image courtesy of NPR

WATCH: Shoot-out With Paris Suspects, Hostages Freed

French anti-terrorist police stormed a small printing factory in northern France. That is where the two main suspects in Wednesday’s attack on Paris newspaper, Charlie Hebdo had taken hostages. The video shot by APTN gives more sounds than sights as explosions and gunfire ring out around the building.

As we reported, according to AFP, the Charlie Hebdo suspects, Cherif and Said Kouachi, have been killed.

Meanwhile, a third suspect was holed up inside a Paris grocery store this morning. French police officials say at least four people, including the attacker, died at the store in Paris where the gunman took several hostages.

In this video shot by ATPN, some of the hostages inside could be seen running from the supermarket after police stormed in. Police say three of the dead were hostages.

The gunman has been identified as Amedy Coulibaly.