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Exclusive Video: Grant Elder Talks About His New Book, Wiki Vs. NWO

A businessman in Canada named Grant Elder has published a book that provides his solutions to stopping the New World Order. In his 2 Part book, Part I helps give people an understanding of what the New World Order is and Part II gives Elder’s solutions to stopping the New World Order.

In the interview with Evan Mulch, Elder said that the book will help wake people up to the New World Order because more people will start to understand the myths that the New World Order wants people to believe, such as the myth of money creation:

“I’m a certified management accountant and I’ve got an undergraduate in political science, so you’d think you know 6 years in the university I would know how money is created in the system. And you know being in your early forties and all of the sudden realizing that what you were told was wrong and you’ve lived your whole life dealing at an executive level of business…that was a big eye opener for me and I’m thinking other guys in my shoes would probably appreciate knowing that also.”

When asked about what people should have in mind when they discover that there is a New World Order, Elder said:

“People need to know that there is a problem but they also need to know that in case of an emergency, this is what you do. And it’s got to be a plan that’s for the benefit of humanity going forward.”

To download the first chapter of Wiki Vs. NWO for free, click HERE. Elder’s book is also available for purchase on Amazon.

CNN Receives Fire For Ignoring Libertarian Wyllie

A meme the was shown by CNN on the internet recently came under fire when Florida Libertarian Governor Adrian Wyllie supporters voiced their opinion about its content.

As reported a few days ago, Wyllie recently polled 13 percent which may be a big reason why he was not asked to participate in CNN’s upcoming Florida Governor’s Race debate on Tuesday, October 21st.

In the video podcast at the top of this article, Wyllie said that CNN took down the first meme they posted about the debate and then they posted another meme that was once again taken down.

“Each time they keep putting the meme back up to clear the comments and I haven’t really had time to watch it. I’ve been doing media interviews, been all over the place today but I’m sure that supporters are at it again just attacking that meme on the CNN politics Facebook page.”

To view CNN’s latest meme on Facebook click HERE.

When asked about his thoughts about the situation, Wyllie said:

“I don’t think there’s any excuse whatsoever for CNN to exclude me from this debate. We proved beyond any reasonable doubt that I am a viable candidate. This is a viable campaign, we are out there working as hard or harder than the other two candidates. Really the only difference is they’re raising hundreds of millions of dollars because they’re for sale to the special interests and we’ve only raised a little over a hundred and ten, probably a hundred and twenty thousand dollars as of today.”

At the end of the video podcast, Wyllie sounded off on the childish behavior of his two opponents Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

“I have to say it feels like I’m the only adult in this race and my two opponents are acting like children.”

The top comments from CNN’s latest meme are posted below:

Adrian Wyllie Supports Voice Opinion on CNN Meme

Exclusive Video Interview: Dr. Gary Miller Says Veterans With PTSD Need Access To Cannabis

After watching Ben Swann’s latest video titled Truth In Media: Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent On Cannabis As Medicine, Dr. Gary Miller immediately contacted to let us know that he is part of a landmark medical marijuana study for Veterans.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gary Miller told Ben Swann writer Evan Mulch that veterans with PTSD now have the opportunity to participate in the Veterans Post Traumatic Stress & Medical Cannabis Study and he hopes to see 10,000 Veterans enroll in the study in the coming months.

When asked why it is so important that Veterans have access to cannabis, Dr. Miller said:

“Right now it’s the opinion of the study group that when the Veterans Health Administration reestablishes effective medical programs, the United States will begin as a nation to honor its commitment to the Veteran community and further it is an opinion of the study group that currently the VA is failing the Veterans as evidenced by the hourly rate of Veterans’ suicides.”

Dr. Miller went on to state that the federal government did not give permission for the study to take place but since it has been approved by an Institutional Review Board, the study is exempt from needing federal government approval.

As a benefit to the study, Enigami Health Management donated $300K of in-kind technology in the form of a patient health record which is being used in the study in order to keep track of a person’s cannabinoid levels.

“But what’s very unique about it is that we are able to track the cannabinoid levels, up to 11 different cannabinoids, and we are able to link that to the Veteran’s symptom relief. We are able track that not only on the cannabis but also over-the-counter medication and prescribed medications — and that populates into a nice little graph in order for the Veterans or caregivers, their doctors and pharmacists at the dispensary to help the Veterans determine the best medicine for them.”

When Dr. Miller was asked what he expected to get out of the study, he said:

“It’s very simple, medical cannabis…does it help or not help Veterans suffering from PTSD?”.

Dr. Miller said that all Veterans who want to participate in the study to move to one of the 23 states approved or Washington D.C and he hopes that Veterans in every state can get the opportunity to join the study in the near future.

“Hopefully our study will help guide policy, not only with the VA but for our administration and Congress.”

Ben Swann reporter Derrick Broze recently spoke with Heather Linebaugh about her experiences with alternative treatments to PTSD, to read that article click HERE.

If you are a Veteran and you would like to sign-up for the study, go to To learn more about the VHA Directive click HERE. To view the public announcement about the study that was released on July 4th, click HERE.


Joel Naselroad: In Prison And Brutally Shot By Police For 3 Cannabis Plants

Joel Naselroad may be in jail today but his tragic story exemplifies the police state that countless Americans are fighting against. As Naselroad suffers in jail, Americans all over the nation are wondering why a judge would still find reason to imprison Naselroad for the tragic event that happened on October 8th, 2013.


An article posted just a few days ago in the Kentucky Free Press on July 18th gives details to the events that led to the shooting of Naselroad. The article depicts Naselroad as a fun loving outdoorsman who enjoys gardening and repairing things such as computers, bicycles and lawn equipment.

