is reportedly set to announce that he will withdraw from seeking the 2016 Republican nomination for President. A press conference was scheduled for 6 p.m. where Walker confirmed the suspension of his campaign.

Walker’s poll numbers peaked in April 2015 with an average of just over 17 per cent before he had officially announced his presidential bid. Throughout the summer, those numbers continued to sink. After the last GOP presidential debate, Walker’s numbers dipped to less than 2 per cent.

In addition to dropping poll numbers, fundraising was also an issue. One supporter stated that a decline in the polls had negatively impacted fundraising abilities. “The short answer is money,” said a Walker supporter. “He’s made a decision not to limp into Iowa.”

Some supporters reportedly placed blame on campaign manager Rick Wiley, believing that the staff had grown large prematurely and that spending during the summer months was not properly adjusted.

Liz Mair, a former Walker aide for a short time who resigned earlier this year, sent several tweets pointing to several issues that she claimed damaged Walker’s campaign.