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Ben Swann Questions Rev. Jesse Jackson Over Claims of Racism in Ebola Treatment

Washington, D.C- Media has been consumed with stories about the Ebola virus for weeks. Among the discussion have been claims that the first victim to die of the virus here in the United States, actually died because of racism.

Thomas Eric Duncan died last Wednesday. Soon after his death Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and the Rev. Jesse Jackson both made statements that Duncan’s death was the result of racism.

Rev. Jackson wrote a blog for the Huffington Post in which he asserted this claim on several levels including his insistence that while white missionaries were given ZMAPP to combat the virus and yet Duncan was not.

Swann, who is guest anchoring at RT America this week interviewed Jackson and confronted him over the facts of the situation in comparison with his blog post. The question Swann wanted an answer to, was it racism and lack of privilege responsible for Duncan’s death or a misdiagnosis based on a variety of factors?