According to the article, a man had trespassed onto the Naselroad’s property the morning of October 7th, one day before the shooting. Naselroad knew this because he had been videotaping an area on his family’s property in order to find out if a mountain lion existed in the area. When he replayed the film from October 7th, he could see that a man wearing a black face mask and dressed in hunting gear had been on the property. The man has been identified as Eric Miller (pictured below), the daughter’s boyfriend of the woman who called the police in order to investigate the cannabis plants growing on the Naselroad’s property. intruder-cropped-236x300 (1)

What happened next is very disturbing. On the morning of October 8th, 3 state police officers and a Sheriff’s deputy participated in a “Knock and Talk” which is a procedure police sometimes use when they do not have what they need for a search warrant.  Out of the 4 officers only one was dressed in uniform and, according to the article, the officer dressed in uniform was never seen by Naselroad.

Naselroad’s mother, who is suffering from brain cancer and recently had brain surgery, answered the front door to find an officer dressed in uniform and another officer dressed in plain clothes. While Naselroad’s mother answered the front door, Naselroad walked out the back door and the three officers not in uniform approached him, one pointing a gun at him. In result, Naselroad aimed his unloaded rifle at the officers and then he was shot by one of the officers not dressed in uniform that had previously killed a person with one gunshot in 2006.

According to Naselroad’s father, “the path of the bullet entered his chest, broke his ribs, punctured his lung and bounced off his vertebrae before blowing a large divot of flesh from his back.” Quickly after Naselroad was shot, he was handcuffed and then airlifted to the  University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center.

Naselroad’s Attorney, Tucker Richardson, said during my interview with him that Naselroad’s mother was not allowed by the officers to comfort her son after he was shot and shortly after Naselroad had been put in the hospital, the police removed the family from the room Naselroad was located in so the police could stand-by and guard the room during Naselroad’s hospital stay.

Right now, Naselroad is serving a 120 day sentence and is major discomfort due to the injuries he sustained during the brutal attack. The only medicine he is able to get for his pain while in jail is aspirin. The pain and agony that Naselroad and his family is going through can be understood by reading the 18 letters sent to Judge Clouse before Naselroad’s sentencing, all are displayed at the bottom of the Kentucky Free Press article.

As we have reported on, people across America are now becoming aware of the extraordinary medicinal benefits due to the stories of Shona Banda and Charlotte Figi. Not only that, we now have a Governor that is CEO of Cannabis Sativa which is producing marijuana lozenges for people who want to use it for medicinal or recreational purposes.

It’s incredible in today’s world that we can have a group of individuals in the medical community that embrace the benefits of cannabis while at the same time we have so many in law enforcement who use brutal force to stop its existence.

Now that you are informed, those of us at encourage you to take action!

Here are the steps we recommend:

1. Join the Free Joel Naselroad Facebook page:

2. Share the story with others on social media and through emails!

3. Send a letter to Judge Clouse by initially sending it by email to

4. Provide financial support to Naselroad for legal bills and other expenses:

Please let us know your thoughts on the story by commenting below!


Exclusive Video: Law Abiding American Ticketed $155 For Not Showing His Driver’s License

On the night of June 26th, Jason French, a resident of Boiling Springs, South Carolina, was on his way home from work and was driving through Laurens County, South Carolina. As he came around a corner on a highway, he was pulled over by a group of police officers at a police checkpoint and was asked to show ID. According to French, he said that:

“The officer asked if he could see my driver’s license, he said this is a driver’s license check and I said before I show you my license you will have to tell me what crime I’m suspected of or what traffic violation I’ve committed. He then stated that you haven’t committed a traffic violation or a crime, we just need to see your license we’re checking everybody’s license that comes through.”

Soon after multiple police officers surrounded French’s vehicle and requested that he show his ID so he could be on his way. French continued to resist the police officers’ attempt to get his driver’s license.

“I said if I’m not being detained and I’m not under arrest, why am I not free to go? And they said it’s because you still haven’t shown your driver’s license.”

A police officer then proceeded to give French a ticket of $155 for not showing his driver’s license. One would expect that since a ticket was issued that they would deny French the right to drive further but that wasn’t the case. They allowed French to continue his drive home.

Jason French Ticket (1)


French noted that he has a license to carry a gun in South Carolina and he was transporting a gun in his vehicle. He had told the first police officer that he was carrying it in his glove compartment which, according to French, does not allow a police officer the right to search a vehicle in South Carolina.

French does not plan to show his ID or pay the fine and he said was willing to, if necessary, to do jail time.  He summed up the experience in Laurens County by saying this:

“Apparently, in Laurens County, the price of liberty is $155.”

The problem that French faced on June 26th is a problem that many Americans face on a daily basis across the nation. Police checkpoints happen frequently and the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in Hibbel v. Sixth Judicial Court of Nevada that if person is under reasonable and articulable suspicion of criminal involvement, that they may be required to show ID. As we know, French was not under suspicion but was given a ticket anyway for not complying with the police officers’ request.

In the March 2014 issue of Police Chief Magazine, Public Safety Attorney Julie Risher wrote this about checkpoints:

The Fourth Amendment’s reasonableness standard prohibits officers from randomly stopping vehicles to check driver’s licenses and registration. In Delaware v. Prouse, a patrolman stopped a vehicle without reasonable suspicion to check the driver’s license and registration. He seized marijuana in plain view. Addressing the stop’s constitutionality, the Court noted that the public interest in ensuing that motorists are licensed and cars are registered justified the checkpoint’s slight intrusion on motorists. In Prouse, however, the officer had unbridled discretion regarding which cars to stop, making the checkpoint unconstitutional. By contrast, license checkpoints conducted in a systematic, predesignated manner are constitutional.

