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Report: 80% of Women /Girls From Mexico To US, Raped Along The Way

Report: 80% of Women /Girls From Mexico To US, Raped Along The Way – powered by ise.media

The crisis at the U.S. border continues. Nearly 600 unaccompanied children are crossing the U.S. border every day. The question virtually no one is asking is: how many of these kids are being sexually trafficked and abused along the way?

Has U.S. Foreign Policy Created The Migrant Crisis in Honduras?

A crowd of nearly 7,000 migrants are moving from Honduras, currently in Mexico and on their way to the U.S. border.

President Trump says he will not allow them in and the situation is once again becoming a huge political debate over immigration.

But immigration is only a symptom of the actual problem. Reality Check, if you want to debate the actual problem then you have to talk about u.s. foreign policy in Honduras and Central American countries for over the last 100 years that has led to this migrant crisis.
Other media is going to ignore it but we’re not.

Lets give it a reality check.

Violence and Discrimination Against Africans in Israel?

Washington DC- It is a story that few Americans have heard anything about. About 60,000 non-Jewish African migrants who have come to Israel since 2010 seeking asylum, have come under violent attacks and degrading situations.

Israeli filmmaker David Sheen has authored a U.N. report on the plight of these non-Jewish African migrants and the conditions they have been forced into since coming to Israel. He has now just finished a documentary on the matter.

He speaks with Ben Swann in about this story in an interview you won’t see anywhere else.