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Viral Attention Causes GA City to Free Sanitation Worker Jailed for Working Too Early

Last week, BenSwann.com reported on the plight of Kevin McGill, a sanitation worker and family man who was arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail after he began his trash collection shift too early one morning in violation of an obscure Sandy Springs, GA ordinance aimed at preventing trash collectors from disturbing homeowners. According to MyFoxAtlanta, the City of Sandy Springs had a change of heart after McGill’s story went viral on the internet. Consequently, the balance of his jail sentence, which he had been serving on weekends, has been excused, and his sentence of probation has been suspended.

The Sandy Springs solicitor issued a statement, which said, “There are times when taking a step back provides the opportunity for better perspective. In retrospect, the actions of the court with regards to Mr. McGill’s sentence for violating the city’s noise laws, was disproportionate to a first-time offense. As such, the court has amended its sentence to time served and further probation suspended…┬áCity ordinances are implemented for the protection of quality of life within a community. The adherence to these laws is important, and the City is obligated to enforce these laws, which includes imposing sanctions against those individuals who break the law.”

McGill told MyFoxAtlanta that he had showed up early that day at 5 AM in an effort to complete his route before city construction crews began their work in the area, which blocked some residences on his route. Said McGill, “So I decided one day when I went by and no trucks was out there early in the morning to get that carrying out the way before everybody came to work, because I was having so many near misses that I thought I would get it out the way and just go on about and do the rest of my work, and that’s when somebody called and took a picture, and everything went from there.” The Sandy Springs, GA noise ordinance restricts trash pickups to the hours between 7 AM and 7 PM.