Please let us know in the comments below if you think random vehicle checkpoints should be allowed in the United States. They certainly slow down law abiding citizens but does it keep the people on the federally owned and state owned roads safer? Also, is it worth giving up the natural right explained in the 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution for the additional safety that random checkpoints may provide?

Bill Clinton Tries To Dismiss Rand Paul’s “Disqualified for President” Comment About Hillary

On NBC’s Meet the Press this morning, the host David Gregory held a town hall where he asked former United States President Bill Clinton questions that covered a number of political topics. When David Gregory asked Bill Clinton about Rand Paul’s recent comment regarding his reasoning for why Hillary Clinton is disqualified to be President, Bill Clinton defended his wife by telling the audience that Rand Paul’s comment shouldn’t be taken seriously because Republicans were never outraged when American personnel were killed during George W. Bush’s time as President.

Is Bill Clinton correct or should Rand Paul’s comment be taken seriously? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

David Gregory: One of the issues about America’s role in the world is if we pursue a lighter footprint going into places intervening then that which we leave behind can become chaotic and so it becomes a question of what responsibility does the United States have to be part of that future of a country. This goes to Iraq, I’ve always believed that is the larger question about Benghazi, but you understand the political question about Bengahazi in many ways some have tried to make it about Secretary Clinton and her tenure. Rand Paul on the program, he may run for President in 2016, called it disqualifying for Secretary Clinton. Do you have a response for that?

Clinton: Well, let’s go back to the first question because it’s serious. That’s not a serious comment and that isn’t a sort of serious question. Rand Paul, when ten different instances occurred when President Bush was in office where American diplomatic personnel were killed around the world, how many outraged Republican members of Congress were there? Zero.

Exclusive Video: Dairy Farmer Fights Eminent Domain And Warns Others

James Anderson owns and manages Greyrock Farm, the only remaining fully operational dairy farm in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. The farmland has been in his family since before the Revolutionary War and he is outraged that the state government has bullied him for years in order to take away his property.

In the video, Anderson warns others that property can easily be taken away from them as well.

“It can happen to anybody if it can happen to us.”


At the end of the video, Anderson claims that there was a better way for the state to build the road and he also claims that he should have at least been given just compensation.

Records show that the state paid $21,582.73 per an acre for a 1.946 acre lot that adjoins the land that was taken from James Anderson.  The state also paid $5,000 for a 0.127 acre lot that is currently unusable.

Patriotic Americans, especially those that fight United Nations Agenda 21 on a daily basis can understand the heartbreak that Anderson is going through. A top question amongst many Americans right now is whether or not the state should be able to use eminent domain to take property from American citizens.

Please take the survey below to let us know your thoughts on the story:

Ben Swann Radio: Shona Banda Explains Her Remarkable Story On How Cannabis Oil Saved Her Life

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2002, Shona Banda went through the struggles that many suffer with when battling the autoimmune disease. On the Ben Swann Radio Show, Ben and Shona discussed her tribulations while suffering from the disease and her immediate experiences after finding the cure to her disease.

During the show, when Shona Banda discussed her experiences while raising her kids with the disease, she said:

“I literally raised my kids from the couch and tried every pharmaceutical option that was offered including many many surgeries, so when I watched Rick Simpson’s movie Run From The Cure online I knew for sure I wanted to try it.”

Shona couldn’t believe the amazing effects of cannabis, when she told Ben about her first experience while smoking the plant, she said:

“Just smoking it made me fall to the floor and cry, because it’s like finding like Santa Claus isn’t real as an adult – your whole world changes. Because it helps me better than any pharmaceutical I had ever had…just smoking it.”

The road to recovery after finding the cure has taken years for Shona but the feeling of surviving came immediately to her:

“I literally went from feeling the degradation of dying, the pain from dying, knowing that I wasn’t going to be here very long to literally waking up on day three knowing that I was going to live long enough to see my grandkids someday.” 

When Ben asked Shona if people she consults with realizes the same results that she has experienced, Shona said:

“Yes, the longer you’re on the medicine the more healing happens and cancer patients actually seem to heal faster a lot of the times than people with autoimmune disease — and the longer that you had a disease or illness the longer that you need to be on the oil. I had mine seven and a half years and it took me a full year to be on the oil three times a day for me to feel comfortable enough to go down for a maintenance dose.” 

Shona went on to talk about the current media obsession with CBD oil and why modern medicine is falling behind the grassroots when it comes to the healing properties of cannabis.  You can hear more about that as well as the rest of the interview here:

The interview with Shona begins at 19:20.

More about Shona can be found in a story we published earlier this year called, The Cannabis Oil Invention Shona Banda Wouldn’t Hold Secret.


To watch a video of Shona making the oil, click on this link:

Exclusive Videos: John Ramsey, The Most Generous Young Millionaire In America

At the age of 23, John Ramsey does not act like what you would imagine from a young single millionaire. Instead of choosing the “Southern Charm” lifestyle of never growing up and depleting inheritances on lavish purchases and parties, Ramsey remains true to his humble upbringings and exudes the southern gentleman’s character that can be very hard to find these days. My visit with John Ramsey was only for a few days but it will have lasting effect on me for years to come as I now understand a little bit more about what makes the young man tick and what makes him believe that he can have a major impact on changing the ideas of people all over the world.

Upon visiting Ramsey, I expected to be introduced to some of the glitz and glamour that goes on within the Austin city limits.  I had never visited Austin before and I had never stayed with a millionaire that was just a few months out of college. What would he drive? Where would he live? What would his office look like? These are some of the questions I pondered as I traveled to Texas. How this young Texas millionaire lives his life surprised me as it will probably surprise you but, as you will find out, a lot of it has to do with how he was raised.

As a boy, Ramsey grew up in a rural area of east Texas. He was the youngest of three children in a family that lived quite frugally. His town had a population of less than 3,000 people and about a quarter of that population lived below the poverty line. His parents were both social workers and worked with kids in troubled households so he often heard the stories about the struggles of nearby families.

