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Exclusive Interview with Sheri Few: Anti-Common Core activist to run for Superintendent of Education

Joshua Cook interviews Sheri Few.


In many ways, it’s at the primary level that elections are won and lost.  In competitive races, primaries give constituents the chance to choose the candidate who is most likely to win the race, to vet and test both their principles and ability to persuade people from the other side of the aisle.  In races where a particular party holds a strong advantage, the primary is where either the moderate or the principled candidate wins.  One of South Carolina’s strongest conservative education activists is running in the June 10, 2014 Republican Primary to be Superintendent of Education.

Sheri Few first saw the problems with America’s school system when her own children were going through public school.  She saw education take a back seat to liberal bias, which was pushed in nearly every class and discipline.  This prompted her to form South Carolina Parents Involved in Education, a non-profit dedicated to opposing bias in schools.  Few and the organization have both turned much of their attention to Common Core.

Five months ago, Few told Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook, “Common Core is a federal takeover of education!” That statement went viral and even got conservative blogger Michelle Malkin to react.


In an interview with Cook, Few discussed her reasons for running, and liberal bias in public education.  She said that in her time traveling the state educating people on Common Core’s problems, she listened to concerned parents and teachers who were afraid to speak up, as well as legislators whose apathy on the issue concerned her.  “Common Core has caused parents to really wake up,” she said “And to look deeply at the curriculum, and what their children are being taught.  And they’re beginning to realize that for decades their children have been steeped in liberal bias in the content of the curriculum, so I’m going to put forth policies and work on looking at liberal content.”

Her goals in running are to eliminate Common Core in South Carolina – either with the State Legislature or simply using the Superintendent’s resources – and to get rid of bias in public education.  In the interview Few discussed Haley’s intention to sign any anti-Common Core bill passed by the state legislature.  With her behind the bill, all that’s required to eliminate it is its passing the State Legislature.

Her stance on Common Core will appeal to many, as will her history of strongly opposing the federal program in South Carolina.