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RNC Subcommittee Meets this Week to Consider 2016 Presidential Election Changes

By guest contributor Nicole Revels A newly-formed subcommittee of the RNC Committee on Rules will hold their first meeting this Friday in Washington, D.C. The...

Are Libertarians Creating “Chaos” In Elections? (Video)

I talk about the outcome of the Virginia race for Governor and whether or not Libertarian candidates are creating "chaos" in the electoral system.

Obamacare Website Company Contributed to Obama Campaign

Have you heard of CGI Federal? It’s the company that received a $678 million no-bid contract to develop the disaster that is It...

Exclusive Interview: Lawsuit May Put Libertarian in South Carolina Senate Seat

A South Carolina election law may put a Libertarian Party candidate in a Charleston-area (District 42) Senate seat.  The seat was left vacant on...

Virginia Gov. Race, Blocking The Libertarian Candidate?

I explain how Libertarian candidate for Governor in Virginia, Robert Sarvis, is being blocked from a final gubernatorial debate despite polling at 12%.

Senate Votes To Ban The Libertarian Party From Ohio Election

Since 2008, the idea of third parties started to gain more popularity across America.  Principled conservatives and libertarians united against both the Democrat and...

Gun-Grabbers Ousted by Colorado’s Recall Elections

At this time last year, Colorado was known as a purple state.  John Hickenlooper was known as a moderate, and he had specifically avoided...