During his childhood there were plenty of hard times as he watched his mother battle cancer. According to him, it was a battle that was hard to watch as she so bravely would not give up as she believed she needed to do her best to survive cancer in order to make sure her youngest son had a mother.

Ramsey told me that he learned about persistency by watching his mother work so hard to try to win her battle against cancer. It was while Ramsey was 12 years old that his mother passed away. It was an experience that changed his life and undoubtedly helped mold him into the person he is today.

The Most Generous Young Millionaire in America?

Well-known around the nation as the youngest power player in American politics, Ramsey devotes the majority of his time to the cause of liberty.  When I asked Ramsey why he supports the cause of liberty, he said, “The principles of human freedom and liberty have unarguably resulted in maximized wealth and human flourishing.  Poverty, wealth inequality, war, crime and corruption are all very consistent with societies based upon authoritarianism.  When I see young minorities’ lives ruined for simply possessing a plant that God put on this planet or when I see crony elites profiting from shady backroom deals, it motivates me to take action to stop these crimes against humanity.”

Although he’s a big player in politics and has a number of business ventures he’s involved in, when I asked him about his full time duties he jokingly said, “I’m a troublemaker and spending my time as a troublemaker is a full-time job.” It was a quip that made me feel at ease to ask him about anything in regards to his life so I could understand the inner drive behind his generosity.

His generosity became well-noticed shortly after he spent millions to propel several liberty-minded outsider congressional candidates to victory, most notably coming from nowhere to lift Thomas Massie to victory in Kentucky’s 4th seat. When I asked Ramsey how much money he has donated to the cause of liberty he said rather nonchalantly, “Oh, I’ve donated just over 3 mill”. A number that I’m almost certain no one else in their 20’s has come close to donating towards the cause. “I see a lot of my friends being deeply affected by the bad economy.  Money printing, inflation, debt and taxes have devastated so many working families from where I grew up in East Texas, while the top 1% make out like bank robbers.”

One of Ramsey’s most successful business ventures is called Never Hungover, a natural hangover preventative shot.  It is already one of the hottest selling products in GNC stores around the country, and Ramsey believes it will “fund liberty for a long time”. The CEO of Never Hungover Parrish Whitaker told me that, “Without John, there wouldn’t be a company. He had the vision for the company before it took off. He’s a visionary and that’s what sets him apart.”

Ramsey sees all business as charity and despises crony capitalism. When I asked Ramsey about some of the accusation people make towards him he said, “People on the left accuse me of being in politics because it is profitable; I can assure you that it is the opposite. There is no financial ROI or benefit. I’m in this because my generation doesn’t deserve to be burdened with endless debt, wars and government surveillance.”

The young millionaire has a garden in the front and back part of his residential property where he enthusiastically tells others  that he believes more people should be growing gardens, not lawns. When I asked him about why he believed we should be replacing our lawns with gardens he said, “If we all grew food instead of lawns, it would be much easier to feed those in need. It would be a much more logical and sustainable solution to a complex societal problem. It also fits into my belief that problems are best solved on the local level, when communities come together to provide better welfare to the poor.”

While at Ramsey’s house, I was enamored with his business practices. I watched as he paced through the room, charming PAC donors on the phone, discussing business opportunities with his associates and even handwriting several thank you notes to be sent with a bag of East Texas rich lighter pine. When I asked Ramsey about how he goes about building relationships, he said that, “We have to build healthy relationships, since we can’t force people to join our cause at gunpoint. We can’t print the money, we have to earn it.” All the while, my head continues to spin with the sound of Bitcoin mining machines humming in the background.

When I visited Ramsey I expected that he would have a nice downtown office, maybe an executive office on the top floor of a high rise building.  To my surprise, he lives a very simple life in  his home — a home that he calls The Liberty Compound. It should have been no surprise from a guy who told me before my visit, “I don’t need all that fancy stuff; we need as many resources as possible on the battlefield, whether that be investing in a new business or dethroning a crony career politician.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how nice your house or car is if you live in an authoritarian police state.”

An Inside Look At Ramsey’s Liberty Compound

An Interview with James Benefico, John Ramsey’s Close Friend and Business Partner

An Interview with Michael Germanow, John Ramsey’s Gardener

What The Future Holds For Ramsey

There is no doubt that John Ramsey will be continuing on his path to be the best example of what a young millionaire should be doing in the United States. While most millionaires stay out of taking on a leadership role in the fight for liberty, Ramsey not only takes on the leadership roles but he creates them.

In 2012, his Liberty For All Action Fund played a role in numerous elections where his candidates won over 90% of the time. According to Ramsey, he already has quite a reputation where those who don’t like his fund’s pro-liberty message will quiver when they know that he is going to get involved in another campaign. When I asked Ramsey about the name of his action fund, he said, “Our organization is named Liberty For All for a reason.  We want liberty for everyone, not just liberty for the insider political class.  Collectivist policies ultimately lead to the latter and we’re here to level the playing field.”

With a smirk I then asked Ramsey about his biggest competitor Karl Rove and he quickly replied back, “I think it is shameful that political hacks like Karl Rove, profit off of donor’s hard earned dollars, while funding elitist candidates who are out of touch with the American public.  Here at Liberty For All, our goal is to give voters the option to drop buddy buddy politics and stand up against the corrupt Washington DC establishment.  If I’ve learned one thing since getting into politics, its that you deal with a ton of unprincipled scumbags who are in the game for money and power.  Liberty For All is trying to change that toxic culture.”

Ramsey says that the question of what the future holds for him now is the million dollar question but some may jokingly say that he’s not too far away from having it be a billion or trillion dollar question. As for right now, his top desire is to spend more time on the road finding mentors who can help him strategically and financially to fund causes and projects that he supports.

