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Violations Reported, But Syria Ceasefire Mostly Holds

by Jason Ditz

Both Syrian rebels and government allies reported multiple ceasefire violations over the weekend, each blaming the other side for all violations, but by and large the ceasefire held through the weekend, with fighting enormously down from pre-ceasefire levels.

Russia announced late on Saturday that it is grounding all its warplanes in Syrian territory, despite the ceasefire allowing them to continue attacks on ISIS and al-Qaeda targets, saying they didn’t want there to be any “mistakes” to threaten the truce.

The rebels also say that they are going to stick to the ceasefire for the time being, but that they also intend to complain to the United Nations about “Russian violations” and also complained about the US not keeping them more directly involved in the negotiations.

The UN had suggested that if the ceasefire lasted through this first week they are going to attempt to get a new round of peace talks going. Though there are still several days left, the chances look a lot better now than they were expected to be.

The biggest incidents of fighting over the weekend where with parties not directly involved in the ceasefire, as ISIS attacked a major Kurdish-held town, and al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front launched attacks against coastal Latakia.