VIDEO: Woman Arrested For DUI Gets Strip Searched & Tossed Naked Into Cell

33-year-old Dana Holmes was almost three times over the legal blood alcohol limit when she was pulled over in May.

Video footage of her DUI arrest shows Holmes cooperating with police and making no visible attempt to resist arrest.

After the Chicago woman was taken to the Lasalle County jail for DUI, one female officer put her against a wall and searched her while three male officers watched. Then Holmes’s leg moved; the officers claim the leg movement was a kick at them, but Holmes denies this. “I don’t know if I lost my balance or what happened, but I wasn’t being combative at all,” Holmes insisted.

After the leg movement, the police became aggressive.

In the video footage, all four officers can be seen pulling Holmes to the ground and then stripping her completely naked. Holmes was then left alone, completely naked in the cell where she remained alone on the ground until officers eventually threw a “padded suit” at her.


Holmes said, “I was terrified. I felt helpless. I was scared and I lay there crying. I just prayed.”

The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera.

Holmes is now suing Lasalle County police for “violating her civil rights.” Holmes said, “There’s a lot of people that get DUIs, a lot of people that just make mistakes in life. That still doesn’t give them a reason to do what they did. My dignity is worth more than that, and other people’s too.”

Holmes’s attorney, Terry Ekl, said the incident is “not only a violation of her civil rights, it’s also a crime.” Ekl pointed out that in Illinois, it is illegal to be stripped in the presence of any officer not actually doing the search, and the search may only be conducted by an officer of the same sex.

But police claim Holmes had attitude and was “causing problems” while they tried to arrest her.

Even if what the police claim is true, and Holmes was indeed “causing problems,” does that justify their actions?

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