When I asked Ramsey about his wealth he said, “I’m not infinitely wealthy by any means; I certainly hope others will continue to join me in investing significantly in this cause. I happened to come into some resources by God’s grace and have made the most of this opportunity by putting them to use to defend our natural rights.  It’s ultimately up to me to grow those resources with wise investments, building a Rolodex of mentors and high net worth individuals and by surrounding myself with individuals who are much smarter than me.  Trust me, that last part is easy for me to do!” (Ramsey chuckles).

With so many questions about what the future holds for this young millionaire from Texas one thing can be absolutely certain, John Ramsey will be making waves in entrepreneurship and the liberty movement for many years to come — and considering today’s politics, that’s something that all Americans should be excited about.

The Cannabis Oil Invention Shona Banda Wouldn’t Hold Secret

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN has recently blown the doors wide open on medical marijuana and the people in America are acting fast. Even while cannabis remains a Schedule I substance under federal law, politicians are quickly changing state laws to allow people to use the plant.

So who is it that should get credit for the medical marijuana momentum that we are experiencing right now? Dr. Sanjay Gupta definitely deserves credit but who inspired him to take a deeper look at benefits of medical marijuana?

We may never know exactly who or what inspired Dr. Sanjay Gupta to report many of the fascinating facts about medical marijuana but the discovery of the Charlotte’s Web oil can be linked to two people that have never had the spotlight in the mainstream media.

One of those people is Rick Simpson, the first person to show others how to make cannabis oil on the internet. His documentary Run From The Cure was launched on the internet in 2008 and suddenly there was a tidal wave of people creating a substance that Rick Simpson called Phoenix Tears.  At the time, the tidal wave was not visible to most people in America but there were plenty of people secretly creating and sharing Phoenix Tears in the same fashion that the bootleggers created and shared alcohol during the time of prohibition.

Although there were people having success with making oil in the same way that Rick Simpson taught, the process was impractical for people with limited amounts of marijuana. Luckily for all of us, there was a lady in Kansas named Shona Banda that was so desperate to make Phoenix Tears to save her life from Crohn’s disease that she found a way to make the oil by using a vaporizer that cost less than $50. Not long after using the oil, she was back to good health and decided to tell the world about her invention and her experiences before and after the oil.

Last Friday marked 5 years of what Shona calls her “Canna-Birthday”. On her Canna-Birthday she posted the following Facebook post with the video below:


Americans have now recognized that the secrets about the benefits of marijuana were held long enough by people in the federal government. Due to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s latest marijuana reports Americans are now well aware that in 2003 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services patented the oil in Patent No. 6630507 in what some would call a heavy-handed measure to halt the use of the oil.

As Dr. Sanjay Gupta wrote, “It is about emerging science that not only shows and proves what marijuana can do for the body but provides better insights into the mechanisms of marijuana in the brain, helping us better understand a plant whose benefits have been documented for thousands of years. This journey is also about a Draconian system where politics override science and patients are caught in the middle.”

It goes without saying that countless lives would have been saved in America and around the world had marijuana never been made illegal by the U.S. federal government.  Thankfully, Shona Banda has courageously helped to boost the understanding of Phoenix Tears and at the same time has helped people understand (even many politicians) that humanity is greater than politics.

Politician Jim Scanlon Upset At Free Staters Running For Office

Aaron Day and Matt Philips, both Free Staters, have rattled the hornet’s nest in Bedford, New Hampshire. Day and Philips define themselves as liberty Republicans and believers in the libertarian philosophy. Over the next few years they are hoping to limit their local government so that it becomes a government whose only duty is to protect the individual rights of its citizens.

Only weeks ago they decided to take action at the local level by running for office. Day made the decision to run for school board and Philips made the decision to run for town council.

One particular citizen of the town is very worried about both of their campaigns. The citizens name is Jim Scanlon and he has been a town councilor of Bedford since 2010. He is very upset over a Facebook post placed on the Bedford Taxpayers Association Facebook page by Day and Philips.

At a town council meeting on February 26th, Scanlon expressed his grievances over the Facebook post when he said, “I hope to God all 22,000 of you are sitting out there tonight listening and I hope to God that when most of you go to the polls, 4,000 or 5,000, you think for yourselves…(I’m) gettin’ emotionally involved. I’ll sum it up with this, it’s a shame that two people who submitted a letter influenced the judgements of 8 who in turn now influence the judgements of 16,000 people.”


Should the citizens of New Hampshire be worried about Day, Philips and other members of the Free State Project? It really depends on the beliefs of the individuals living within the live free or die state.

In a survey conducted last year by the Public Religion Research Institute, about 22% of Americans said that they are libertarian or lean libertarian. If the same held true for 22% of the 1.3 million citizens of New Hampshire, this would mean that nearly 300,000 citizens would be in almost complete agreement with the changes in government that are taking place due to the Free State Project.

To learn more about the Free State Project, click HERE.
Day’s campaign website can be found HERE and Philips’s campaign website can be found HERE.


War with Russia? Why Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project Matters

While Americans are calling Putin a dictator for his actions on Saturday, many of the same Americans are unaware that they live in a nation where wars are often dictated by their President.

As recently as 2011, President Obama committed troops to Libya without Congressional approval. At the time, Libya was not attacking or threatening the United States. Obama made the decision to send troops to Libya due to the pressure put on him from NATO and others.

Starting in July of last year, the war drums were beating on America mainstream media channels and even libertarian Glenn Beck was calling for a war in Syria. Ben Swann didn’t waste any time after the Season 1 Truth In Media project was funded to create a video titled, “What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Syria.” The video went viral and had over 500,000 views. It was about a month later Glenn Beck made the decision to not support a war in Syria.



