Stapleton: Where Has Our Confidence Gone?

Why have Americans lost confidence in Government?

Most Americans have lived under a few assumptions:

1. The laws are just and equally apportioned.
2. Those we elect work to preserve the laws and the constitution, protecting our liberties and insuring our protection.
3. The interpretation of the laws are predictable and if you abide by the laws you are safe.

What Americans are realizing is that none of these are true. Their elected representatives are not looking out for you- they follow their own self interest, which usually means bending to the will of the special interest lobby.

That’s why we see things like Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans Pacific Partnership. Neither of our parties is looking out for the good of the people. They just simply follow the will of either the corporate lobby or the union lobby.

Americans see a president who can’t go a week without a major scandal, whether that be the sale of guns to drug lords or arguing before the Supreme Court claiming one day that Obamacare is not a tax and the next day claiming that it is.

Secret government agencies with the support of both Congress and the President violates your constitutional protections by spying on you and collecting your data without your permission… and then lies to you about doing it.

The government seizes citizens property without evidence of or even charging them with a crime, and then extorts money from them by threatening to drag them through years of legal battles to get back what is rightfully theirs.

Americans no longer know how the laws will be interpreted. They feel as though their government treats them as criminals, steals from them and threatens them if they do anything but accept the injustice.
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