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Obama Administration Prepares for Creation of 34 Million Green Cards Following Midterm Elections

Following the midterm elections in November, the Obama administration is privately preparing to initiate a process that would result in the printing of work permits and green cards for up to 34 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

The contract plan, which was issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service on October 6, stated that the agency would be “posting a solicitation for the requirement of Card Stock,” with the objective to provide “card consumables for the Document Management Division that will be used to produce Permanent Resident Cards and Employment Authorization Documentation Cards.

The requirement is for an estimated 4 million cards annually with the potential to buy as many as 34 million cards total,” stated the plan. “The ordering periods for this requirement shall be for a total of five years.”

The Daily Caller reported that this plan would give President Obama “the technical ability to hand out more than nine million work permits in one year, or 13 million in two years,” despite the nation’s current state of “high unemployment, stalled wages and increasing automation.”

According to Breitbart.com, just one year ago, “such a plan might have been attributed to a forthcoming immigration bill.” However, given the U.S. border crisis over the summer, the chances of such a new law are very low, which gives “additional credence to the possibility the move is in preparation for an executive amnesty by Obama.”

A spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Bob Dane, told Watchdog.com that Obama appears “to be getting his ducks in a row,” and that his plan is “another petulant display of contempt for Congress.”

There aren’t enough federal employees from here to Pluto to do adequate background checks on 34 million,” Dane said.

According to The Daily Caller, Obama “promised progressives and advocates for immigrants that he will take major action on immigration by the end of the year.” However, he made that promise after Democratic lawmakers “pleaded with him to delay the executive action until after the election.”

A Policy Analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, David North, addressed the procedure the Obama administration was going through in order to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States.

It is ironic that the lesser details of this operation, the purchase of ID documents via public announcements and competitive bidding, are all done strictly by the book,” said North. “But the substance – the proposed legalization of millions of people without congressional authorization – is handled in a dubious, if not down-right illegal manner.”