For the first time since World War II, an American President actually felt forced to ask for Congressional approval for war due to the overwhelming lack of support from Americans for a war with Syria. Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) even started a petition that was signed by lawmakers that demanded the President get Congressional approval before going to war with Syria.

As reported by Time, even Obama’s aides believed that he may still attack Syria if approval was not given by Congress:

“To make matters more complicated, Obama’s aides made clear that the President’s search for affirmation from Congress would not be binding. He might still attack Syria even if Congress issues a rejection.”

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this but thank goodness we did not go to war with Syria. But what is next? With President Obama warning Russia to not proceed any further and Senator McCain calling on Obama to rally international allies to possibly use military force against Russia, there is no doubt that we are entering a time when Americans are once again going to have to put pressure on lawmakers to obey the U.S. Constitution.

So who will prevail? As Ron Paul put it, an “idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or any government.” What does this mean to us when it comes to foreign policy? It means that a new era of ideas has emerged in America where American’s prefer a non-interventionist foreign policy. As reported in December of 2013 by the the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:

This year the highest percentage of Americans ever — 53 percent — agree with the statement that “the US should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own.” (See illustration below)


So what does Season 2 of Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project mean to America? It means more videos that we can use to educate ourselves and others during a time when the mainstream media rarely reports the truth. In 2013 and 2014, the videos that the project created were often the videos that we sent to our lawmakers and posted on social media websites. Did we make an impact in helping to stop a war with Syria? Absolutely!

Is President Obama Bullied By The United Nations To Not Decriminalize Marijuana?

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have recently been receiving a lot of pressure from lawmakers to remove marijuana from its classification as a dangerous narcotic. In a letter signed by 18 members of Congress last week, the President was encouraged to instruct Holder to “delist or classify marijuana in a more appropriate way, at the very least eliminating it from Schedule I or II.”

In this video taped in 2004, President Obama said publicly that he believed the War on Drugs had been a failure and that he believed the American government needed to rethink and decriminalize marijuana.


The American public is also aware of Barack’s pot smoking days when he was part of the Choom Gang in Hawaii. In this video, the President even admitted to inhaling frequently as a young kid.

So why is it that after over 5 years in office, President Obama has yet to move forward and decriminalize marijuana?  It’s not because most Americans are not in support of it. As shown in this NBC poll, most Americans want to legalize marijuana. It’s also not because President Obama can’t do it through executive order. He has already implemented nearly 200 executive orders since his presidency began. So who is stopping our President especially during a time when Americans are moving to Colorado to get access to the plant in order to improve their health? The answer is most likely linked to a treaty that the United States made with the United Nations over 50 years ago.

The treaty is called the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and most Americans are unaware of its existence. On page 3 of the document, it classifies “Cannabis and Cannabis Resin and Extracts and Tinctures of Cannabis” as a narcotic drug. In 1971, the treaty was amended by the United Nations and in that same year President Nixon declared the War on Drugs and characterized the abuse of illicit substances as “public enemy number one in the United States.”

Was it coincidence that Nixon declared the War on Drugs the same year that the treaty was amended? Definitely not. The amendment to the treaty included a provision that stated that “a Party prohibiting cultivation of the opium poppy or the cannabis plant shall take appropriate measures to seize any plants illicitly cultivated and destroy them, except for small quantities required by the Party for scientific and research purposes.” In effect, the amendment required the United States to enforce the laws on their books against the cultivation of marijuana.

In George Washington’s farewell speech, he warned Americans against the establishment of “permanent alliances with other countries,” connections that he warned would inevitably be subversive of America’s national interest. Is it time for Americans to once again heed his warning?

The United Nations officially came into existence in 1945 and the American public was told that it was going to be a vehicle for maintaining peace and stability amongst all nations that joined the organization. Were the American people lied to?  Did the federal government even have the Constitutional authority to enter into the United Nations? Is the violent American Drug War what the founders of the United Nations had in mind when they decided to tell people that it was going to be a vehicle for peace and stability?

A lot questions need to be asked about the United States past involvement with the United Nations but one conclusion can easily be drawn. There may be no better time than now for America to exit the United Nations and to go back to obeying the U.S. Constitution so that Americans can once again have the freedom to grow, sell, and use marijuana. For the health of the people of our nation and for the cause of liberty, we need to urge President Obama and the rest of Congress to exit the United Nations immediately.

Readers of this article are encouraged to read Art Thompson’s new book, International Merger by Foreign Entanglements, to find out why laws made by the United Nations do not supersede the laws made by the U.S. Constitution. The book helped inspire the author of this article to investigate the international drug laws created by the United Nations.

Viral Video: NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Interrupts Congresswoman To Report Breaking News About Justin Bieber

In a shameful moment for MSNBC, news journalist Andrea Mitchell interrupted Congresswoman Jane Harman in order to report breaking news about Justin Bieber.

In the video, Mitchell can be seen interrupting Harman mid-sentence while the Congresswoman is discussing the NSA, arguably the hottest topic in politics at this time.

This video comes at a time in American history when more and more Americans are starting to turn to the internet for their news rather than the mainstream media.

As seen in the Gallup Poll below, America’s trust in mass media has been trending down in recent years.


Andrea Mitchell is the wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman of Alan Greenspan.

Peter Schiff: “If The Public Knew How Screwed They Were, They Might Not Re-Elect The Guys That Are There”

In a conversation on Wednesday with Joe Rogan, Peter Schiff explained the reasons why the American economy is on its way to an economic collapse. Although Americans often want to blame Wall Street, Schiff believes that the government should be blamed.

“I can’t necessarily blame Wall Street for wanting something for nothing but I blame the government for supplying it.”

Schiff then went on to explain that the federal government not only wants to keep its supporters happy but it also wants to make sure that it continues to successfully deceive Americans.

