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Sheldon Adelson Behind 85% of Florida’s Anti-Medical Marijuana Campaign

According to the Washington Post, casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is behind 85 percent of the campaign against medical marijuana in Florida, which will be voted on next week.

Florida’s Amendment 2 would provide medical marijuana to patients with debilitating diseases.

America’s 12th richest person and chairman/CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Adelson, contributed $4.93 million of Drug Free Florida’s $5.8 million raised. Drug Free Florida is the organization leading the campaign against medical marijuana and is headed by former Reagan drug czar Carlton Turner.

Only 15 percent of the no movement’s money came from in-state donations. According to recent polls, support for the yes vote is outweighing opposition, even with all of the money that Adelson threw at the campaign.

Libertarian Adrian Wyllie is making Marijuana a major campaign issue.

Wyllie is a major factor in this race, winning votes from people who are tired of the two-party system.

Poll Shows Crist, Scott Tie and Libertarian Wyllie With 13 Percent


According to a recent poll, Libertarian candidate for Florida Governor, Adrian Wyllie, is polling at 13 percent.

In a new poll released by Optimus, Democrat Charlie Crist received 40 percent of votes, and incumbent Republican Rick Scott is at 39 percent.

A blog post by the Miami New Times pointed to Wyllie as a possible election spoiler. “The political press has noted Wyllie, a man with no previous elected political experience, as a potential spoiler candidate, and his percentage in the polls has only grown thanks in part to his coverage (his previous high mark was 8 percent). Though, no one can quite agree who Wyllie’s candidacy may end up spoiling,” reported the Miami New Times.

Wyllie got 13.3 percent of Republican voters, 11.1 of Democratic voters and 17.8 percent of independents.

The Miami New Times said that Wyllie appeals to the “Reddit voter-style” leanings, meaning that he’s in favor of gay marriage, pro-choice and legalized marijuana but is for small government and low taxes. That “style” appeals to youth and those disenfranchised by the negative campaigning of Crist and Scott.

Apparently, the Miami New Times is unfamiliar with the Libertarian Party and continues to use the term “spoiler” instead of highlighting the fact that voters are tired of the stagnant ideas of the two major parties.


Wyllie Happy About Arrest, Ready To Fight

Florida Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie told Ben Swann on his radio show Monday that he’s happy about being arrested and is ready to take the case to a jury trial.

On Friday, Wyllie was arrested for driving with a license, which is something he has been trying to do for the last three years.

“I’m out of jail. I only spent one day in jail. I was probably the only person there happy to be there since this gives us the legal standings to challenge the constitutionality of Real ID in court,” said Wyllie.

“We’re very happy that this finally occurred and we’re going to use to my benefit,” he said. I’m sure my political opponents thought that this would be damaging to the campaign.”

Wyllie surrendered his license three years ago. He said that timing of this arrest was interesting, since it was recently reported that he was invited to participate in the largest gubernatorial debate.

“It’s very interesting timing,” he added. “For three years, we heard this through the grapevine of law enforcement officers and from others within the attorney’s office, I actually had immunity. They were telling law enforcement to keep their hands off. That immunity was apparently lifted and it happened in a very interesting way. I was actually in the parking lot of Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, attending a charity event, which I was scheduled to be at. So they actually nabbed me in the parking lot as I was scheduled to walk into an event.”

Wyllie was specifically pulled over for not having a license. He received no other citation.

He has been waiting for this to happen. He said he’s actually been hoping that it would.

“We’ve actually been looking forward to this possibility in the campaign. This is something we totally embrace,” said Wyllie.

For a the political set, an arrest is most likely a career ender or at least a career changer. For Wyllie, he hopes that his arrest will better inform the public of the dangers of Real ID.

He wants to be able to challenge the constitutionality of Real ID as it relates to our 4th Amendment.

“Basically what they’re doing now when you go to the drivers license agency, you have to submit an array of documentation. Much of the documentation, law enforcement would have to submit a warrant for. But just for the simple privilege of driving, you have to surrender all that voluntarily,” he explained.

Also, he said that the drivers license picture is a biometric face scan, which is stored in a database managed by Homeland Security.

“It’s only a matter of time until we’re tracked via our facial recognition scans everywhere we go,” he said.

His hope is to take this case to a jury trial, because he said, now more than ever are people aware of their shrinking civil liberties. He believes that finding jurors that side with him and his beliefs will be easier than if he was arrested in 2011 when he gave up his license.

“Given the recent revelations of NSA spying on Americans, I think it’s going to be that much easier, because everybody now knows that we are being spied on we are being tracked our e-mails are being read, our phone calls are being listened to, and recorded and monitored and stored and catalogued.”

As of now, Wyllie will appear in court for arraignment on June 4 and at the Florida gubernatorial debate on Oct. 15.


Another Victory for Libertarians: Libertarian Invited to Florida’s Biggest Gubernatorial Debate


Just like in South Carolina where the state Libertarian Party went to the state Supreme Court to secure third-party ballot access, there has been another major victory for liberty lovers.

This time it’s in Florida where Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie received an official invitation to the state’s largest and most watched gubernatorial debate.

Typically, invitations are given to candidates that are polling high. And, depending on which poll you look at, Wyllie is polling anywhere between 4 and 16 percent.

“The polling has been all over the map,” Wyllie told Ben Swann on The Ben Swann Radio Show on May 1.

Wyllie explained that typically polls turn to “super republican” and “super democrats,” and if that’s the case, Wyllie polls low. But when you look at undecided and disenfranchised voters looking for hope, Wyllie’s numbers shoot up.

“I think the critical key is the thousands of grassroots volunteers supporters who contacted the pollsters, contacted the media, contacted the locations hosting the debates and demanded my inclusion,” he said. “I can’t thank them enough.”

He said that people are tired of the two-party duopoly.

“The liberty movement in general is exploding right now,” he added. “People are getting fed up and they’re looking for a solution beyond the two-party system. The Libertarian Party is now in the position to provide that solution.”

According to Wyllie, the republican and democrat voting bases are in decline in Florida. “The Libertarian Party is growing at a phenomenal rate here in Florida.”

Current republican Governor Rick Scott is seeking re-election, but also, former republican governor Charlie Crist is running as well, but as a democrat.

“That’s the irony there,” said Wyllie. He said the race includes a “progressive republican governor, a progressive republican former governor and me.”

“These guys are virtually identical on policy, and those policies are not good for the people of Florida,” he added.

This race will continue to be an interesting one. Wyllie explained, “I’m in this race to win, but if I don’t, and I come up short, one thing is clear is that the republican governor is going to lose. It’s either going to be a current republican governor or the former republican governor. Either way, it doesn’t matter, the end result will be the same.”

The event, scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 15 at Fort Lauderdale’s Broward College, is hosted by Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association, and will broadcast by WPBF 25 in West Palm Beach and will be televised throughout Florida on 11 channels.