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Dash Spotlight: Living With Digital Cash in Portsmouth

Welcome our Truth in Media sponsor spotlight on Dash Digital Cash.

Dash Digital Cash is the exclusive sponsor of Reality Check and the Truth in Media project.

This edition of our Dash Spotlight features Joël Valenzuela, who is living a cash-free life in Portsmouth, New Hampshire thanks to Dash Digital Cash.

Valenzuela, the editor of Dash Force News, was recently featured on CNN about living a completely cash-free life in Portsmouth. He’s able to pay his electric bill, pay his rent, and live off Dash alone.

Portsmouth has become the hub of the cryptocurrency movement in New Hampshire. The town of 22,000 currently has 22 locations that accept cryptocurrency as payment, including the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe that attracts customers from the high traffic tourist area and helps them open their first cryptocurrency wallet.

Dash Digital Cash has 18 Dash accepting locations in Portsmouth and 42 across the state of New Hampshire. A strong and active Dash micro-economy is thriving in Portsmouth and across the state of New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, CNN failed to fully explain the scope of what’s happening in Portsmouth and with individuals like Valenzuela. The CNN segment made it sound as though cryptocurrencies like Dash only hold value within the Portsmouth micro-economy.

This is far from the truth. What the mainstream media fails to understand is Portsmouth is just the beginning of cryptocurrencies, like the massive adoption of Dash.

Because unlike local currencies such as “berkshares” and “equal dollars” which only hold value within their communities, cryptocurrencies like dash hold value across the globe.

Be part of the revolution and start using Dash Digital Cash today.