“The government wants to maintain the illusion of prosperity, the illusion of economic growth and so the way they do that now is through financial markets, through assets. They get the stock market to go up, they get the real estate market to go up and somehow they pretend that that means the economy is getting better just because asset prices are rising.”

Schiff then pointed out that the economy is not necessarily getting better when asset prices are going up.

“It’s not like we’ve got more factories turning out more stuff. All that they do is they get asset prices to rise so that people can borrow more money against those inflated asset values and then spend it. But we’re buying  things that are made in other countries. It doesn’t evidence economic growth here, it evidences the economic growth in the countries who are able to produce all the things that we have to borrow money to consume.”

Schiff then explained what inflating the asset market does to the average American.

“It doesn’t benefit the average American. That’s why the average American is suffering as result of this massive transfer of wealth that is emanating from government, from the federal reserve and from what’s happening in Congress and the White House.”

Schiff goes on to say in the conversation that the financial policies of the government are a complete failure.

“Everything they are doing now is just setting the stage for a economic disaster that is going to be much worse than what we had in 2008.”

If you would like to listen to the entire conversation between Joe Rogan and Peter Schiff, the podcast can be found on Joe Rogan’s website by clicking HERE.


Exclusive Video: Upset At Paying Property Taxes, Business Owner Displays $28,027 Grievance On Company Sign

Doug Cobb, an entrepreneur in South Carolina, recently became upset when his local newspaper would not publish letters that he submitted to them.

“I just did what I thought I could do. I could put my message on my sign out there and at least people would know that at least me for one I’m dissatisfied with the amount of taxes and also with what they are spending our tax money on,” said Cobb.

Cobb believes that people can do a better job taking care of the poor if money was not taken away from them by the government.

“I just feel like we can better spend the money ourselves than this government bureaucracy that’s ever growing and ever increasing — and we just aren’t getting our money’s worth.”

When it comes to what should become of property taxes, Cobb thinks that they should be eliminated so that property can actually be owned by the people rather than by the government.

“I don’t think there should be any property taxes period. We should work to eliminate property taxes because then we will actually own our property instead of just renting it perpetually from the government. We don’t own anything as long as we are paying taxes on it.”

Do you think that property taxes should be eliminated? Please place your thoughts in the comments section below.


Dirty Dog Car Wash

Is Mike Huckabee “Endorsing” Sen. Lindsey Graham While Saying He Is Not Endorsing?

In a Facebook post published during the Sugar Bowl game yesterday, Mike Huckabee denied that an ad being ran regularly in South Carolina during many of the college football bowl games was any endorsement of Lindsey Graham.

In the Facebook statement, he said, “To be clear, I haven’t endorsed Lindsey Graham for Senate. Last year, I voiced an ad thanking him for support of Israel. It was not an endorsement of his reelection…Obviously, Senator Graham’s people are using the “Thank you” ad and treating it like an endorsement, but neither the PAC nor I personally have endorsed in the South Carolina Senate Race.”




It is clear in the video, that Huckabee does not endorse Lindsey Graham but why is he shamelessly looking the other way while “Senator Graham’s People” use the video during the most popular football games of the college football season to grow Lindsey Graham’s dwindling support base in South Carolina?

Clemson Poll: 31% of South Carolina Republicans Plan To Vote To Re-Elect Graham

Facebook user Mike Wallace of Rock Hill, South Carolina commented on Huckabee’s post saying, “Of course you didn’t “endorse”. A careful (sneaky) politician such as yourself would never outright endorse an unpopular incumbent. You just recorded an ad that you knew would play to the SC base in order to help boost his flagging numbers.”



This all comes at a time when Mike Huckabee is in the process of making a decision on whether or not to make another run for the White House. Which makes some people wonder, could the 2008 second place finisher in the South Carolina Republican Party Presidential Primary be second guessing his “Thank You” video for Lindsey Graham? Or, as Mike Wallace suggested, is Mike Huckabee just being sly and hoping that the video helps Graham’s re-election chances?

Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Champion of Compassion: Alabama Quarterback AJ McCarron

Although AJ McCarron came up short on getting a victory at this year’s Sugar Bowl, those of us at would like to recognize him for being a Champion of Compassion. As we watched the Allstate Sugar Bowl on ESPN, a video played that captured the hearts of many.

In the video, a story is told on how a University of Alabama student with cerebral palsey named AJ Starr became part of the Alabama football team due to his friendship with McCarron.

The man that the team now calls “the real AJ” had second thoughts about remaining a student at Alabama before meeting McCarron. “He saved me. I mean I thought about just giving up because I couldn’t make friends here. I couldn’t be accepted,” said Starr.

McCarron made it sound like his decision to become friends with Starr was quite simple. “I felt like it was a message from above for us to be friends and it’s pretty cool that two AJ’s definitely became friends in the way that it did.”

Starr finished the video by saying, “They are all my family. I have the biggest and best family possible. I’m probably the luckiest guy in the world right now.”

What a wonderful story this is for those of us wanting to hear stories about people expressing compassion amongst one another. Now that McCarron has finished his playing career at Alabama and is on his way to the NFL, we will be looking forward to more stories that cover his great character.

Mark Levin Wants To Play Russian Roulette With The Constitution

Many are starting to question the extremely hard push from many so-called self-proclaimed conservative talk show hosts regarding Mark Levin’s push for a Constitutional Convention. To many of us, it seems that the only time these talk show hosts (Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.) join together in this manner is when there is a time to bring Americans into another unconstitutional war or when it’s time to persuade Americans that  they should support another self-proclaimed “conservative” candidate that believes that the U.S. Constitution is a living document that can be altered without regard to the laws of the Constitution.

