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Congressman Amash Raises Huge Sum Of Money In Less Than 48 Hours

Justin Amash

NASHVILLE, December 18, 2013 – The “money-bomb”, a fundraising tactic still foreign to many traditional campaigns, was exactly what Congressman Justin Amash (R-Mich.) needed to wage his war on the conservative establishment. The popular libertarian/tea party Republican’s Star Wars themed fundraising event, which was titled “The Establishment Strikes Back: Join the Rebel Alliance,” kicked off last Monday morning and was a huge success. In fact, the campaign website’s servers crashed due to large waves of donations flooding in.

The Washington Times conducted an exclusive telephone interview with the Amash campaign. “Originally we had only planned for a 24-hour event,” said Will Adams, an Amash campaign spokesman. “However, we extended the event an additional 24-hours due to the massive outpour of support.”

AmashForCongress.com crashed due to excessive volume shortly after 9:00 p.m. Monday. “After we hit $70k, the website was receiving so many donations that it crashed,” said Adams. Staffers quickly redirected the servers to the donation website to temporarily resolve the problem. According to Adams, the campaign event will finish with more than $100k before the 48-hour event ends.

The money-bomb is a relatively new fundraising tactic first developed by the campaign of former presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas). Paul’s opponents were consistently shocked by his ability to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a 24-hour time period through the internet. Campaign staffers and Amash, a close friend and ally to the Paul family, have taken note:

“The campaign team is thrilled with the donations and words of encouragement that have come in so far. It is an astonishing milestone to hit $100k in such a short amount of time. With continued support, we’ll be well-prepared to take on the PACs (political action committees) and special interests that want nothing more than to see Justin Amash out of Congress. This money-bomb shows that grassroots energy can go toe-to-toe with the Washington political class.”

Amash is being challenged by Brian Ellis, a Michigan businessman. Ellis, lacking parallel grassroots support, is heavily relying on moderate, establishment Republican PACs to fund his campaign against Amash.
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