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“Don’t Make The Mistake She Did” Clueless Cavs Make Light of Domestic Violence

Washington D.C.-  In light of all that professional sports are dealing when it comes to domestic violence, you would think that the idea of a man throwing his girlfriend across the room for wearing a Chicago Bulls shirt would get shot down somewhere along the way.



“I didn’t know you were a Bulls fan,” the boyfriend says, disgustedly.

The girlfriend is then shown wincing in pain and icing her head, while a voiceover warns not to “make the same mistake she made.” She’s then shown cuddling up to him on a couch, icing her wounds and wearing an “All In” Cavs shirt.

Look, I get that it is “just a joke” but many would argue that the idea of a man physically injuring his girlfriend or wife because she is a fan for a different sports team is in bad taste at best and disgusting at worst.

The Cavs issued a statement Thursday after pulling the video from its website, apologizing for the “mistake” of including “content that made light of domestic violence.”

Two of the most discussed sports stories in the last year have been about domestic abuse by athletes.

Running back Ray Rice’s brutal attack of his fiancé prompted the NFL to suspend him and examine its own policies. Boxer Floyd Mayweather was roundly criticized nationally for his long, disturbing record of abuse against women as he prepared for a highly publicized bout last week.