VIDEO: Bystanders in airport take down a bully assaulting a man for being gay

DALLAS, October 27, 2014 – Last Thursday, a group of bystanders rushed to the defense of a gay man being attacked over his sexual orientation by a stranger at the DFW airport. A cellphone video was taken by an onlooker and captured the encounter that quickly escalated from a verbal confrontation to a physical one.

The initial cause of the incident between the two men is unknown. In the video a male in a sweatshirt type jacket approaches a man in a pink shirt at an airport counter and physically grabs him.

The actions of the man in the sweatshirt quickly caught the attention of several bystanders who can be seen gathering behind him as he shouts indistinguishably at the man in the pink shirt.

One bystander from the group of onlookers approaches the aggressor first in an apparent attempt to mediate the situation and asks at one point, “What are you upset about?” The man in the sweatshirt gestures towards the man in the pink shirt and replies, “He’s queer, is what I’m upset about. This faggot right here.”

In the video the other bystanders continue to look on hesitantly at the dispute until the point the man who started the fight kicks at the other man. At that point a horde of the onlookers physically rush to the defense of the gay man, tackling the bully to the ground and holding him there.

Once the onlookers stepped in to prevent the attack on the gay man police rushed to the scene and quickly arrested the initiator of the confrontation.

Funny to note how long it took airport security and the TSA to even realize the behavior around them.

You can watch the full video here.



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