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Colorado Nonprofit Gives Free Cannabis to Veterans

During the rush to war, politicians often offer platitudes about supporting the troops, but, when veterans return home to civilian society, their needs are typically and tragically ignored. Many modern American soldiers serve through multiple tours of duty and subsequently come home suffering from conditions like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Suicide rates among young veterans have been climbing at an alarming pace, demonstrating the mental health epidemic that faces many soldiers returning from the battlefield.

The Gazette recently reported on a Colorado nonprofit group, launched by Army veteran Roger Martin, called Operation Grow4Vets. The organization, which seeks to help veterans acquire medical marijuana to help with the conditions they suffered during military service, hosted two events recently at which free medical cannabis products were given to those who served their country. ABC 7 News Denver provided video coverage, seen in the above-embedded player, of the first of the medical marijuana giveaways, which took place in Denver at a Quality Inn on September 20. The second event took place on September 27 at a hotel in Colorado Springs.

According to CBS News, hundreds of people showed up for the Denver giveaway, and The Gazette estimated that 1,000 people gathered at the Colorado Springs event. Those who attended were given a gift bag including edible cannabis, cannabis oil, and seeds to grow their own medical marijuana. ABC 7 News Denver described the quantity given out as a “week’s supply.”

Only adults 21 and over were allowed at the event, and non-veterans were invited but encouraged to provide a $20 donation. At the Denver giveaway, organizers also announced the launch of the Save 1,000 Vets Project, an initiative aimed at preventing veteran suicides.

“So many veterans have told me that cannabis is absolutely the only thing that helps them cope with PTSD,” Operation Grow4Vets founder Roger Martin told ABC 7 News Denver. Martin discovered firsthand the medical benefits of edible cannabis when he opted to try it in an effort to wean himself off of prescription drugs. Now, he wants other veterans to experience the relief that he found through cannabis. He told The Gazette, “It isn’t going to hurt them as much as the prescription drugs.”

OperationGrow4Vets plans to have more cannabis giveaways in the future. In Colorado, adults 21 and over are legally allowed to purchase and receive marijuana and related products.

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