So why is it that so many are being called on by self-proclaimed conservative leaders to promote a Con Con (also known as an Article 5 Constitutional Convention)? As cruel as they are, the leaders are often heard pulling on the heart strings of Americans by claiming that that this is a way to immediately put an end to things such as abortion, American flag burning, and an unbalanced federal budget. Mark Levin, leader of the push for a Con Con, pulls on the heart strings of Americans without warning them of the real dangers of a Constitutional Convention. He does this by telling Americans that the Constitution will only be reasonably amended because we can “trust” conservative Republicans to do what is right for us at an Article 5 Constitutional Convention.

No Such Thing In Article V As A “State Convention Process”

According to Washington Times columnist Michael Lotfi’s column titled “Nullification vs. Article V Constitutional Convention: Why Levin Is Wrong“, Mark Levin is incorrect when he says that it authorizes a “state convention process.” This is because Article V only allows states to apply for Congress to call a convention. In other words, Congress gets to choose the delegates not the states. Lotfi told directly that “The idea that a Congress with a 5% approval rating could effectively choose delegates, which would protect our Constitution, is almost laughable.”

Since Congress is basically controlled by big pocketed lobbyists, most of us can conclude that it would likely be much worse for Congress to pick the delegates rather than our states. But for the purpose of blowing another hole in Mark Levin’s great idea, let’s assume that states get to pick the delegates rather than Congress.

As many of us know, most states have a majority in both state chambers of so-called conservative Republicans. Mark Levin has convinced Americans that the Republicans will basically control the “state convention process.” Although this sounds great to many members of the Republican Party, the vast majority of these Republicans can not be trusted to protect our constitutional liberties or most states would have proceeded long ago to exercise their constitutional right to nullify the NDAA, Obamacare, federal drug laws, and many other things. The majority of Republican state representatives and senators are Republican In Name Only (RINO) and are not the type of people we can trust at a national meeting where the giant risk would be that our whole Constitution could possibly be replaced or re-written.

Why Americans Should Be On High Alert

At this time, Mark Levin and the other so-called conservatives leading the Con Con effort have been able to convince far too many Americans into believing that a Con Con is a safe and easy way to solve most of the problems that America has. According to, this month Virginia, South Carolina and Florida became the first to pre-file an Application for a Convention of the States Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

As Americans, we should not forget our history. Long ago during the last Con Con back in 1787 the leaders of the state of Rhode Island were deeply displeased by the unlawful actions of the representatives that attended the Con Con and therefore hesitated to ratify the new Constitution. According to the rules before the 1787 Con Con, all of the states were supposed to agree to any changes made to the Constitution but this rule was simply not followed and so the rule was made at the convention that only 9 states needed to agree on the changes to the Constitution.  At the time, the leaders of Rhode Island considered withdrawing from the union and may have proceeded with doing so had it not been for the fear of facing world tyrants alone.

So will the rules be followed at Mark Levin’s Con Con? In the opinion of many, the rules would likely not be followed but that is not what most are concerned about. The fact of the matter is that entering into a Constitutional Convention at this time in America’s history would basically be like entering a game of Russian Roulette with the Constitution. The morality of our representatives needs to drastically improve before we can ever put our trust in them at an Article 5 Constitutional Convention.

What Should Americans Do?

Right now the best strategy to curing our country’s unconstitutional ills is not through a Con Con but through education, persuasion, and encouragement. Americans need to be better educated on how the U.S. Constitution as it is currently written can be enough for us to return to the glory days of living in a booming economy where civil rights are protected rather than taken away by our federal government.
Overall, there is no easy fix as Mark Levin wants Americans to believe and people need to be very skeptical of his intentions due to his lack of warning of what the dire consequences could actually be if a Con Con were held.  As Americans, we should all do ourselves a huge favor in the coming days and make as many phone calls as possible to our local leaders, state representatives, and national representatives to let them know that a Con Con is not in our best interest. Together, let’s tell Mark Levin and his so-called conservative pals that they will not tread on us any longer!

Could The Atlanta Braves Be Participating In A $300+ Million Theft?

The MLB announced last Tuesday that the Braves will soon be moving from downtown Atlanta in Fulton County to an area close to Marietta in Cobb County. The announcement came shortly after the Cobb County Commission voted 4-1 to approve the Memorandum of Understanding that called for approximately $300 million in taxpayer funds to be used to construct the $672 million stadium. Not only will taxpayers be on the hook for constructing the stadium but they will also be on the hook for covering half of the stadium’s capital maintenance expenses.

So why should anyone be upset, especially if the the development is going to support more than 5,200 jobs with a payroll of over $235 million?

In an article written by Georgia State Representative Charles Gregory titled “Move would be ‘legal plunder’ of taxpayers”, he says that everyone is ignoring one problem and that problem is theft.

“Sadly, I’ve come to realize that not everyone readily makes this connection. Far too many of us have become desensitized and accustomed to, or are simply OK with stealing (or having government steal on our behalf) from others as long as it’s for something we like or benefits us.” Gregory goes on to say, “Classical political theorist and free-market economist Frederic Bastiat refers to the phenomenon as “legal plunder” — when a group of politically connected individuals use the force of government to commit theft from the masses in the name of the so-called “greater good,” or what he calls “false philanthropy.””

Gregory finishes his article by stating that he is ok with private development of Braves’ stadium in Cobb County as long as taxpayer money is not used. “If private developers want to risk their own money and resources seeking greater profits, fantastic! If individuals chip-in voluntarily, that’s great too! But, if this venture won’t stand on its own in a free market, it’s immoral and a violation of the public trust and of natural law to force taxpayers to pay for it.”

Georgia State Rep. Charles Gregory lives in Marietta and his website can be found here.

To read a free version of Frederic Bastiat’s famous book “The Law”, click here.