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Watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Ben Swann’s groundbreaking news series Truth In Media as well as interviews with major media outlets. The Truth In Media Project Seasons 1 & 2 are also available to view on demand on YouTube and Hulu.


[td_block_4 custom_title=”Civil Liberties” category_id=”4949″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Civil Liberties – Our rights as human beings and citizens of the world are threatened by political corruption, police militarization, government intrusion and mainstream media disinformation. We must defend our freedoms through truth in media, education and action.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Election 2016″ category_id=”63″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Election 2016 – Leading up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, TruthInMedia.com reports on the candidates and their platforms, proposed legislation, voter fraud, the Left vs. Right paradigm …

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Foreign Policy” category_id=”4950″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Foreign Policy – Discover the actions of our government beyond our borders and the attitudes about foreign policy held by our political leaders, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, foreign aid programs, military intervention and more.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Gun Rights” category_id=”4951″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Gun Rights – Read up on the latest interpretations of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which have led to hotly contested debates around gun control, open-carry laws, ammunition restrictions, body armor bans, and even the use of weaponized drones.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”International” category_id=”7″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

International – Learn about the impacts of foreign government affairs on our economy and society, from Syria’s actions against ISIS to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Charlie Hebdo attack and more.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Government Accountability ” category_id=”4944″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Government Accountability – The need for accountability in government is vast, spanning social programs to business regulation, military action and more. We report on the good, the bad and the ugly of government accountability in the United States.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Activism ” category_id=”4942″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Activism – We recognize and report on the actions of individuals and organizations defending the U.S. Constitution, human rights, civil liberties and social justice.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Business” category_id=”2983″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Business – Catch up on the latest business regulations and learn about minimum wage laws, government subsidies, crony capitalism, taxation, corporate trade and more.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Economy” category_id=”2982″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Economy – What is the state of poverty in America? Is gold money? Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates anytime soon? We keep you informed on our financial system and economic indicators impacting your everyday life.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Education” category_id=”51″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Education – The standardized testing opt-out movement is growing. Student debt is through the roof. We cover the education issues mainstream media ignores.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Health” category_id=”1148″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Health – Find the latest on Obamacare, food safety, mandatory vaccinations, public health concerns and environmental impacts on health at TruthInMedia.com.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Interviews” category_id=”138″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Interviews – Ben Swann and the entire TruthInMedia.com team shares exclusive interviews with newsmakers from around the world discussing ongoing issues and news of the day.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Opinion” category_id=”404″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Opinion – Dive into expressed views of what’s happening in our world. These views are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of TruthInMedia.com.

[td_block_4 custom_title=”Politics” category_id=”6″ limit=”3″ ajax_pagination=”next_prev”]

Politics – Discover new and proposed legislation, potential and announced candidates, public testimony, debates and more.

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