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CSPOA Launches Membership Drive

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) has launched a membership drive to enliven support of local law enforcement agencies that respect the limits of the Constitution. The drive comes after the organization’s press conference that was held last week when the CSPOA declared its resolution urging that sheriffs and federal agents conduct themselves stringently within their Constitutional bounds.

In recent months the media has broadcast abounding cases of law enforcement dismissing Constitutional limits, including the tumultuous standoff between the federal government and the Bundy family, the deaths of innumerable unarmed individuals such as Eric Garner and Kelly Thomas at the hands of police, and outrageous civil forfeiture cases exemplified by the Sourovelis family and the Metro Gang Strike Force scandal. In light of many federal agencies, police officers and public servants essentially running amok, the CSPOA has been striving to advocate a return to ensuring protection of citizens.

Over 500 sheriffs have already taken a stand alongside the CSPOA to genuinely uphold the Constitution. One of the organization’s newest members, Ted Nugent, said “The Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officer’s Association is vital to our nation’s future. I became a lifetime member to ensure that citizens have protections from an increasingly and dangerous overreaching government. The frontline warriors of CSPOA are making sure officers of the law uphold and defend the United States Constitution.”

A surge in membership will enable the CSPOA to travel nationwide to bring more attention to these encroachments and remind agents as well as the public of the responsibility of the sheriff, which is to defend citizens without circumventing the authority of the Constitution.

“We can’t ignore where the Sheriff came from, where this power has come from and that we as deputies and peace officers who have all sworn the same oath and that we stand united in making sure that the people in our counties have individual liberty. I don’t think there is anything in our jobs that we won’t view differently, and I’m talking about even writing tickets or doing checkpoints, roadblocks and anything that else that we do in law enforcement. It will all change once we start looking at it through the prism of the Constitution,” said Sheriff Richard Mack, Executive Director of the CSPOA.

To join, visit the CSPOA site.