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Radio Host Presents Massachusetts Gov.-Elect With “Beer vs. Joint” Challenge

WEMF radio host and marijuana legalization advocate Mike Crawford challenged Massachusetts’ Republican governor-elect Charlie Baker to a marijuana vs. alcohol contest on his radio show, The Young Jurks, over the weekend in an endeavor to prove that the effects of marijuana are less dangerous than those of alcohol. Crawford said he would smoke one joint for each beer consumed by Baker.

Baker criticized recreational marijuana after winning November’s gubernatorial election and vowed to “vigorously oppose” its legalization. “There’s a ton of research out there at this point that says, especially for young people, it’s just plain bad,” Baker told MassLive.

Massachusetts voters have approved both the decriminalization of marijuana and medical marijuana legislation. No medical marijuana dispensaries in the state have been opened yet.

On his radio program and in the above video, Crawford (also called Mike Cann) said he was inspired by Maine’s Marijuana Policy Project Political Director David Boyer. Boyer, an activist working for recreational marijuana legalization in Maine, challenged South Portland’s police chief Edward Googins to a liquor vs. marijuana contest in October before the two participated in a marijuana legalization debate ahead of November’s elections. Boyer offered to take a hit of marijuana for each shot of alcohol consumed by Googins. Googins did not accept the challenge.

“I’m looking at the Mayor- the new Governor, excuse me- and I’m challenging him for a thousand dollars,” said Crawford. He said the $1,000 would be donated to charity; if Baker were to win, he would be able to donate to the charity of his choice. If Crawford were to win, he would split the winnings among MassCann/NORML and the Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance.

“I’ll go joint for beer. Let’s see who wins? Let’s see who’s standing. Let’s see who works on Monday. We’ll do it on a Sunday, on our day off, let’s see who walks away feeling the best,” said Crawford.

According to the Bay State Examiner, Crawford’s co-host Frank Capone confirmed that Baker was directly contacted by Crawford about the challenge, and Baker has yet to accept or decline.